Bosses like to be branded alpha animals and narcissists, their supposed Power fast turn into interpersonal weaknesses. These properties also have their constructive sides, which are far too rarely considered.

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Socially incompetent alpha males?

Again and again one reads in the media of psychopathic bosses who are socially incompetent Employees exploit. This stigmatization is extremely persistent and corresponds to the popular opinion.

For example, the achievements of Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson have achieved short popularity. They introduce four alpha-man types. First, the strengths are highlighted and then explained when the strengths turn into destructive weaknesses.

Constructive instead of destructive

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In addition, the authors consider what the alphas themselves and their partners can do to transform the destructive into the constructive, or to avoid the counterproductive moment of a force.

Alpha managers, however, do not appear socially well here either competently and require non-alpha trainers to correct. However, this assessment is too black and white and does not go far enough.

Study on narcissism among business founders

An interdisciplinary study by the University of Hohenheim shows that narcissism also has areas of activity in which it can be beneficial University Reutlingen and the German Police University in Münster.

The influence of the so-called “dark triad of personality” was examined in the phase before the company was founded. Narcissists, referred to as "self-loving personalities", performed well in that they obviously had a higher tendency to Companys to found.

Self-love good for business success?

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And then this quote follows: “High-quality business plans, on the other hand, come from Machiavellists.” Good to know.

Incidentally, the study was awarded the Best Paper Award at the annual conference of the British Academy of Management (BAM) and thus also received international ones recognition.

Narzissmuss and power striving help in starting a business?

Their main result is: “Narcissism, striving for power and the like seem to help entrepreneurs, at least in the initial phase up to Success".

Indeed, the interdependencies of narcissism and Guide(success) repeatedly researched by psychologists in the past.

Management as a virus?

A look at the media also shows: At the moment, negative attributions predominate among managers. Executives are therefore optionally walking incompetence, idiocy, narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy.

But that's not the summit! The latest cry transforms leaders into a virus: Leading people - according to the naïve monocausal logic - make employees sick:

Chefs with nurse function

"Executive-Rivets go to the heart”; or – the apparently more constructive variant of the same message"Burnout: Supervisors can reduce psychological stress on employees”.

The ideal picture of the manager looks different. Leaders are required to be caring by “socially supporting their employees at work”. However, you have to do this permanently:

Everything, just not holistic

“However, if the supervisors stop or interrupt their support, the burnout-related failures in the workforce quickly return to the previous level.”

In February 2011, a survey came to this conclusion: "The bosses fail to recognize the psychological stress of their employees or to respond appropriately."

Boss failure all along the line?

Although "(play) managers play a key role", they fail in the "holistic risk assessment".

And – see above – holistic is understood to mean: body, soul, spirit, social interaction and other contextual variables such as scope for action and environment (Industry, Company, Workplace, infrastructure).

Chefs with psychostigma

It turns out: Apart from the obvious devaluations, negative evaluations are characterized by the fact that they arise from a psychological discourse.

In this respect, executives are already psychologized themselves and thus often recipients of insufficiently accurate psychological labels.

What managers should do

Surprisingly, however, this is: the specific labeling that has just been discussed does not exculpate the leaders.

Rather - and this is the astonishing finding - they should in turn psychological think and lead their employees according to psychological knowledge - "holistic", of course. One shouldn't be surprised that Boy People often have no interest in managerial tasks.

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