Companys on the whole Welt do it because it pays off: you create brands. They create something distinctive, a complex mix of messages and values.

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Use the image in the head

If you're reading this, you're about to make one Organization to direct. This is a tremendous responsibility, and it requires us not only to be employees, but also employees of our organizations.

Fact: Each of us has certain images in our mind Head, when he thinks of his colleagues and superiors - and vice versa we evoke such images. It's just that we too rarely concern ourselves with the question of what other people think of us job interview, showcase. Our image is constantly being reshaped in the minds of others. Every encounter, everyone Success and each Conversation flows in there. We should use that.

Personal branding and good leadership: what does that actually mean?

The books on the subject (advertising)

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There are lots of books about Guide, but only a few books on the specific topic of personal branding. Why actually? Because leadership is so much more than just being an effective leader. It's something much bigger - something much more compelling. It's about the ability to nurture success in your world.

Leadership and personal branding isn't just about all the great things you're going to do for your organization or business. It's also about all the things you do to your personal Brand build up. Many still think that personal branding is all about building your Online- Social media presence. However, it is often much more about managing your online presence in the best possible way.

The ingredients for a successful leadership brand

To build a successful leadership brand, you need to have certain qualities, traits, skills and experience. These are the ingredients that will make you a leader that others will follow, admire and respect.

However, these aren't the only ingredients required to become a leader. You must also cultivate human qualities in order to become a leader who is worth following, admired, and respected.

From man to brand?

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The three ingredients of a brand are: utility, quality and image. The idea of ​​bringing man and the brand into context, many of them still need to get used to.

This is not about self-promotion that promises more than it can deliver. Rather, it is important to find out which personality traits lead to a message connect, which will then be remembered by others and Trust creates.

3 Steps to Personal Branding

A brand consists of three characteristics:

  1. It classically promises a benefit,
  2. a certain quality level and
  3. also transports an image.

A Coca-Cola quenches the thirst, tastes the same all over the world and fresh looks somehow casual.

Competence, know-how and personal strengths

Transferred to the professional world, the technical and personal ones correspond Competencies a person's use of their brand - depending on their position with different weighting. The specific Background, the experience and the ability to use both appropriately in every situation define the personal quality level.

For the image it is necessary that the environment matches the benefits and the quality with the Personality firmly linked. Depending on the background, the image can be strongly technical (e.g. the expert for the Industry xy or for transfer pricing...), focus more on personal skills (e.g. the diplomat) or both in one Combination (e.g. the top salesperson). Ultimately, all of these factors merge into a personality brand.

Create a better manager through your personal brand

In summary, if you create a strong personal brand, you can become a better leader. With the new brand Leadership you can do a lot with your employees fast Build trust and then establish yourself as an authority in your organization.

ExecutivesPeople who focus on their personal brand can make a valuable contribution, not just to the company but to the industry as a whole. Leadership is a personal brand!

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