If your hair is at your fingertips at the thought that you are dealing with different test procedures during a recording, this is understandable. We will show you examples of what you can do about it.

Bewerbungs Test Preparation

Help, an application test

Congratulations, you've been invited to an interview, but help, now you're supposed to take a test. Such an application test can be a real challenge if you don't have the right preparation.

You will certainly have difficulty if you are confronted with such tests for the first time. Nevertheless, there is no reason to despair. Make yourself clear, that you are not alone and that you can complete these test tasks with the help of our tips to practice can.

How is an application test structured?

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This post aims to help you find the best way to pass such an application test, especially if the job is important to you. The first step is to figure out what type of test you will be taking. You have to find out which ones Ask You must answer in order to get the desired job.

It is therefore fundamentally important to deal with this question: How is such a test actually structured? Well, you usually have to answer a certain number of questions in a certain amount of time. If you can answer the questions, you'll make it to your job; if you can't answer them, it will be difficult for you. The shortness of time also acts as a kind of stress test.

Proper preparation is worth its weight in gold

Above all, it depends on the right preparation if you want to pass the application test well. This is about organizational matters and especially about your emotional and intellectual attitude towards the tests.

It is not always possible to know in advance what kind of questions or tests will be in one job interview or during Application could be asked for a position. Therefore, it is useful, prepare yourself in advance, e.g. for what purpose you are applying for a job, what you can do to make yourself more attractive for this job, …

Do not interfere with yourself

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Very important to know: In most cases, in the real test situation, you will not be able to complete the large number of test tasks presented to you in the short time allotted successfully can edit. This is also intended to be the case in test reality, in order to determine a person's “performance limit”. In addition, the Tasks usually increase in difficulty.

For your personal evaluation, please bear in mind that around 60 percent of correctly solved tasks (in the total amount of a test task type) are quite satisfactory. You basically never get to 100 percent, and if you're in the 65-75 percent range, you really can do it with yours Performance satisfied .

What to do if it does not work?

By the way: if you solve everything or almost everything correctly, you still can't for sure be that he's aspired to Objective achieved, because testers and personnel managers are often too good Candidates suspect.

If it doesn't work right away: don't do it self-confidence depending on the test result. You can still be a winner if you learn from your experiences and keep applying. Even if it's hard - the top priority when applying is: keep at it and persevere until it finally works. We wish you good luck and good luck!

Example of an interdisciplinary test:

Here, we will present you with typical questions about how you can be involved in an interdisciplinary test.

Christians celebrate Christmas…

2. A hydrometer is a measuring device ...

3. The Tate Gallery can be found in ...

4. The owl is often chosen as a symbol for ...

5. What was the conclusion of the Schengen Agreement?

6. Who was Louis Armstrong?

7. What is a paternoster?

8. How many continents are there according to the geopolitical division?

9. What is the Porta Nigra?

10. What is the current VAT rate for butter?

11. The so-called placebo effect in medication means ...

12. What is the Kaaba?

13. Genealogy deals with ...

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