Our author Anita Arneitz already has over unusual organization hacks for business travel reported. And also HR-style icon Robindro Ullah, Publisher of the magazine HR-Life and as the former head of human resources at Deutsche Bahn, there are tips in the interview on how to modestly reduce his luggage on business trips. 6 Must Haves you did not think of!

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1. Outdoor jacket for business?

Essential for luggage, but often overlooked: the right jacket for every occasion, also and especially for Business. As someone who travels a lot, sometimes on a business trip in different climate zones, I can sing a song about that Problem sing: Finding a jacket that is suitable for different weather conditions and temperatures, which is also suitable for business appointments. The Idea I took the outdoor jacket with me from Norway, where I started a press trip in Tromsø last June at 5 degrees and ended the trip at 20 degrees – and where the People appear in outdoor clothes even for business appointments in a 5-star hotel.

In view of the weather, this is not only practical, but also stylish - as long as you pay attention to a certain quality. Since it often happens to me on press trips that sports activities during the day and a chic dinner are on the agenda in the evening, I also needed a suitable jacket for it. After some trial and error, however, I came to the conclusion for myself that light, no-name jackets from discounters arePerformanceratio here are best suited for me.

Because I've found for myself: It's illusory to expect a jacket to be an all-purpose solution for absolutely every occasion - even much more expensive jackets can't do that. Down jackets also have the major disadvantage of clumping up when washed. So here are a few tips on what to look out for when buying what I consider to be the ideal jacket, so that your luggage is beautiful at any time of the year light remains.

  1. My favorite model is black in the all-purpose color, is simple and - in the ladies' variation - cut on the waist and can therefore be combined with a sporty evening garb.
  2. It is lightweight and folds well, if you want to put it in your pocket - or even in the suitcase for the road.
  3. Practical is for any weather - even in summer can sometimes come a storm - the attached hood, which can be unbuttoned on request. Also necessary are pockets with zipper, so you just quickly his cell phone between two eMails can stow in it.
  4. It should be waterproof: With a water column of 5.000 mm (unit of measure for water resistance), a jacket offers pretty good protection against water: In practice, it has been shown that it is ideal when water droplets simply roll off the surface and larger amounts of water are not in the water advance inside the jacket. However, this usually becomes a problem after frequent washing.
  5. Conversely, a good jacket should also be breathable: Because even on business trips there can be sporting activities in the outdoor area - for example jogging after work or team building activities in groups. Where cheap jackets are soaking wet on the inside after sweating profusely once, a good jacket should also have no problems with athletic exertion and corresponding sweating, and even with repeated heavy sweating, no odor residues are formed. Indispensable for trips on which one cannot wash so well.
  6. A jacket should also be convincing when it comes to wind and cold permeability. Softshell usually consists of two or three laminated membrane layers made of polyester and spandex, which, on the one hand, conform to the body and, on the other hand, prevent cold and wind through multiple layers. Of course it depends on the individual feeling of cold, but for temperatures below 10 Grade thin lightweight jackets are not for me. especially in strong wind - or only if you only carry a correspondingly warm Flispulli or moves strongly.

Take the Haglöfs Essens Mimic for example; The jacket is indeed a lightweight. The one with QuadFusion™ Mimic synthetic filling weighs almost 400 grams – this is made from recycled plastic waste. The jacket is easy to fold up using a little trick: twist the jacket three times into a thin strand and then pull it up into one of the sleeves. It's also nice that you can close the zipper up to the chin, which means you don't need a scarf, as well as the rather deep and comfortable hood that can be easily closed at the front. Without many circumstances and is one here fast well packed against adverse weather.

Because according to the manufacturer, it is explicitly a winter jacket, an advertising slogan that I would not subscribe to: Although the jacket is windproof due to its Pertex® Microlight, the jacket is definitely too thin at temperatures around freezing point. Of course you can wear appropriate layers of clothing under the jacket, but you should then choose at least one, possibly two sizes larger because the jacket is very tight and cut close to the body. This is of course a matter of taste, but I personally like to have some breathing space. This shows that the jacket is particularly useful in transitional weather useful is when you should have a jacket with you but don't have to wear it all the time. The jacket is of course primarily designed for mountain tours, for example when you sweat on the ascent, but at the top or when Descent need something warm.

