A clear piece of advice to anyone who wants to make a difference in their job is: "Don't be authentic! " Behavior Better smart than real! Because being authentic won't get you anywhere! This is shown by the examples of Angela Merkel and Oscar Wilde


Definite truth?

shit storm? Excellent. At least if you follow Oscar Wilde, whose statue can be admired today in Merrion Square, Dublin. Because nothing is as bad as nothing is as bad as nothing is, according to PR experts, an established truth Conversation to be. There is no such bad PR as no PR at all - countless PR and social media experts never tire of quoting this saying over and over again - the consolation for the angry customers every kind.

This is probably the only way to explain why many B-celebrities take part in shows like Bigbrother or Jungle Camp. And even become a little better known. But times Honestly: What do you think of these B-listers? Even. Oscar Wilde proved himself wrong.

The main thing is to stay in the conversation or successfully survive the shitstorm?

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Of course there are examples of Company, the successfully have survived a shitstorm. Take KitKat, for example, the much-quoted example of a social media scandal that Greenpeace vehemently vilified. Or the Deutsche Bahn.

But well, KitKat didn't just become better known because of the shitstorm. And Deutsche Bahn is in any case under constant criticism from its users, but since it has a quasi-monopoly position, it can simply ignore its ass - which is actually the case.

But what is better now: No PR – or negative PR, motto The main thing is to stay in conversation? Let's go back to the core of this saying, to Oscar Wilde. Wilde was gay at a time when it was still a criminal offense in Ireland. Nevertheless, he dealt with the topic comparatively openly. And he had opponents, including the Marquess of Queensberry, who deliberately provoked him.

Negative PR can be a death sentence

Wilde reported him for defamation - and was himself accused of fornication with male prostitutes. In the end, Wilde was sentenced to two years of hard labor, which was his Health ruined.

And after this time he did not dare to return to Dublin, but went to France, where he died in the end completely impoverished. The rumor mill, the character assassination, the negative public relations had almost killed him - and maybe even his own overconfidence.

The next sow in the village? What hidden champions do better

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Times are different today, supposedly more open, more tolerant. And so many pigs are being driven through the village in the net that you lose track. What agitates today will be forgotten much more quickly tomorrow - just think of various scandals that cost ministers their political office, but did not harm them in the long term.

Therefore, sometimes silence and a bit of caution is not so unwise, as is shown by the example of quite a few successful companies that hardly anyone knows: so-called hidden champions, who don't need to shout at all because they have long since made a name for themselves with their quality .

Reasonably occur without bending

Therefore: Should what you feel, just what fits your role, go ahead, get started! Otherwise, please think again about what kind of behavior corresponds to your role – be it as a manager or as an ambitious newcomer who is pursuing his career goals clear want to do. So here are a few tips to help others People be able to convince with manipulation techniques:

The Problem is yes: Countless leadership advisors see the “authentic” Appear the manager holds the key to a successful appearance in front of employees, customers and superiors. The opposite is correct: just don't speak too honestly, just don't allow yourself to be emotionally looked at. And that even without bending completely.

Authenticity is purely a question of definition

How it works. show, for example, many top managers and top politicians who have long since perfectly balanced the balancing act between their own needs and the expectations of others when they are asked to take the lectern at company meetings or take the microphone in front of the press.

You have to be clear about what authenticity Because what it actually means is: authenticity refers to the genuineness and agreement of an individual with their own values, beliefs and actions. It's about staying true to yourself without pretending or denying yourself. But why are there people who are consciously “not authentic”?

But please with poker face: The truth is only the second best solution

One reason could be social expectations. People are often influenced by their social environment or the Society pressured to take on certain roles that do not necessarily correspond to their own beliefs. This pressure can cause people to sacrifice their authenticity to live up to others' expectations. This can occur, for example, in a professional context when someone tries to conform to the expectations of the work environment, even if this contradicts their own values.

Another reason for a lack of authenticity could be that Anxiety be afraid of rejection or social exclusion. People often have the need to be accepted and liked by others. This fear of rejection can cause people to hide their true feelings, opinions, or identities to avoid falling out of the social norm. This can lead to a vicious circle in which the person moves further and further away from their authenticity in order to supposedly be accepted.

