Write a job, apply, to be adjusted is the common one Recruiting-Practice. But there are also exciting, alternative recruitment methods: hiking, cooking and extreme sports. How does this work?

Team competence at the assessment center: Applicant cooking with Reinhold Messner & the LinkedIn founder?

Alternative recruiting - can that work?

When I was on the Future Personal, the largest European industry fair, some time ago Panel on team building in recruiting moderated, one question came up again and again:

Können Teambuilding-Activities such as climbing, skiing or hiking replace time-consuming application processes? Can this even be an alternative to traditional recruiting because you Candidate can test in advance, so to speak? So to speak, a fun variant of what is generally perceived as stressful Assessment-Center?

Walking with the LinkedIn founder

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LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke For example, he has been hiking with students for years and states: "Sharing special experiences together creates a bond." That is why Guericke also uses hiking in a targeted manner, for example to attract applicants or start-upFounder get to know better. The one known from the Harald Schmidt Show takes the same line Grimme Award winner Manuel Andrack: For him, hiking has a connecting element: "When hiking, you go deeper and talk about the essentials."

No wonder that many too Company regularly combining events with outdoor activities: For example, years ago I was at the Students on Snow, an event in Austria where corporations like Siemens or Bayer were on the lookout for young talent.

Reinhold Messner: The motivation of the team is decisive for the company's success

Even if it is superficially about Fun such recruiting or team-building events are primarily used to bring teams closer together or to get to know applicants, because they promote them Communication in the group. But the reactions in difficult situations are particularly interesting: for example, who will take over Guidewho is the opponent and who can submit well?

Because later in the company it is also decisive how well and solution-oriented teams work together. Extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner also knows the problem of the right team composition from his tours, which are about survival, as he explains in an interview:

“Common Set are the basic requirement: I basically only went out with people who are the same Motivation have like myself. Example Antarctic crossing: The leaders is chosen by the group that collectively and instinctively chooses the strongest Personality decides. A power struggle only occurs when the strength of the leader suffers a slump."

Cooking as a team building instead of Mount Everest?

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Not every company can go skiing or even climb Mount Everest in order to check its teams for joint suitability and the right target motivation before recruiting. But there are Alternativesthat are similarly challenging and themselves clear easier to implement. One of them: cooking.

Because at the desk and at the worktop, new, unpredictable situations challenge us every day. To do this together, timely, and inventive successfully To be able to solve it, it is important that all colleagues find their role and become one Team .

Eating as a basic need offers a lot of potential for conflict

Similar to extreme sports, conflicts arise over very elementary ones Ask: What do we cook? Who kneads, stews, cuts, turns on the oven and when will it be served? After all, eating is a basic need that is an elementary and therefore extremely emotional issue for everyone. No wonder stressful situations here fast raise tempers. And precisely to moderate the cooperation of different characters and constellations and to reflect on them step by step - that's what it's all about when people are to be brought together to form a team.

Anyone who doesn't believe how well cooking can work in team building has never cooked a stressful "last minute CEO birthday menu" with a team of individualists under the direction of Graciela Cucchiara - and that's just one of her special tasks. For the native Argentinian, known throughout Germany from the SAT1 show “The Taste” and personally acquainted with Tim Mälzer, nothing is closer than metaphor for successful cooperation in the company. Her motto: "There is none Problem in einer Companythat I couldn't work on in the kitchen."

Coaching by Cooking: This is how team building works in cooking

In their cooking garage, companies can therefore offer their Coaching Book by Cooking: Groups are specifically included in special training situations Konflikt- and improvisation potential are challenged and thus learn as a team, individually Power to use and share Solutions to find. The companies define their goals in the preliminary discussion together with the trainer. After each individual training unit, there is a professional reflection to immediately anchor what you have learned. Finally, you will receive a detailed comparison of goals and an outlook from your trainer.

Even if Cucchiara with depending on Objective Working together with different trainers, she also brings a lot of life experience with her: At the age of seven she began to cook in a mini kitchen next to her grandmother's stove in her birthplace San Isidro near Buenos Aires. As a result, she lived in Argentina and Germany as well as in Italy and had several professions, from music therapist and photographer to graphic designer. In 2009 she then founded the Kochgarage in Munich to combine all of this and to celebrate the fun of cooking together, cultures and good products.

Bringing teams closer together - does that really work?

And yet the question arises: how useful are team buildingMeasures at all? In fact, there are also doubts about its effectiveness: "Real team building takes place in daily practice, nowhere else," he explains Coach and business economist Jörg Romstötter. Instead of extreme sports, he recommends: "Give your people the opportunity to regularly celebrate success in their very own specialist task."

In fact, as was also the result of our discussion on the future of personnel mentioned above, team building events can neither replace recruiting nor a sense of achievement, but they do support a sense of community and corporate culture. This is becoming more and more important for companies that want to be successful in the long term. However, such events are more suitable as employer branding measures than as a full-fledged recruiting replacement.

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