The first day of work in a new job when changing jobs is always an exciting situation and onboarding is also a special situation for companies. With this checklist you can master it.

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New job: How to get started for employees and companies

For the new one Employees or the new employee include tension and expectations of the new work environment, colleagues and accruing Tasks almost automatically to the new job. The onboarding of a new employee also means something special for the company circumstances, at least when the introductory phase successfully should be used and optimal preparation should be given for future everyday work.

Both sides benefit from this and faster assignment to the task area can be guaranteed as well as an overview of the company processes and structures. Therefore, certain points have to be followed to help the new employees get off to a good start.

Onboarding: prevent difficulties and misunderstandings with appropriate training

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Regardless of previous experience or qualifications the first days of work are immensely important in all professions and at every career level in order to get to know the individual processes of a company and to prevent misunderstandings. But not only through structured processes can the employer Orientation and a quick arrival at the new one Workplace guarantee, in particular personal well-being in the new environment usually has the highest priority.

In order to avoid mistakes or misunderstandings in future work, it is particularly important to receive a precise introduction to the most important processes right from the start of your work in the company. On the one hand, the new employee can fast get used to the new environment, on the other hand, the employer ensures that current and future work processes run smoothly through good induction.

Training plan and training help you get started

Ideally, therefore, the employer creates an induction plan for the first days of work, in which, among other things, the requirements are compiled and the position is defined, but skills and knowledge are also prioritized. Thus, the employee can stick to a guideline that can be used in their own work structuring orPlanning helps and provides orientation.

For one if possible efficient and sustained induction phase, larger companies in particular often offer joint training courses for newcomers or interested colleagues. In addition to the input of relevant company information, there is above all the opportunity to make contacts and form initial networks within the company. Thanks to detailed training documents, which are made available to employees, the most important points regarding Organization, business rules or workflows can be looked up at any time and the focus during training can be on the overall system rather than on individual details.

Checklist: This is how the first working day becomes a success

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For the new employee, however, the first day usually means above all nervousness, excitement and often the feeling of being overwhelmed by stimuli and information. To master this successfully and with restrained but motivated Behavior To score points, a certain amount of preparation and dealing with the new job is crucial. With the following considerations and tips, you can start your new job successfully:

Training: Arriving in the team and companies

With these prerequisites the good impression succeeds in the enterprise and in particular with the direct colleagues. These, in turn, are just as motivated and prepared to welcome and welcome the new employee. Because even if the performance and work motivation is especially high at the beginning, the first few weeks are mainly for integration, in order to create lasting loyalty to the company.

Despite training, explanations about the corporate culture and an introduction to the company, the first few days are primarily intended for a pleasant start and an extensive phase in which to get to know your colleagues and the Company important. Ideally, the new colleagues should take enough time to provide support when they start working in the company and to present their day-to-day work.

Teamwork: It depends on the right colleagues and contact persons

Having a lunch together is always a great way to chat and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, larger companies in particular present the individual departments and thus provide a basic orientation of the business processes to enable interdisciplinary work and independent organization. Of course, when the employee arrives, the workplace must be prepared and mail accounts and keys, telephone and other access must be set up.

In addition, mentors and / or contact persons prove themselves again and again as helpful support at the beginning of the activity in another enterprise. This not only serves the professional support in business matters and supports in the accomplishment of complex, arising tasks, it is also with the personal development of the coworker to the side.

Motivation Target performance standards right from the start

This includes, for example, feedback options, the tying of networks or support with interpersonal issues. In the case of requests or problems in particular, regular discussions in a trustworthy environment are essential, as this is the only way to make appropriate decisions in a timely manner Solutions can be found and only through open Communication good long-term performance can be achieved.

At this point, it makes sense to talk to the mentor and supervisor about requirements and make them scalable. This not only makes work processes transparent, but also right from the start clear asked what contribution the employee makes to the company's success. It is also advisable to talk about career opportunities and set intermediate goals right at the start of the job. With this Motivation in Eyes the employee is encouraged in his work and the employer at the same time sets performance standards and verifiable success for sure.

New entry: The start in the company decides on successful cooperation

With careful training, the foundation is laid for clean and structured work in the company. In addition to an overview in the company and the clear requirements for the services to be provided, this also includes the personal well-being of the new employee.

Therefore, at the beginning of work, the company should fulfill all requirements that require the work of the new colleague, as well as a structured training plan and, above all, allow sufficient time for getting to know each other and settling in. The employee, with the help of proper preparation and curiosity, can already get started to build a network and create a comfortable working environment with their new colleagues. With the right attitude and anticipation for the upcoming cooperation, the starting signal for the career in the new company will be created.

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