sure Income, good pay and lavish pensions: the civil service attracts many in uncertain times People at. How to get started?

Dream job civil servant: Lateral entry into administration in 8 steps

Dream job civil servant: Why is finding a job so difficult?

If you have one Job want to find one that really suits you, you have to find your own personal decision because it is also about values. Many Companys and authorities rely on them positive Presentation of the job profile in order to increase your attractiveness as an employer increase.

But many people are still faced with the question: “Which job is really right for me?” and “How do I find my dream job?” As I said, this is a very individual process in which advice, exchange and additional Information can certainly help. Therefore, the dream job of civil servants is presented below.

Does the civil service job suit you?

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Of course, the ideas and preferences of a dream job are individual and can vary from person to person. Some people appreciate the security and social contribution that civil service offers, while others focus on the career opportunities or the variety of jobs.

It is important that the civil service job fits with your own values, interests and goals in order to consider it a dream job. Anyone looking for surprising twists and leaps and bounds, respectively fast If you want to become a millionaire, you will work as a civil servant for sure did not find what they were looking for, but if the mixture of stability, social relevance and good working conditions appeals to them, they have certainly found their dream job in civil service.

Lateral entry into administration in 8 steps

Sure, the civil service had a dusty image for a long time, but the times when administrative work primarily attracted “bores” are long gone. But how do you get a coveted administrative job?

5 reasons: Why do you want to become a civil servant?

First you should find out about it clear become why you want to work in this professional field. The fact is: Being a civil servant can be a dream job for many people, for a variety of reasons.

  1. Stability and Security: Civil servants tend to have secure employment with a high level of job security. Civil servants are generally not fired and have solid incomes, along with good benefits and pension entitlements. The high security of the job also means that many things can be planned, such as starting a family and buying a house. This also brings peace to other areas of life and offers a stable foundation for others who can rely on you. The high level of trust that people have in civil servants also has a positive effect on various relationships, so that the profession can also have a positive impact on other areas of life.
  2. Career opportunities: Even if surprising turns and sudden advances are rare, topics such as digitization or demographic change offer the opportunity to quickly assume responsibility. People with a desire for clear career paths and structured opportunities for advancement will find what they are looking for in the public sector. There are various career paths and specializations within the civil service that allow for professional advancement over time. In particular, professional experience is rewarded by regular financial adjustments, even if you have not yet made a name for yourself within the company.
  3. Contribution to society: As a civil servant in the administration, you have the opportunity to make a direct contribution to the common good and you can say with all your heart that you work for Germany, the region or your own city. This can fill you with pride and provides exciting insights into general processes, so that as a civil servant you can hear and tell many stories about your city, region and authority. Rarely is the purpose of the work to be determined as clearly as civil servants can, since the focus is always on a concrete benefit and the goals of the work are defined. You can also make a contribution to the fact that there are innovative processes and that standard processes also work and meet the expectations of the citizens. In many places, there can be positive feedback from citizens, especially when a difficult case has been solved and a concrete benefit has arisen.
  4. Diverse areas of activity: The public service offers a variety of areas of activity and tasks, many internal areas are not particularly visible to the public, but in every authority there is always the opportunity to design a position individually and to use niches in consultation and to create in order to enrich one's own areas of responsibility. This is also discussed scientifically under the aspect of job crafting and employer attractiveness. Project activities or networking are also particularly good options for selecting interesting work content and enriching your own activities with additional tasks. Due to the connection to the public, a connection to politics and political actors as well as to the media is actually always possible if this seems appropriate and desired and is coordinated with the managers. Depending on the subject and authority, you can work in areas such as education, health, environmental protection, justice, security or finance and thus have different points of reference to other actors in the relevant field, which enables in-depth knowledge and specializations.
  5. Work-life balance: In many cases, civil servant positions offer flexible working hours and part-time arrangements, so that almost all conceivable working time models can be used to the full. There is also the widespread possibility of working from home or finding an individual working time arrangement. There are usually clear regulations on vacation time and the compatibility of family and work, so that sometimes short-term opportunities can be found to combine private and professional appointments. This area also includes the unproblematic handling of the issue of health and illness or various forms of disability, so that there is a high level of job security and suitable solutions can be found in each case.

Application and job search as a civil servant: 3 steps to success

But now it's still a matter of getting this job: the civil service career is increasingly open to lateral entrants. Lateral entry into administration as a civil servant can be a way of getting a dream job. Here are some steps, which you can take into account:

  1. Find out about the requirements: Find out which requirements apply to lateral entry into administration. This may vary by country and authority. A completed degree and a maximum age limit can often play a role in whether the requirements are met. So first check whether you have the necessary training or qualifications for the desired civil servant status. In some cases, additional training or intensive familiarization with administrative issues may be required.
  2. Application procedure: Find out about the application process and deadlines. The application process usually takes longer than for small and medium-sized companies in the private sector. It is important to prepare and submit all the necessary documents, including a CV, certificates and references. It may be that high school diplomas or references from a long time ago are requested. It is therefore important to keep order and to have all documents from the last few years and decades ready so that you can submit them at short notice if necessary. In general, job advertisements must be read with particular care and attention to detail, as there are many formal rules that are closely scrutinized in public sector human resources departments. The application process is very structured and can take a few months. This should be taken into account in the application process. Furthermore, further process steps can be carried out after hiring in order to achieve civil servant status. The ways are different depending on the authority and there are occasionally local peculiarities. Some administrative positions require proficiency tests or assessment centers. Prepare yourself accordingly by finding out about possible test content and using exercise materials if necessary.
  3. Keep in mind that the exact steps and requirements may vary by country and administrative authority. Therefore, research specifically your area of ​​application and the desired authority in order to obtain precise information. In this way you can find your dream job as a civil servant and also make this dream come true. In my opinion, public authorities would do well to approach applicants openly and set up appropriate onboarding programs that address not only technical aspects but also cultural issues, so that new officials and career changers in public authorities feel right at home.

Alternatives to civil service?

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Do you find a job in the public sector potentially attractive, but for one reason or another unfortunately do not have the chance to become a civil servant? Don't worry, there is Alternatives:

In addition to working as a civil servant, there are also many clerical jobs or many other areas of responsibility, advice and individual exchange and attending events related to public service is certainly a good way to gain further groundbreaking impressions and contacts. I wish you the best on your way to civil service Success.

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