The craft is liable in Germany rather something boring, stale on. But that does not apply to the food designer.

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Cocoa beans and adventure

A seafarer's life is one given by to wander wanderlust - the search for adventure, crossing invisible horizons to secure precious goods - only to bring them back to their homeport. This love of adventure and curiosity defines the brotherhood of Rick and Michael Mast. They share an angry, independent spirit that leaps into the unknown, trusting them to get the answer through Endurance and find dedication to their craft.

They began their journey in their home with a homemade machine for processing cocoa beans. Over time, they cultivated their creations and bought beans from family businesses in Madagascar, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Each table is crafted with incredible reverence for the process and the history of chocolate. They are bound in decorative papers and gold foil as a collection of rare books. Each bar has its own history of flavors, and no two are exactly the same.

The Mast Brothers to plan now to navigate the mighty Atlantic and sail to the Dominican Republic in search of beans and forging a deeper connection with the peoples who grow them. Before starting the next chapter, The Scout spent time with Rick and Michael documenting their story.

Food design as a craft in vogue again

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Baker is also a typical traditional craftsman who could come back into fashion. Anyone who wants to assert himself as a cacher is well advised to set himself apart with cheap business ideas from cheap goods from back-discounters and factories. For example, as a modern food designer.

The Annaberg bakery from the Ore Mountains convincingly communicates its authentic origin and the special competence for stollen and has thus managed to get its baked goods as far as the USA and Canada sell.

Because it only sounds absurd at first glance: Products that are not only regionally branded via the brand name can be via Internet and parcel shipping become a global export hit.

Do-it-yourself trend

Kutzer, the Upper Palatinate bakery in Konnersreuth, has also jumped to the current trend and is using the do-it-yourself trend: Patrick Kutzer, the son of the company's founder, has created a special barbecue bread for the summer season.

This is sold in the not yet fully baked state, so that everyone can complete the bread on the domestic grill according to personal taste. Since the wood oven bread after the baking anyway have to rest a day, they are best suited for the shipping route.

Invest in innovation

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The bakery now has regular customers across Germany who get their fresh bread delivered by post. The secret of success: Kutzer has stood for for almost three decades Innovation and further development in the traditional bakery trade.

Every year around 500.000 euros are therefore invested in the further development of products and means of production. Because regional food is trendy: According to Agribusiness Consulting, it can be assumed that at least 43% of the population in Future To the customers of regional food products.

A typical daily routine

While others are still asleep, the working day for bakers has long since begun: This is the only way their customers can enjoy fresh bread rolls for breakfast. They are already in the bakery on Saturdays when the celebrations from the night before are still going on elsewhere. In smaller bakeries, bakers have to be universally deployable and carry out more work independently than in large bakeries, where they work a lot with semi-finished goods and large ones facilities serve.

But they must also be able to grab once, clear up flour sacks or lift well-filled baking trays into the oven. Since metal sheets and stoves are hot, the safety regulations must be observed in particular. Even accidents with lye or hot fat are possible: then bakers know exactly how to behave and provide first aid. For hygiene reasons, they usually wear work clothes. It goes without saying that one should not have an infectious disease when working with food.

What do you need to know?

Bakers prepare the sale, present their products in the shop, advise the customers and pack the goods. In bakeries with attached café or bistro are increasingly snacks, salads and small dishes, such as Quiches, offered. Accordingly, information and communication techniques in the bakery industry are becoming increasingly important.

Rye or mixed breads, wholemeal or wheat bread: In no other country Welt bread is as popular as in Germany. Buns, small baked goods such as butter croissants or baguettes, bee stings or puff pastry cakes, rusks, gingerbread or biscuits are also among the products of bakers. They also bake cakes and tarts, produce party biscuits and make desserts and ice cream. In order to offer customers a lot of variety, they develop new pastry creations and expand their range to include international baked goods and products from organic farming.

Traditional recipes fresh design

Before baking, bakers make the dough by recipe. You select the required ingredients and measure them in the required amount, if necessary, calculate the recipe ingredients. You may peel fruit for the cake or roast nuts for croissants or pies. They use a variety of different raw materials, baking agents and ingredients, such as flavors, cocoa, salt, flour, sugar, eggs, dairy and yeast, as well as semi-finished and ready-mixed.