Here is then also clearwhy the jacket has such a tight cut that allows more freedom of movement during vigorous sporting activities, additionally reinforced by stretch inserts in the back. The high-quality zips on the sides and the hidden breast pocket on the outside are also practical in this context. If they are large enough, they allow quick access to important items - even on easy hikes, for example to quickly stow away your mobile phone or wallet. Unfortunately, the material in the food series doesn't always live up to its promises. The fact that Haglöfs uses plastic here is commendable, also for animal welfare reasons. In addition, the filling is better, especially in rain and wet conditions Choice – and when it comes to washing the jacket. However, it also has one major disadvantage: the jacket is heavier than real down and at the same time folds up less compactly. I can compare directly as I already own a real down jacket from the Haglofs Essen range which was a giveaway at an event.

However, the long-term test of the jacket also shows that weakness of the material: It is extremely light, but also extremely permeable to the filling material, which drills more and more holes in the jacket over time, which is why the jacket has a maximum lifespan of 2 years. For this reason, I do not want to give a purchase recommendation for the jacket, as I find the price too high for a jacket with such a short lifespan. If Money does not matter, this is a very practical jacket.

2. Mobile modem and the matching simcard

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For many people right now leading position it is necessary to be always on. And even if there are no longer any roaming costs in other EU countries, this is an annoying problem - you just have to be near the Swiss border, like I was recently in Constance.

Now in many Company the roaming costs are covered by the employer, but not in others or saving is still popular. Then it is the cheapest Solution, to get the corresponding SIM cards for the respective country if your mobile phone provider does not offer any cheap roaming tariffs. You can buy these Simcards in advance via the Internet order or buy directly in the country. If you often travel to the same countries, it is worth keeping a small supply of prepaid SIM cards.

My special tip for people who use the Internet for mobile devices is: Mobile modem. This is a small device in which you insert your Simcard and then how a wireless modem works and with which you can use various devices - often even with a cheaper Internet-only tariff. By the way, a money-saving solution for the home.

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3. Safely stow mobile implements

I do not know about you, but the number of mobile devices is getting more and more: I am currently carrying around with my smartphone, charger, laptop and mobile LTE spot, plus my wallet with various cards. If I put it all in a normal backpack with the provided side pockets, I'm at risk of someone stealing the expensive equipment. So I looked around for a backpack that meets the following requirements:

  1. Above all, it should be more difficult to access from the back, than most zippered backpacks, if you carry it on your back.
  2. It should be watertight to be able to carry the equipment, even in rain, undamaged through the area and also for hiking.
  3. Just because I want to use the backpack for hiking, he should be breathable and next to the shoulder straps also have a chest and hip belt.
  4. Nevertheless, he should look smart enough to use it for business appointments, as this is often the case with me on press trips with outdoor activities together.

all in Combination sounds pretty illusory and yet after some searching I actually found what I was looking for - the Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City. The Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City is a waterproof city backpack made of light, PU-coated nylon fabric - and for me it definitely has what it takes to be the ideal backpack, business and travel companion. I particularly liked the practical roll-top closure: You can use it to roll up the backpack to the required size and close it with an easy-to-hook buckle - this means you can quickly access the inside of the backpack at any time without having to fiddle around with any buckles must. At the same time, it is much more difficult for thieves to open the backpack unnoticed than with a zipper. Important to know: In order to achieve the degree of protection IP64 (6=dust-proof, 4=splash-proof from all directions), the closure must be rolled up 3-4x.