The psychology of acting authentically

Personal insecurity also plays a role. A lack of self-confidence can cause people to give up their authenticity in order to face potential Criticism or negative Feedback to protect. In this case, authenticity is sacrificed in order to gain a perceived security, even if this can lead to a loss of self in the long term.

It is important to emphasize that not having authenticity does not necessarily have negative connotations. There are situations in which people consciously play a certain role in order to achieve certain things Set to reach. This can be the case, for example, in a professional context when negotiation skills and diplomacy are required. In such situations it can useful be holding back parts of your own personality in order to communicate more effectively or achieve certain goals.


Suppressing authenticity also carries many risks

However, there are also risks to permanently suppressing authenticity risks, that's probably what Oscar Wilde described above SALE thought. It can lead to internal dissatisfaction, emotional distress and long-term psychological problems. People who constantly maintain a façade run the risk of becoming self-defeating verlieren and end up in a state of self-alienation.

In society there is often pressure to conform to certain ideals or norms. This can be influenced by external factors such as media, advertising and social expectations. Authenticity is then sometimes viewed as a barrier to conformity. People may get the impression that they will only be successful or accepted if they wear a certain mask.

Angela Merkel has recognized that authenticity has many facets

It's important to recognize that authenticity is not synonymous with impulsiveness or lack of adaptability. Authentic people can definitely be conscious decide, how they act in different situations without denying their fundamental values ​​and beliefs. It's more about bringing your own personality into harmony with your inner beliefs and developing the ability to remain authentic even in challenging situations.

Former Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example, adhered to this with absolute perfection rhetoric with a lot of quiet, dry Humour and irony to such an extent that not even political opponents can find a target for attack.

Emotions are good, but the heart on the sleeve does not carry

In principle it is good and also healthy for your own psyche, emotions to put it bluntly, very much so fast This can put you at risk of being held accountable. That's why too much openness can be harmful. Authenticity is therefore always a balancing act.

What handy tips do you have to take to heart in order to present yourself in the best possible way in public, but without revealing your innermost being? Therefore, make it clear to yourself: at the latest when you speak truths that would be better left unsaid, this can have damaging effects on your career and therefore your entire life.

The 5 secrets of Merkel's rhetoric

In his book, provocatively titled Don't Be Authentic, the Executive Training Dr. Stefan Wachtel therefore also uses the example of Angela Merkel, how to manage to appear appropriately at work and wants to have recognized her 5 rhetoric secrets. In summary, it reads like this:

  1. Playing in the right film - The role in the job must fit into your own ideals, thinking and behavioral patterns
  2. To play so well that it seems authentic - you have to practice and can only be perfected by continuous practice
  3. Playing the part variably - please interpret the role in such a way that a spontaneous change of certain points of view is always open to you
  4. Never fall out of character - enjoy meeting the expectations you have of you
  5. Never claim that you are authentic. Even the remark alone could raise doubts

Authenticity is a question of balance and the right corporate culture

Who doesn't want to be respected, admired or respected by other people? Most of us usually strive for Money and reputation. But anyone who always tells the unvarnished truth at work is doing themselves a disservice, because in this way it will not be possible to convince others. However, if you are constantly inauthentic and constantly lie, you will end up harming yourself and your psyche.

It is therefore important to create a space for self-reflection. People should consciously examine their own values, beliefs and goals and ask themselves whether their actions are in line with their true personality. It is also important to create a supportive environment where people feel for sure feel free to express their authentic feelings and opinions.

In a professional context, companies could foster a culture that values ​​and rewards authenticity. This could contribute to that Employees feel freer, their ideas and bring in perspectives without fear of negative consequences. Authenticity can also lead to better Communication and lead collaboration within teams.

Conclusion: Authenticity is a complex topic

Overall, the question of authenticity is complex and individual. There are situations in which consciously playing a role is useful and necessary, and others in which authenticity is essential. It is important to recognize that authenticity is not rigid Concept but can manifest itself in various life situations. It's about being honest with yourself and others while maintaining your own integrity.

In the end, it turns out that those who are always authentic will not make it to the top. Especially not those who bend and twist every day for their career. The often demanded authenticity is a fine line on which many have fallen. The top people find the famous happy medium: They play their role so perfectly that the question of authenticity or mask does not even arise.

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