We can only be as relaxed as our learning history of the nerve cells in the brain allows Brain allows. Because the complex Welt always has new surprises in store for us, we will spend our lives in serenity to practice can.


From the holiday paradise to the horror scenario

How serenity arises is a complex psychological process. However, all efforts can fast be torpedoed by one factor: scarcity of resources - our challenge for the Future.

Imagine you are spending a longer vacation on a secluded island. There is a hotel with room for two hundred guests. Accordingly, the buffet in the dining room is aimed at two hundred guests. In the first week after your arrival but only fifty guests are in the house.

Pure peace and relaxation?

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You can imagine how relaxed it is for you to comfortably choose your dishes from the completely empty buffet. Of course, it should be said that the hotel staff tries very hard to constantly replenish the reduced buffet stocks.

In the second week travel then another one hundred and fifty guests. Now your buffet is designed in such a way that you can still get anywhere comfortably. In addition, refilled regularly. Sometimes a very small queue forms at special culinary highlights, but this only causes you slight anxiety, if at all.

More guests at the buffet as a place

A week later, a larger cruise ship stops in front of the island because it has an engine failure. This ship was actually in the Termto enter any port the next day. Accordingly, the supplies on board have been used up.

The captain of the ship asks the hotel director to come aboard with his two hundred guests. The two hundred guests plus fifty men crew would like to get something to eat. Accordingly, during your next buffet visit, you will find four hundred and fifty guests in a restaurant designed for two hundred guests.

Shortage of resources equal to higher stress levels

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It begins an queuing and sneaking of the buffet offers. Also the hotel staff is not prepared to replenish such amounts of food. Accordingly many offers go also relatively quickly.

Now please introduce yourself like you Stresslevel would look like at this meal?! Exactly, from now on it will be uncomfortable. The calm is gone! Stress reigns because resources are now becoming scarce. The next day another hundred and fifty guests come to the island by ferry in the morning. On the way back, the ferry was supposed to take one hundred and fifty guests with it.

When the stress level increases ...

But after the arrival of the ferry, a tropical current suddenly appears. As a result, you will find yourself at the next dinner buffet with sensational six hundred guests in a restaurant for two hundred people.

You can imagine with what stress level and whim you are now trying to get something from the slightly fast-moving food supplies. And if we now imagine that this condition is maintained for a long time, is a holiday paradise from a real horror scenario.

Our challenge for the future

It is the same with humanity. Only five million lived in the Stone Age People across the planet. This corresponds to the current population of the city of Berlin. In calendar year 0, i.e. the hour of Christ's birth, fewer than 200 million people lived on earth.

In the year 1650 n. Chr. The world population was then 500 million humans. 1,6 billion people then lived in the year 1900 AD on Earth. 1950 then 2,5 billion, 1970 3,7 billion and 2013 7 XNUMX billion people today, all suck the resources of the earth.

Stay cool is the wrong goal

Accordingly, we find more and more of the situation, which can be compared to the completely overcrowded buffet on the desert island. The challenge for us in the future is to keep calm even in such tense situations.

Accordingly, the negative stress is caused either by our old learning experiences or by things that are different from ours Control revoke. There will always be situations or people that will put our composure to the test.

Anti-stress techniques only partially help

The Art it's never about not getting stressed. Rather, the art is to sharpen our own perception more and more when we leave our point of serenity. Because now the real championship begins. Our task now is to practice composure as best we can despite the excitement.

Always be aware that there are no Technology in this world that will take you from total excitement to deep calm in no time. The only thing we can do is to always calm down a little using various techniques.

Step by step to less stress

So it can succeed in the acute stress case, shut down by 100 percent excitement to 70 percent excitement. This, in turn, activates a larger portion of our ego 1 and may allow them to choose a slightly different behavioral strategy for the situation. We achieve two successes.

Firstly, we will get better results in many cases through a more deliberate approach. On the other hand, our nerve cells on the level of Ich-2 learn to assess this tripping situation a little less critically next time and accordingly start a slightly lower stress reaction.

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