Conferences and really let your soul dangle, taking in the beautiful view verlieren: This is possible with these locations with a panoramic view.

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1. Berchtesgadener Land and Obersalzberg

On the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden today informs a documentation center about the history of the mountain in the National Socialism. Just a few minutes' walk away is the Kempinski, an exclusive conference location - Porsche is currently holding a product presentation during my visit. The region around Berchtesgaden also offers fantastic nature experiences.


Mountain hiking with impressive scenery

The Berchtesgadener Land is one of the most impressive mountain regions in Germany - and one can not only see it, but also feel it on one's own hike through the Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany's only Alpine National Park.

Our path leads from the Hinterbrand car park, near the middle station of the Jenner Bahn, over curved, partly exposed paths up to the Schneibstein and on to the Carl von Stahl house. On the way you always have to climb over smaller and larger obstacles - our tour is not for beginners. However, more convenient ones also lead ways up and you can also take the Jenner Bahn up to 1874 m.


Alps panorama with sunrise guarantee

Above, we can expect an impressive alpine panorama as well as picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Because we spend the night in the Carl von Stahl Haus, a mountain hut of the Austrian Alpine Club below the 2276 m high Schneibstein summit. The year-round managed house offers 102 sleeps for 32 Euro per night in one of the double rooms - reduced for members of the Alpine Club and in the shared rooms - but no showers, but only a shared bathroom. Groups should book in advance as the cabin can easily get 2000 nights a month during the summer months.

From here you can hike down the “Kleine Grater”, a 19 km route marked as a medium difficulty tour, over the Schneibstein. Around 1000 km of marked summer hiking trails and an equally long network of cycle paths run through the region. Climbing, mountaineering, tandem paragliding and guided mountain and alpine hikes are also possible. On the way we always have a view of the Watzmann, at 2713 m the second highest mountain in Germany and the Königssee, which winds through the mountain landscape like a fjord with crystal-clear water.


Boat trip on the Koenigssee

Only electric boats have been allowed on 1909 since a diesel engine would have scared off the prince regent Luitpold's game. Today, the Königssee is an ecological pioneer, because on strong days 6.000 tourists are transported across the lake and admire the world-famous Echo. A good 40 of minutes takes the silent ride over the lake, which is up to 190 deep. Groups can rent a boat exclusively for 1.000 Euro per hour, about 85 passengers are allowed. Also a shipyard visit is possible. Great is a visit to one of the traditionally managed Almkaser on the Salet Alm. On the way to the picturesque Oberseek, you can fortify yourself here with fresh milk and home-made cheese.

Water sports such as rowing, kayaking or rafting are possible in the region, but only swimming is allowed at Königssee. Right next to the jetty is the Eisarena Königssee, the oldest artificial ice rink in the world Welt In summer, guests can system ride the summer bob taxi through the asphalt canal. The push track next to it is currently used for training purposes.


The Obersalzberg

One of the biggest tourism magnets in the region is undoubtedly the Obersalzberg: Adolf Hitler spent his holidays here since 1923, from 1933 he had the house Wachenfeld rebuilt as a notorious Berghof. The 1999 opened Documentation Center is a learning and memorial site designed by the Institute for Contemporary History Munich-Berlin. The exhibition shows more than 950 photos, documents, posters, film and sound recordings, and parts of the 1943 to 1945-built bunker systems, which surpassed the attacks of the allied and the subsequent explosions.

A bus and a lift take you to the 1834 meter high Kehlsteinhaus, a gift from Martin Bormann to Hitler's 50. Birthday, which has survived the allied bombings. Hitler himself, however, was only three times up here, and used the building as a diplomatic house. Today, there is a restaurant open from May to October, as well as a one-hour walk to various viewpoints.


Meetings in the Kempinski

In just a few minutes walk to the Documentation Center, where the house of Hermann Göring used to be, there is now an exclusive conference location with the 5-SterneSuperiorHotel Kempinski. Because the Obersalzberg was already in the 19. Century was a popular tourist destination and was used by 1947 as a recreational area for US forces, the Americans operated in Berchtesgaden five hotels. Only after their withdrawal 1996 the Free State of Bavaria received full power over the site and worked out today Concept, The luxury hotel should also prevent the site from becoming a place of pilgrimage.

The architecturally beautiful, if somewhat cool building of the Kempinski has 126 rooms and 12 suites from 230 Euro. There are six meeting rooms for up to 200 persons and an event area for up to 4.000 persons. All in all, the Kempinski is a resort with an 1.400 sqm spa, an 9 hole golf course and a small ski lift.


