Hannes should register his need for further training. In fact, he could do without it. But for image reasons you have to do something. If only that decision wouldn't be that hard...

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The right to further education

Monday morning 8 a.m., there is still an hour until the management meeting. Hannes has prepared his agenda items. Employees none have failed, everything works in operation. An hour gained.

Only one old matter is still waiting to be dealt with. By the end of the month, Hannes has to HR-Department report its training needs. As a manager, he is entitled to five days Further Training from the in-house seminar program. “Right” is the official formulation, “Expectation” is subtle between the lines.

The seminar catalog

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Hannes would come without Further Training off, but image-technically that doesn't work. If he only books four days instead of the permitted five Ask loud. Not booking anything at all is definitely not possible. So Hannes uses this hour to read the catalogue. He flips through the categories: “Management”, “Communication”,“ Personality development ”,“ Sales ”,“ Processes and procedures ”,“ SoftwareCourses ”,“Guide".

From front to back, back to front, then by topics that interest him. Nothing convinces him. He decides to first make a requirements list draw up and then look for the right seminar. In an Excel workbook, Hannes organizes the criteria under the headings “Must”, “Important”, “Nice-to-have” and “Under no circumstances”. ,That makes Sinn', Hannes feels how good him klare Structures do precisely to make central decisions. He writes his thoughts down in a brainstorming process before translating them into the appropriate criteria column on the spreadsheet.

The selection criteria

Under no circumstances may the seminar affect the holiday already booked. Also unfavorable are the weeks in which his deputy is absent. Ideal are weeks, in which a holiday is. Monday to Wednesday before driveway would be optimal. If he still frees the Friday as a time equalization day, the week is booked and he can switch off correctly. Finally, a seminar must include shutdown.

This directs his thoughts to a previously neglected criterion, the hotel. A nice with wellness area, not exactly in the surrounding area, but not too far away. The journey home should not take too long. The external conditions are thus sketched. Hannes is open to content. Actually, he already knows everything. But some refreshment always does well. He considers what criteria he would like to use and does not come into any green branch. The Excel decision help does not seem to work here.

The decision-making

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He combines the two decision-making paths together (he learned this in a seminar). He flips through the catalog and puts in the table the advantages and disadvantages of thoseCourses that address him the most. Hannes is proud.

In this way he combines the emotional with the rational. The impulses from the catalog with the expansion of your own thoughts. Thinking and writing, colored glossy brochure with profane-frugal Excel spreadsheets. On the left of the keyboard the catalog that hands ready to enter the decision criteria.

Lead staff meetings?

He could really use “leading demanding appraisal interviews” at the moment. 'Indeed,' Hannes shoots through Head, 'it smells like role playing with video recordings'. He sees the benefits of this, but he doesn't want to expose himself that much.

He is not only supposed to learn something, but also to impress with the other students. So this seminar falls from the agenda. And Hannes has another criterion: no completely new topics. It is best to choose a seminar which he has already attended. This is the easiest way to show what he's got. Image is important.

In the economic crisis?

The fact that important colleagues are likely to be there speaks against the course “Management cycle in the economic crisis”. A seminar is not just a personal relaxation and image event, but also a network party.

This would be a very good place for the seminar. It takes place in a golf hotel. This suggests great aperitifs and sporty intermediate parts. But sport - Hannes can only be embarrassed.

Presentation equipment?

Basically, Hannes would do well with the “Presentation Technique” course. Admittedly, there are role-playing games there too, but here Hannes takes it sporty. One can prepare. Preparatory tasks, on the other hand, are suboptimal. If he does it, he will probably be almost the only one who has made it. In addition, everything that is inefficient is repeated again in the seminar. If he doesn't do it, there is one Konflikt with the image.


Hannes will find the seminar “Self-Management” in the section “Personal Development”: 3 + 1 day. That gives four days. The hotel fits, there are no role-playing games.

Impressively, great stories can be told here and the other participants impress with it. However, he can take a lot with him in secret. Nowhere can one hide the inability and the potential for improvement so cleverly.

The seminar room

One more look at the course instructor. Oh, that's the one who does most of the seminars in Company offers. Always the same ritual in the first two hours: introduction round with partner interview, then write the expectations on cards, pin them on the pin board and never come back to them. To questions like “what am I doing against too many eMails a day? ” there are no answers, but a counter question: “What do you think you can do?”. He remembers a situation in his last seminar. In a feedback session, Hannes said that he would like answers to his questions, not a new question.

The Feedback his feedback came promptly: “Hannes, do you feel the rebel in you? What is happening inside you at this moment?" What Hanne's reaction was "I don't feel anything, it just annoys me". The discussion went on for a while. Because the counter-reaction was not direct, but was stylized to the course topic. “Do you recognize the rebellious childhood self from transactional analysis”. Go back into the groups and spend the next 60 minutes thinking about which counterpart from Transactional Analysis or Neurolinguistic Programming would be suitable, an adult People from the rebellious childhood self into the balanced adult self without paradoxically confronting him with his deficits." So this course is nothing either.

Just for the image?

The next workshop, entitled “Selfmarketing”, is not only up-to-date, but also a need. Hannes is close to a decision. 'However,' the thought flickers through his mind, what do his colleagues mean when he registers for this seminar? ' Conversely, giving up the seminar “Selfmarketing” means that he doesn't need “Selfmarketing” because he already knows it. Hannes thoughts spin in a circle. It is also getting tight in terms of time.

15 minutes until the meeting. He would prefer to give the HR colleague the registration right away. This is also for image reasons, because he would be the first from GL to opt for a course. Hannes could once again subtly position himself as a "doer and decider". It would fit in with this if he opted for the workshop “Decide – fast and correct” would register. This shows that the topic is important to him. And being the first to sign up makes it clear that he wants to progress at the highest level. That makes an impression and gives Respect.

The budget is canceled!

Three more minutes. Hannes sprints to the meeting. For the agenda item “Training for Management” Hannes happily reaches for the completed form. The CEO gave the HR head the floor: “Dear colleagues. Unfortunately, for financial reasons, the further education budget for management levels 1 - 3 was canceled until further notice. ”

And who pays Hannes' hour this morning from 8 to 9?

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