Inside there is a large main compartment with space for water bottles and clothes, next to it there is a padded emergencyebookfold in the dimensions 40cm x 28cm x 1,5cm for devices up to 15,4, which can also be removed. The rucksack even has room for an order up to DIN A format, so it is practical that the rucksack also has a reinforced bottom made of black plastic. The backpack has air-permeable shoulder straps and foam back padding with ventilation channels as well as a detachable chest and hip strap that are only attached with clips, because unfortunately you really fast verlieren can. On the back there is a zippered front pocket to put something away for a moment. However, it is neither waterproof nor theft-proof. For cyclists there are loops for attaching a rear light or padlock, and the logo is reflective for more protection in the dark. The backpack is also available in three muted, stylish colours, red, blue and grey. I chose the gray variant as it matched the rest of my wardrobe. The only downside is that sometimes I can't get hold of things fast enough - but I guess you can't have everything.

4. Sleep mask and earplugs

At first glance, this tip may seem a bit odd act, but the following applies: sleeping is important. Because if you are dead tired, possibly still suffering from jet lag, you will not be able to perform as well as you want. Therefore, you should think of these small and light items when you go away: sleeping mask and earplugs.

With them you can lie down in the train, plane, bus, car or even at the airport in between a power nap. And not all hotels have long been soundproofed or have opaque curtains. I just remember a press trip in June, when we were in the hotel for the annual shooter festival - and of course I had forgotten my earplugs.

Incidentally, what I personally would advise against, what many colleagues in the travel industry but rely, are sleeping pills. However, those who swear to it, told me that these are especially useful for relieving the jet lag, as still adjusted to the previous time zone body sleeps just as long and you find the faster in the new rhythm.

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5. Electric toothbrush

At first glance, this tip may seem similarly odd: A good electric toothbrush. But since I quite consciously, as a frequent traveller, have also been on my Health pay attention, this topic is important to me. And electric toothbrushes in particular are difficult to transport because of the charger. How good that I discovered the Sonicare DiamondClean from Philipps.

Because it not only ensures thanks to the smart brush head and many practical Features for proper dental and oral hygiene, but also comes with a travel case so you can charge it while standing stylishly at home in a toothbrush cup that's charged with induction technology. Incidentally, the surface is also significantly more dirt-repellent than that of cheaper electric toothbrushes, toothpaste residue can be easily wiped off and does not leave any unsightly residue. But the toothbrush not only looks great, it can also do a lot, as my dentist confirmed to me. Therefore, from my experience, here are a few tips on what makes a good toothbrush.

  1. Toothbrush, you can install on his phone an app that provides me with information about how I brush my teeth and how I can überberssern my Zahnputztechnik.
  2. Because if too much pressure is exerted while brushing, the handle vibrates slightly and the stylish light ring at the bottom of the handle flashes.
  3. If the smartphone is connected to the sonic toothbrush via Bluetooth, the app also indicates if certain tooth surfaces are being cleaned too intensively or forcefully or even skipped.
  4. In addition, there are five programs with different cleaning time (usually about two minutes).
  5. After attaching the respective brush head, the toothbrush selects the optimum cleaning program under three different brush heads, which are equipped with a microchip detection technology.
  6. The three levels of intensity users can customize as desired.
  7. There is also a tongue cleaning attachment that gently removes odor-causing bacteria.
  8. Finally, the BrushPacer indicates when it's time to switch to the next jaw segment.
  9. Practically a suitable Schattulle, in which one stows the device safely on the way and at the same time acts as a charger via USB cable. Ideal here would be a USB cable to change.

For this purpose, the Sonicar DiamondClean combines the advantages of sound technology with a new sensor technology and can thus with the help of the app Feedback give. The only drawback: The replacement brush heads are not cheap, but your dental health should be worth it.

6. Power adapter and replacement battery

It goes without saying that all mobile devices do not work without power and yet it is a tiresome subject: power adapter, charger and replacement batteries. At least anyone who does not find the expected sockets on business trips on the train, for example because they are old trains, will despair here.

You should therefore always have one or two additional batteries with you for every trip. The precious one Energy having to classify a mobile phone precisely – what is more important, the eMail or social media posting - can slow you down, but at least for me it is an enormous obstacle when it comes to working efficiently.

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