PeopleWe like people who are similar to us. And likeable people can convince us better. A simple truth – what does brain research say about this?

internet love

The perfect match?

The net is full of great people who are looking for other equally attractive successful like-minded people who want to find the perfect partner for life. Like it is a little astonishing that these fantastic singles have not yet found their dream-men with all their advantages.

But what is not, can still become. Online dating agencies such as 'Parship', 'Friendscout24' or '' help with this for sometimes hefty monthly fees. They promise to find exactly the right partner.

How to search for something similar on the web?

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customers first fill out a questionnaire. Parship uses one with 74 Ask and more than 400 answer alternatives. This questionnaire is a result of research by Professor Hugo Schmale, emeritus Professor of Psychology from Hamburg and author of a number of test procedures.

The answers to the questions describe assumed customer personality traits, behaviors and more. Parship wants to bring those people together who are as similar as possible.

The more matching points, the better

At Parship there are many 'matching points' for many matches. People with a lot of matching points must therefore simply find the other person great, because identical profiles are the basis for sympathy and closeness. So much for the logic of partner exchanges Internet.

Here is the one you want Success ›Love‹ clearly equated with enough agreement and closeness. It remains to be seen whether love in the sense of passion will actually set in. But one thing psychology has been able to determine validly in studies: Similar people appear to us as sympathisch and attractive.

People have a strong need for similarity

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Furthermore, the popularity of online dating is impressive evidence that people seem to have a strong need to build relationships and be close. We can use both phenomena wonderfully for our persuasion bag. Therefore, it is always about understanding why we react the way we do when we meet similar people.

Many brain researchers and psychologists are therefore of the discovery of the Spiegelneurons fascinated. Spiegelneurons are nerve cells that become active when we want to perform certain movements. But the same cells are also active when we see other people performing this movement.

The Secret of Empathy

If someone smells a food and disgusts his face with disgust, the thing is clear to us: The food stinks and will probably taste disgusting. For this we need not to perceive the smell ourselves.

This SpiegelNeurons fire when we perform an action ourselves, but also when we observe others performing an action.

Are these neurons possibly the key to imitation learning, to the acquisition of social skills? Competencies and maybe empathy too? After all, it is known that children with autism over clear fewer Spiegelcells have than average equipped people. It has also been found that our SpiegelNeurons also fire when a third party sees a disgusting object and grimaces in disgust without us even being able to see the disgusting object.

What makes a human a human?

"The Spiegelneurons in Brain are special nerve cells that make people compassionate beings. […] our SpiegelNot only do neurons respond when we experience pain, suffering, or joy ourselves, but these neurons also become active when we perceive these sensations in someone else. […] The System of SpiegelNeuronen has thus played an important role in the evolution of humans and in the development of cultures. " Excellent! Sabine Kaufmann knows. At last the riddle has been solved as to what exactly makes humans human. We finally know that people are made up of empathy and cooperation.

As always in such cases, rest is the first civic duty. Journalists are not uncommon fast with a contribution to the Hand - Even topics that science only understands to a limited extent are dealt with in a catchy way and interpreted in a fluffy manner. Adviser, authors and scientists are involved – they forms quick panaceas and offer them in a book with a suitable title.

Between desire and science

This is where the dividing line between desire and science lies. The existence of the Spiegelneurons also in humans, their functionality in (mostly laboratory) situations is also documented Tasks such as the imitation of often only individual movements or correct interpretation of the emotions other people in well-defined situations.

The question of whether the Spiegelneurons are actually the cause of imitation and maybe even empathy or whether the development of the activity of our Spiegelneurons is the result of imitative learning. In any case, it has been proven that the ability of these nerve cells to Spiegelung is the result of a learning process.

Spiegelswitch neurons

In this way it can be shown that it is possible to reverse the polarity of these neurons: If certain Spiegelfiring neurons with the movement of an index finger can be passed exercise achieve that the same cells are no longer active when the index finger is moved, but when the little finger is moved.

Also, our ability to imitate movements of certain parts of the body is located in different areas of the brain. The previously proven system of Spiegelneurons, however, are only found in a precisely defined brain area. And it is precisely this brain area that is also active in the aforementioned autistic children when they try to imitate the movement of other people.

In summary, we currently only know that this system is the Spiegelneurons exist and that it plays a role in imitating movement and understanding the experiential behavior of other people. It remains exciting.

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