Wherever baked, there is a lot of flour dust in the air. Of course, one should not be allergic. Mixing the ingredients to the baking mass takes the bakers and bakers today mostly the kneading or stirring machine, but they also knead with their hands. After they have portioned and formed the finished doughs, they come in electronically controlled ovens. Attention: When baking it can get pretty hot! Finally, bakers check the finished breads, cakes and cookies for their quality and prepare them for sale, ie, pack them if necessary and store them. They also have to clean and maintain the machines and equipment.

Craftsmanship is required, whether it's filling donuts with jam, spreading icing on Danish pastries, squirting cream and creams, or covering cakes with chocolate icing. Imagination is often called for when bakers design cakes and desserts or design decorations. Even if you just dust stollen with powdered sugar, fill desserts with fruit or jam, sprinkle poppy seeds or sesame seeds on rolls: a feel for looks is part of it. Because the Eyes known to eat with.

Prerequisites, education and training for the profession

Baker is a recognized apprenticeship according to the Handwerksordnung (HWO), so the professional title is legally protected.

The training as a baker takes three years. As a rule, as with all recognized training occupations regulated by the Vocational Training Act or the Craft Trade Act, no specific educational or vocational training is legally required for training as a baker.

Independence and craftsmanship

However, anyone who wants to become self-employed with their own bakery must be entered in the register of craftsmen, since baking is a craft that requires a license. A prerequisite for this is either a successfully completed master craftsman's examination, a corresponding degree University or a technical school for Technology, an authorization to exercise or an exemption permit.

So-called “qualified journeymen” can apply to the competent chamber of crafts at the higher administrative authority for authorization to exercise; The prerequisite for this is after the journeyman's examination at least six years of activity in the Job, of which at least four years in a managerial position - both must be proven by appropriate references and certificates.

Alternatives to the Master

Anyone who does not have a master's certificate and can not or does not want to be able to exercise a license can still set up a business - if he hires a so-called technical manager who holds the championship title.

A further possibility exists for engineers, technicians and industry masters; these are just as enterprising as the actual masters. These regulations also apply if one is only self-employed as a self-employed person.

become a master

Master baker is a professional one Further Training according to the craft regulations (HwO). The master craftsman's examination in this trade, which requires a license, is uniformly regulated nationwide. The craft organizations and other educational institutions offer preparatory courses for the master craftsman's examination (full-time approx. 3 to 6 months, part-time approx. 1 year).

However, participation in the preparatory courses is not compulsory for admission to the master examination. For more information, see, For such a preparation, you can use the so-called Master BAföG (

Formalities at the start-up in brief

As a rule, the founding of the existence as a baker begins with the entry into the handicraft roll. For registration you have to appear in person and pay a fee. With the confirmation of the registration, the commercial registration of the municipality can be made. The commercial office, in turn, informs the Finanzamt, the professional association.

pension insurance

There is a statutory annuity insurance obligation for the handicapable handicrafts to which bakers belong (Annex A of the Handicrafts Ordinance). This starts with the entry into the craft roll and the actual work of the trades. Therefore, this deadline should be deliberately chosen close to the actual opening of the business. This obligation to insist until the proof of 216 compulsory compulsory contributions.

An exemption application may then be submitted. The personal cost burden of the pension insurance must be considered in any case when calculating your capital requirements within the framework of the business plan.

Handicraft role and craft chamber

With the entry in the handicraft role you become a member in your competent chamber of trade. At first you have to pay very small contributions to it, but only if the income is above certain limits.

Founderwho have registered their trade for the first time are exempt from paying contributions to the Chamber of Crafts for the year of registration. For the second and third year you only have to pay half of the basic contribution and no additional contribution, for the fourth year you are still exempt from paying the additional contribution if it is a natural person (not a partnership or corporation) and the annual profit not more than 25.000 euros.

Which chamber?

Traders who carry out activities which can be learned in accordance with § 1 § 2 No. 1 of the Handicrafts Ordinance for up to three months belong to either the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Crafts. They are exempt from the contribution, regardless of which board they belong to, if their trade income does not exceed 5.200 Euro per year.

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