Collaborative consumption is seen by many as the next step in the social media wave: After sharing and recommending information, it is now time to consume together. An example of this: Airnb, where you can rent and let private apartments. But consumption - of olive oil, for example - can also be done collectively.


More than just cheap

Some time ago I went to Best of HR -® presented the future trend of collaborative consumption using as an example. Here users from over 190 countries can rent or rent their private apartments as holiday homes.

It's about more than just getting a cheap holiday home: Working together should help to conserve resources and thus the environment by sharing. The Idea behind it is a new way of living collaboratively.

Community shopping: reselling instead of throwing away

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For example, by not throwing things away but reselling them or exchanging them. That promotes tolerance and that Trust in the Society and also networking and Communication of People among themselves.

Now there is a new trend in this regard: collaborative shopping. No, this does not mean that you meet other people and go shopping together. But that as a community you buy and sell private, used items. Collobarative consumption in the literal sense, so to speak.

You can also sell on Ebay - but ...

It was triggered by an iPhone app called Stuffle - a combination of words from Stuff and Sale. The basic idea is nothing new, you will say: Ebay has been used for a long time merchandise. Right! But the question is: how!

Because the effort to click through the various options on Ebay is immense - even if there is an app for example, with which one can photograph objects and then immediately adjust. In addition, Ebay is quite anonymous and there are still many people with unfair commercial practices on the road.

For a better feel

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In short: when I think of Ebay, I lose the desire to buy something merchandise. I prefer to dispose of objects in other ways, by giving them away, donating or throwing them away.

Stuffle now wants to provide a better feeling. Martin Weigert wrote about it in detail on Netzwert a few weeks ago. If you look at the tweets today, the app seems real Fun to do.

Sustainable sharing

There are even people who sell their organic olive oil there. The setting including the photo can be done in just two clicks. And the annoying shipping is eliminated, because you offer the thing like the flea market around the corner - the Location Based Service of Smart Phones sends greetings. Markus Mayr describes it this way: “Rummage: This is probably the best thing that a flea market has to offer. And that is now also available digitally. Like right now? Ever heard of Ebay? OK, Ebay and consorts have been around for a while. But it couldn't be much easier than stuffing - buying and selling, browsing around the corner. And that is exactly Stuffle's strength: the "around the corner". Because the app shows - based on the localization function of the smartphone - offers from the area, broken down by distance (1 km, 3 km, 5 km, etc.). ”

Shops bring fun and promote the community

One sees: Shops can do too sympathisch be and have fun. It can promote a sense of community. And in this context, collaborative consumption.

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