Most of the decisions startups face are anything but clear. One of them concerns the product release. Another the Work organization of Employees.

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The dilemma with product publication

A basic Problem For companies, the product release or the right period for it is: How often should a release take place? Once a week, daily, quarterly or once a year?

Product publications cause a lot more, so that the effectiveness of the product is often less time-consuming. Too long to wait can lead to ultimate waste if a product is created that nobody wants.

How long to plan for product development?

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How much time and Energy should companies get into the infrastructure and Planning invest, in anticipation of success? Too much means under
Circumstances of wasting valuable time that would have been better used for learning processes.

Too little could be disastrous because you might miss chances of success that exist in the start-up phase of a Technology persist, and market leadership
leaves to a competitor who fast Is on the way.

What does the work organization look like?

Another one decision concerns the organization of work in companies: which ones Tasks should employees do in their working hours? How do we give them responsibility for learning processes at organizational level?

departments according to classic Pattern create incentive mechanisms that support excellence in their respective fields: Marketing, Distribution,
Product development.

The start-up's biggest enemy: uncertainty

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But what if the interests of Company best served by cross-sectoral collaboration? Startups need organizational structures that fight their biggest enemy: the extreme uncertainty they have to live with.

The lean manufacturing movement saw something similar Ask in the factory halls opposite. The answers also apply to startups, albeit with some modifications.

The first important question before converting to a lean company is: which activities are value-creating and which are a form of waste?

The technique of the Lean method

As soon as you have clarified this, you can use the LeanMethods begin to discard the superfluous ones and increase the efficiency of the value-creating ones.

In order for these techniques to be used in a start-up, they must be adapted to the entrepreneurship environment. The value of a startup is not to develop products or services, but to learn how to build a viable business model.

Therefore the question arises:

Decisions, maximizing success opportunities

These questions need to be answered as quickly as possible to maximize a startup's chances of success. They are a value-creating element. Important are methods that Lean Startups growth enable without having to sacrifice their lifeblood – their speed and agility.

Contrary to the usual Opinions lethargy and bureaucracy are not an inevitable fate once companies reach a certain maturity. With the right foundation, a lean Startups become a lean established company if it maintains its agility, learning orientation and innovation culture even in the scaling phase.

Just-in-time solutions

In the ninth chapter we will see how Lean startups can take advantage of the counterintuitive power of small lot or batch sizes. Lean Manufacturing uses just-in-time production to manufacture the products, reducing stock flow and return.

Lean start-ups have just-in-time scalability (the adaptability of a product, for example a software, when requirements are changed) and perform product experiments without investing heavily in planning and design.

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