How does healthy leadership work and what "care instructions" are there for healthy leadership hierarchies? Around Employees empower down to the base are several steps necessary.

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All parties must be heard

Healthy leadership aims to needs of the individual, the team, the entire company and the environment.

This does not mean that all wishes are always fulfilled. It is critical that all stakeholders who care are heard thoughtfully and equally, rather than the needs of a boss counting more than those of an employee. Anyone who sets out on this path wants the soul of their company or team, i.e. the People, put in focus.

Get to know the company better in the change process

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I have often noticed that a surprising number of employees work with her Companys only get to know each other through the joint change process in such a way that they subsequently have more understanding for decisions that serve to secure the company - from this point on they rarely suspect that Measures directed against them personally.

In order to involve as many people as possible and to save time in Balance to hold, new decision-making methods for large groups are needed. I use systemic consensus for this.

What is systemic consensus?

When everyone involved thinks and communicates more consciously and responsibly, things change System of togetherness. Here, corporate responsibility can be distributed across the entire area of ​​the company.

Allow me once again to use a comparison from nature. The company form Future is comparable to a starfish. These organisms are characterized by the fact that a completely new starfish can arise from each individual leg of a starfish - because all the abilities and information that make the entire organism viable are present in each leg.

Classic management concepts

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Classic leadership concepts that consist of a Guide qua power word from top to bottom or sitting out and staying still result in a certain Objective Specify without alternative, clearly define processes, closely meshed results check and reduce it to numbers, but with no joy, Sinn still have fulfillment of their employees in mind, are only in a few areas Success can have.

After the phases of the sometimes dehumanized increase in efficiency in the Economy with the consequence of the pure striving for profit, signs of change of a new economic culture have been appearing on the horizon for some time.

5 steps to voice employees

Below we look at some basic steps of healthy communication that can help you “live together” in the company or in your environment on a daily basis. Because if you want to introduce more democratic participation in a company, you can't just decide, but have to proceed step by step. The 5 most important steps at a glance.

  1. Basic analysis: Clarification of the status quo: What awareness is there today for values, goals, visions, philosophies, togetherness, responsibility, strategies and structures in our community / company? How is leadership perceived? What are the "hot topics" currently? Where are the development potentials and markets? How do we want to align, what do we not want (which markets, which contracts, which customers)?
  2. Education and training: of all managers on the basis of the business themes recognized in the basic analysis (point 1): to develop awareness, values, old patterns of thinking, train new attitudes, new language, listen and demand to reach common goals on new paths. Continuous construction of an attitude full of care, indeed of service. Training of special communication and feedback competences with a sense of need.
  3. Training of employees: Self-acceptance, self-responsibility and co-responsibility, ability to discuss and clarify, sincerity without moaning and complaining, empathy, constructive participation instead of over or against each other, awareness of one's own needs and that of the entire organism, gratitude, flexibility and potential development.
  4. Redesign of meetings, Conferences as well as hiring and termination talks with (potential) employees.
  5. Introduction of new decision-making processes: and structural changes where they are helpful and necessary; Training of ambassadors in the company.

Conclusion: Democratization of companies - not easy, but worthwhile!

It must have become clear that the democratization of companies is not always easy and requires some restructuring and changes in corporate culture.

But those who go this route will join us clear activate and reward more decisive employees.

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