Notoriously gossiping, nagging or fast Colleagues who are freaking out can cause an immense loss of time, especially in open-plan offices. How do we best deal with them? Clarity, recognition and serenity are the cornerstones of Strategy.

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Procrastination - Out of the line of fire

I have already been on Best of HR -® shares how I personally avoid people who steal too much of my precious time. Today is about how to do this Problem in Company, with employees and colleagues solves. Corinne Maier has given the following rather cynical tip in her book The Discovery of Laziness:

“Never, under any circumstances, accept a position of the largest companies the most superfluous positions: Consulting, expertise, research, investigation. The more useless you are, the less recognizable your 'contribution to the creation of wealth in the company'. Avoid operational posts like the plague. The ideal is to be pushed to the siding…

Time management in the open-plan office

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That sounds pretty general, but it seems to be the optimal one Solution, to avoid the time thieves: You simply move out of their line of fire. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work. This is extremely difficult, especially in open-plan offices. Because they are considered a big problem for many employees - and they are. Because a study of University Some time ago, Lucerne showed that the sickness rate increases with the number of colleagues working in open-plan offices:

“If about half of the employees with a single office say they haven't missed anything due to illness in the past year, this figure drops to 38 percent for two offices. The situation is even worse in offices with more than 16 employees: only three out of ten of the employees there are absenteeized throughout the year. ”

Work more efficiently despite colleagues

And once again, it has to be noted extra: open-plan offices are not just bad, they can even improve collaboration among colleagues and are even more efficient in the Theori than single offices. However, these must not be laying hens' offices, which work together in a confined space and without individual opportunities for withdrawal.

Like many today People work together in open-plan offices, it is no wonder, however, that many people are no longer up for their job, go to the office every day Office torment and even wish for illnesses in order to be able to stay in bed.

Difficult colleagues who steal your time - and tips on what you can do

It is no wonder that so many employees are overbearing, resistant to advice, scrupulously perfectionist, garrulous, impatient, ungrateful, obstinate or boastful towards bosses and colleagues. That's just what makes them too difficult, the other people's time. And now? How do you deal with such time-consuming colleagues?

1. Get rid of babblers

A typical time waster are, for example, chatty colleagues who stand in the office door and talk and talk - you would have so much to do. And while listening patiently at first and slowly growing out of patience travel senses, one has already committed the first mistake: to go on a at all Conversation to let in A clear one is always better”No” right at the beginning of the conversation. It is elegant to keep the gossip busy with work in a friendly and unobtrusive manner, eg “Could you do me a big favor and clarify something for me?”

Sometimes, however, psychological tact is also required: gossips are only too happy to indulge in self-praise and apparently set great things self-confidence showcased. In reality, they are looking for recognition. If you give them a little, you take the wind out of their sails at the same time: “Yes, I also think that you are your last Projects did well. Keep it up."

2. Loathing colleagues put off their nerves

The thing with the recognition can work wonders even with colleagues who are constantly nagging actwho always only read the negative out of every situation and thus make fruitful cooperation more difficult. Simply praise such pessimists, because they often have weak self-confidence or are simply dissatisfied.

3. Help, a choleric

Finally, cholerics can be time-consuming. They are sociable and productive as long as they go their way. But alas, they run a louse on the liver - then they suddenly raced off, while the others helplessly search for the trigger. How do I handle this? Look at the drama as calmly as possible and wait until the anger is gone.

Little trick: As a director, imagine that you're assessing an actor at an audition for the topic of tantrums. Or: Focus on a specific detail - "If the vein on the right swells any more, it's about to burst...". Important: Demonstrate your self-confidence through body language. Be sure to keep eye contact, because if you Eyes knocking down, you automatically assume a penitential pose. Adopt an upright posture, never slump down on the office chair. This way you don't unnecessarily lengthen the show of the choleric, and the loss of time remains at a minimum here as well.

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