To what extent is it useful, a Candidate to ask for in an interview? A recent Glassdoor study shows that employees who are hired after a difficult interview appear to be happier with their job later on.

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Why tricky job interviews?

Every employee can probably tell their own story about tricky situations in the job interview. This includes the unexpected and seemingly almost impossible to solve Ask of personnel managers, such as B. “How would you go about measuring the height of a building with a barometer?”. Expect these and similar questions - also known as “brain teasers” HR usually not the right answer. Rather, the way is that Objective. The actual and not necessarily minor challenge is therefore to present a possible solution in a creative and analytical way and to let the questioner participate in the derivation.

But to what extent does it make sense to place an applicant in the Conversation to promote? This is how employers find the best Candidates for the position to be filled? A study by our job and career platform Glassdoor shows that employees who are hired after a more difficult job interview are later more satisfied with their job.

Increasing the difficulty level around 10% is associated with 2,6% higher employee satisfaction

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The survey compared reviews of more than 154.000 employees who shared it with Glassdoor. The observed workers have the same job interview and, at a later date, the same Company rated as their employer. The study included six countries - the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia and Germany.

It was statistically possible to prove in all markets that job interviews with a higher degree of difficulty lead to happier employees. Overall, the research shows that the difficulty increased by 10 percent with a 2,6 percent increase satisfaction the employee is involved.

Very easy talking conversations lead to setting errors

The study found that on a scale of 1 (very light) to 5 (very difficult) the best level of difficulty for a job interview is 4 in order to later achieve the highest level of employee satisfaction. On the other hand, particularly difficult conversations (level 5) result in lower employee satisfaction in all six countries surveyed. According to data analysis, German employees are on average 2,4 percent more satisfied with their job after a 10 percent more difficult job interview successfully have led.

The explanation: job interviews that are classified as very easy lead to mistakes in hiring, so that the new Employees may not meet the requirements of the job at all. In contrast, a very difficult conversation can indicate an aggressive corporate culture and lead to later dissatisfaction.

As extremely difficult conversations turn again lead to low satisfaction

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The optimal difficulty level of a job interview enables HR managers on the one hand to check the skills of the applicant and to find out whether they fit into the company. On the other hand feel Treats candidates comfortably and appropriately during the interview process.

The results of our study enable HR managers to better understand the relationship between day-to-day recruitment processes and their corporate culture. Good and well thought-out application processes lead to a high degree of congruence between the requirements of the applicant and the position, so that the satisfaction and productivity of the employees is increased. Thanks to the optimal level of difficulty of the job interview, employers find suitable candidates, long-term satisfied employees, prevent staff turnover and strengthen their company.

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