"I'm not responsible for this." Do you remember the last time you were terribly angry about this sentence? He's a typical example of the debilitant Communication. Communication that builds fronts and People separated from each other.


“You can still do that quickly”

Another classic is: “You can do that fast to do with me!” How feel you feel when people talk to you like that? Sentences like this convey enthusiasm, is it possible to convey a vision in this way? If your goal is to convey your vision and inspire people, then you should choose a different form of communication.

Because behind these two examples, the list could be easily expanded, there is a distance to the people, a latent condemnation, the tendency to become uncertain, unfair comparisons are drawn, or the reward / punishment is played on the keyboard. If you want to inspire people, this is the wrong instrument.

The choice of words

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Just because of them Choice Your words can do a lot. Replace "I'm not responsible for that" with, for example: "I don't think I'm the right person to talk to about this question. But let's see how I can help you."

This creates a different atmosphere for the conversation and you have created a future in communication with this formulation. The second example would be conceivable: “I have an awful lot to do at the moment and I urgently need to take care of that Projects XY care. Would it be possible for you to step in and work on this order? That would really help me."

The spirit behind the words

Behind these formulations there is obviously a certain mental attitude. If you change your inner attitude, this will lead to a certain choice of words and to a more open and finer communication.

Compact: The choice of words is often unconscious, but determines the quality of communication. This is why it is important to be very conscious clear to be what you want to achieve. Because the inner attitude has a decisive influence on the choice of words.

3 Tips for observing

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Work on this topic by watching the daily communication around you.

Refine the communication process

With these questions you will further refine your communication process. And now watch your fellow human beings, smile at the connections that are now becoming apparent to you!

For example in this situation: A meets B. That Conversation goes like this: “So what do you do?” – “I, um, work as, um,…” Yes, and that’s it. You were unable to convince this interesting person of your special idea and your good work. It's a shame, because with a little preparation you could have shined here.

Elevator pitch: voice training for quick conviction

There she can exercise of the elevator pitch. On an elevator ride to the eleventh floor, you inform your counterpart comprehensively about yourself and your activities and arouse their curiosity.

You have probably already arranged for a talk at the Dingdong of the elevator door for today.

The ultimate lift ride

At Elevator Pitch, this compact Information in thirty seconds, it's about the essentials. You will not be able to accommodate details here, they are reserved for a later discussion. This is all about creating interest, creating a good vibe and a first Contact us to initiate

If your counterpart is at all interested in your topic, you can feel it now and then the corresponding others steps initiate. So a lot can depend on a thirty-second sequence. Therefore I would like to give you a brief presentation of yourself and your Set work out.

Answer in writing

Clear, concise, understandable

Now file your text until every word sits and every superfluous word is eliminated. And this goes like this:

Practice creates masters

Once you've done that, practice your writing. Set a timer for thirty seconds and speak your text. Is it still too long? Then shorten. And speak again. Imagine the person you are talking to, look at them, look into the important words Eyes.

If you have done it several times in the given time, you are also looking for real practice objects such as friends, relatives, acquaintances. Or make a small parlor game at the next party.

Your facts with easy hand

Achieved by being able to deal with all the facts that concern your person as playfully and virtuoso as with the facts of your professional environment or your hobby. So you speak as fluently about yourself as about other topics.

And one becomes yours voice listen The security in the matter, the choice of words, the routine, all these factors ensure that you become yourself for sure are and thus your voice will reflect exactly thisspiegeln. So that you finally - with all modesty - make it clear to your counterpart who you are and what you can do.


In the elevator pitch, you present yourself, your job and yours in thirty seconds ideas. The facts may be linked to emotions and presented in simple language. A benefit should be visible to the interlocutor.

Preparation and practice are key. Because only if you are absolutely sure and agile with your Rede can handle, their voice will sound powerful and sonorous. And this is the only way you have a chance of winning over your opponent.

And now let's imagine the situation at the beginning of this text: "And what are you doing?" Now you are prepared, ready to go, relaxed and your voice carries what you want to express.

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