Coaching is for us a form of support, for which we formally burn. And do not misunderstand us: any form of support or counseling has an existence right on this planet (especially if it helps).


What is coaching?

There are countless definitions of coaching. If you encounter contradictory approaches, do not be surprised. It is and remains impressive, confusing and momentarily disconcerting, which is all wrapped up in the coat of coaching and sold in it.

The joke is: coaching works. For this, coaching clients do not have to believe, do not have to understand theories and do not have to change their attitudes.

The opinion of customers

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After coaching, we asked our coaching clients and course participants how they would describe coaching. Your answers, immediately after the (first) experience, enable an approach to the Term Coaching and what can happen there:

The first time

In summary one can say that People before their "first time" don't know exactly what to expect. How should they. It's basically like every "first time".

It is only after the (first) own experiences that the picture of what has happened is sharpened. In the case of coaching this is then described as a way, framework, scaffolding or program. Perhaps also as a companion, clarification process, time or feeling journey.

The solution of a problem

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The words that clients use to describe their experience are, of course, closely related to the way in which a Training is working. Coaching clients are often relieved, excited or surprised to find that coaching is actually about their own Solutions, their own Problems goes.

That there are solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and that they find these solutions themselves. The results of this successful work are then labeled “positive change”, “way out”, “Competencies” or “personal responsibility”.

The 3 central aspects of coaching

Whatever the coaching experience, advice or support, there are always three key points:

  1. The coach puts the coaching client at the center of attention.
  2. The coach supports and appreciates the client 100% -ig.
  3. The client works independently on his own solution. (This is also the chance in coaching and the imperative for the coach!)

A question of delimitation

During our day-to-day work, we noticed that even experienced coaches find it easier to describe everything that coaching is not. And it is apparently difficult to say: This is coaching. That's the way it is.

This fact of describing the “negative” is often criticized. And it is also conceivable that the “negative description” could make your own image of coaching appear blurry and foggy at first glance.

In our view, however, there is nothing to complain about when someone describes “what is not”. If we assume that people learn and perceive through distinction, then understanding things can just as well be done through delimitation.

The example with the fruit

Imagine for a moment that they do not know what fruit is. Somebody tells you, apples are fruits, bananas too, but they look different. Oranges, on the other hand, are similar to apples but are quite different.

What do you know about fruit now, if you do not know fruit? Sometimes it can be helpful for the comprehension to create boundaries on the same conceptual level, instead of just delivering examples: Fruit is different from vegetables.

It depends on the perception

Put simply, fruit is mostly sweet (and therefore different from vegetables). Meat is of animal origin and fruit is vegetable. You can eat both ...

You see, for perception and Things to Learn or understanding, saying “what is not” can be just as helpful as saying “what is”. It will often work best to combine the two.

The packaging should fit the content

However, here, as with all products, the packaging should correspond to the content.

How to learn coaching?

Both the questioning techniques and tools as well as the attitude to keep out of the problem of the coaching client can be learned.

And as mentioned here several times: If you look at coaching in this way, then it is primarily an attitude and an attitude Technology and less by one Job or a calling. It is the opportunity to help others to work out their own solutions.

The essentials in brief!

The first time?

Whether you have been supporting other people through coaching for a long time, or are on your way to the first time, you can make a difference for clients.

In our coaching training courses, participants often cannot believe on the first day that they will soon successfully and be able to coach usefully. Perhaps act the first “first times” in coaching sometimes a bit stiffer than the later “first times”. The results always make a difference for the client. We are convinced of that.

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