employer and Recruiter, which with their training offer young Candidate want to address should recruit new ones in personnel marketing ways try it out – with YouTube or Instagram for example How useful is this? A Companys reports on his experiences.

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Companies and applicants talk past each other

According to the current vocational training report, 2016 places were again unoccupied by 43.500, while 20.600 young people were unable to find a training place. One of the main reasons is that companies and applicants can be pre-arranged.

90 percent of all young people use their smartphones almost every day Internet. Companies have to use this for themselves when looking for young talents and young people on the subject Vocational Training and Career choice through mobile channels and on social networks speak to. In the social media, the so-called “influencers” have massively increased in recent years Significance won.

Youtube stars as professional advice?

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Bloggers, YouTube stars and Instagrammers are very popular and sometimes reach several millions in their loyal fan communities People, especially in the younger target group. In their posts, they deal with a wide variety of topics from fashion and make-up tips to gaming and knitting instructions, are important opinion leaders and almost a kind of life advice for their subscribers and followers. How can companies use the role model function and charisma of internet stars to convey their messages authentic to place?

TalentHero, the trainee app from meinestadt.de, allows for an orientation check for the career choice as the first app in the training market as well as the possibility of an uncomplicated and professional Application via smartphone. We have thus made it our task to bring together companies and trainees and to make the issue of company training attractive again in the minds of young people. To make this happen, we launched a thematically wide Influencer campaign and brought us well-known Youtube stars on board.

Why YouTuber and Instagrammer?

Why YouTube? For TalentHero, YouTube is a very good channel. Apart from the fact that YouTube has a comparatively high conversion rate, we know that our target group of 14- to 21-young people in social media prefer to consume content in the form of videos. In addition, videos are particularly suitable for the introduction of new products and apps such as TalentHero because of the much greater explanatory and presentation possibilities.

The influencers lead through the Features and show their viewers the possibilities of the app. They talk about their own experiences with choosing a career and looking for training, because quite a few are of the same age and are or have already been affected by it. This makes them authentic advisors.

Influencers have to fit into the company

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Within the selection of the cooperation partners, it was particularly important in the first step to consider which YouTubers from the meanwhile very diverse offer would be best for Brand fit TalentHero. We initially focused on those whose fan base is mainly based in Germany and is between 14 and 20 years old and then watched countless different videos. Basically, there are few restrictions for us thematically. With over 300 training occupations on offer in Germany, there is actually something for every interest group.

In addition, the topic of choosing a career is relevant for everyone, whether they are fans of gaming or makeup. In collaboration with the influencer Marketing With the ReachHero platform, we were able to identify several YouTube stars with different ranges and win them over as cooperation partners for TalentHero. For example, one of them is Aaron Troschke (Youtube channel “Hey Aaron!!!”). In addition to his YouTube channel with half a million followers, Aaron is also known from TV formats such as “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and “Celebrity Big Brother”. “As a Youtuber, I have a close relationship of trust with my users. In order to remain authentic, I can only cooperate with products that really convince me," says Aaron. “That was the case with TalentHero. If I had had this app myself years ago, it would not have been so difficult for me to find an apprenticeship.”

Educationalists trust Youtube stars

The numbers speak for themselves: Since launching the 2016 campaign at the end of September, we have been able to reach millions of young people on the subject of company training with the help of influencers via 2,7. More than 200.000 videos were shared, commented on and liked. For TalentHero, new users could be gained via 80.000.

The Success of the campaign shows how important recommendations from peers and like-minded people are to young people and how great the influence of YouTube stars is on their user base. The young target group in particular is very active on YouTube and is therefore, as the campaign shows, very easy to reach there and also receptive to topics such as training and career choices. Although such a campaign for sure does not suit every company and every product, to practice Influencers have a role model function that should not be underestimated, from the company sustained can benefit.

TalentHero arrives with teenagers

The app is the right channel for youngsters who are interested in an apprenticeship: more than 175.000 training prospects have already downloaded TalentHero from the App Stores and already sent 13.000 applications via the app. Companies that have training places can benefit from this range.

In order to better reach the next generation, they can use the app as a mobile career page and find out next to Jobs Present to the target group with a company profile as a modern and innovative employer. The young people are primarily mobile and must be approached there about topics such as training and career choices. HR have to understand this and use these channels wisely.

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