The perspectives of management and personnel development are very different. Three practical tips to overcome the dilemma.

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Who actually does the personnel development?

Who is for the advancement of Employees responsible in companies: management or personnel development? Depending on who you ask this question to in the company, you will get different opinions.

Yes, the Executives are responsible for promoting and developing employees - the appropriate instruments and supporting ones Measures however, they receive it from colleagues in human resources development. Two departments, one common task, but also a common one Objective?

Human resources department - the most important area in the company?

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What does it take to find the best employees? How can companies keep the best employees? This is a question that worries many business leaders. And that's exactly why there are HR departments and HR developers.

Human resources is one of the most important areas of the company Company. It's one of the most important Tasks the company. Human resource managers are responsible for recruiting, developing, retaining and Motivation the employee responsible. Without HR would not company Money to earn. Without HR, the company will suffer. The company will not survive without HR. Without HR, the company will not successfully .

People as the driving force behind all organizations

HR departments are also responsible for the employees they recruit, develop, retain and motivate. The Peoplewho work in HR are absolutely essential to the overall functioning of the company. It is therefore of paramount importance that the employees of the company's human resources department develop in the right way. Because the right employees are simply not available.

Personnel development is based on the belief that people are the driving force behind all organizations. To help companies hire, develop, motivate, and retain the best people, they need to understand how people think, act, communicate, and behave.

Personnel development as a challenge for every company

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Human resource development is the process of learning more about human resources so that leaders can work more productively, effectively and with more joy in human resources.

Personnel development is a major challenge for every company. There are a variety of skills that need to be developed in an HR department. from recruitment, selection, development, career planning up to Consulting, training, Coaching and surveillance. This makes personnel development a complex task that needs to be carefully planned.

Oppositions collide

Personnel development has to be seen as a clear distinction from other management tasks. In contrast to personnel developers, whose thoughts only revolve around the qualification and advancement of employees, managers have to deal with many different tasks and challenges on a daily basis; There is usually no time for long-term employee development in the stressful everyday working life.

And the tools of the PE department, such as employee appraisals, target agreement and performance management systems, are perceived by managers as a burden rather than an enrichment - they are not very practicable in the daily routine. For the human resource developers a bitter disappointment, because they have the impression that the executives neglect an important part of their job, namely the development of employees.

Disadvantages for the company

As a result feel both parties misunderstood and little valued. A tricky situation for the entire company: because management and personnel development are not working Hand in hand, existing employee potential is not fully exploited,

High potentials and important top performers may migrate to the competition. Therefore, close cooperation between management and the PE department is required. How does this work in practice? Here are some tips:

3 Practical tips for everyday life:

This Ask Many personnel developers ask themselves: How did we get here? Why did we choose this particular path? And how can we move forward? Therefore 3 practical tips for the Everyday life.

  1. In the first step, it makes sense to create transparency and to develop a basic understanding of the other person's perception and workplace. So what does it mean to be a PEITER for one or several days at a management and to look over her shoulder - and vice versa. In this way, personnel developers are also easier to see which resources are actually necessary for executives to make good use of PE instruments.
  2. If the management is planning a new project then it is essential to involve HR development in meetings and workshops. Because under certain circumstances, the project has an impact on the qualification of junior staff, the employee structure or number - here, the PE department can support with good ideas and appropriate measures.
  3. Once a year, management and personnel development should jointly evaluate employees and their performance in order to recognize the need for action. Talents can be further developed through elaborated funding measures, weaknesses in performance and gaps in competences are identified and eliminated through corresponding countermeasures. Moderation of the meeting and the measures is best achieved through personnel development.

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