Meetings in the Hotel Alpenhof

Much better, also just the location in the middle of meadows and forests, has with the 4 starSuperiorHotel Alpenhof in Schönau am Königssee. The family-run business has 52 rooms from 70 Euro per night with half board as well as a meeting room for approx. 25 persons.Peamer, flipchart, screen and moderator package are available.

The double rooms in the Alm and Wellnesshotel are exceptionally large. There is also a very nice spa with various saunas, a large indoor and very picturesque outdoor pool - mountain views included. I really loved the healthy, rich breakfast, the excellent food and the very good service. If you are looking for a small, cozy hotel in the middle of nature and with a nice atmosphere, this is the place for you.


Congress center

For conferences, a small congress center is also available in Berchtesgaden. Also in the Haus der Berge, the very nicely designed national park center, you can rent seminar rooms.

My conclusion: The Berchtesgadener Land offers opportunities for seminars and Teambuilding-Activities in a unique natural setting.


2. With Golf & Tsar to the perfect MICE event: The Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach

A good two and a half hours south of Vienna is not only Austria's largest golf course, but also the Falkensteiner Balance Resort also has an excellent 5-star MICE hotel that already has Company such as BMW, REWE, Samsung, DELL, Microsoft and various Bundesliega clubs were guests.

Best of HR –®

MICE and golf

Located directly on Austria's largest golf course, the 45-Loch-Golfschaukel Stegersbach Lafnitztal, the Balance Resort is an Eldorado for all golf lovers. But also away from greens, the region offers - with more than 300 sunny days a year - numerous opportunities to do sports and to actively enjoy nature at the same time. From cycling, e-biking and Nordic walking to extensive running and hiking trails.

No wonder that the resort, which can be reached in just two and a half hours by train or bus from Vienna, attracts numerous international companies, including those from Germany, which hold golf tournaments or conferences and Meetings organize.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Meetings like BMW, Microsoft, REWE, HP and DELL

These include BMW, Microsoft, Samsung, Borealis, REWE, HP, DELL, Media Saturn and Zurich Insurance. In addition, the resort accommodates the training camps of various football teams such as the national team of Austria, Finland, Canada, Iran or Qatar as well as various German national teams. In addition, the resort also works very closely with governmental and NGO organizations in Vienna.

For its MICE guests, the Falkensteiner Resort, which has 141 rooms, features an 377 m2 large conference and event space with 5 meeting rooms and 2 boardrooms, some of which can be combined and provided with appropriate audio-visual equipment. In the largest version, the rooms can accommodate 200 people (theater style) or 230 people for a reception.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Conferences, teambuilding and health services

The location is suitable for conferences, team building events, seminars and workshops, as well as management talks and conferences. The resort is also putting together an active program on site, working with various local agencies to this end.

But also far beyond its MICE offer, the Balance Resort Stegersbach offers companies as well as private individuals comprehensive services for health management:

The 2.700 m² Acquapura SPA is inclusive of two infinity pools and sauna landscape is exclusively accessible to hotel guests. But I was really convinced by the sustainable wellness and health concept.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Exclusive tsar® applications

Because this is based on the concept of tsar®, the abbreviation for the secret of active regeneration. Here, through targeted movements positive Effects on posture, tension and blockages achieved. The Balance Resort is exclusively the only hotel that offer this application. The joke, as I was able to try out myself, lies in actually quite simple but very effective exercises:

With the tsar® bodyExpertise-Analysis, trained therapists specifically recognize the origin of a tension and can restore the body's harmonious uprightness in a very short time. Through the body competence analysis while standing, muscle tension and individual Power recognized and one can purposefully create meaningful and precise training and regeneration plans draw up.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Health management through heart rate variability measurement

In addition to tsar®, the Health also measured using scientifically based heart rate variability (HRV). Ideally, the measurement is carried out for a period of 24 hours using a small HRV recorder. Guests can pursue leisure activities undisturbed.

The regulatory ability of the vegetative nervous system, including the BRAC, is measured and statements can be made about vitality, the ability to regenerate, and burn out Risks, sleep quality and much more. It is also very important to be able to identify the right impulse (activity, balance, relaxation) for each individual from this measurement.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Basic Rest Activity Cycle - adaptation to chronobiology

In the Balance Resort, the applications of the wellness packages are also adapted to a very specific rhythm from chronobiology, the Basic Rest Activity Cycle (BRAC) (according to Prof. N. Kleitman 1963). This rhythm is also known as the “rhythm of performance”. The BRAC arises due to the changing sympathisch– and parasympathetic-dominated phases during the day.

All 90 to 120 minutes are interrupted during the day by the Symphatikus dominated phase from the Parasymphatikus for 10 to 20 minutes. Using heart rate variability (HRV measurement) over 24 hours, this rhythm can be detected and displayed. By taking advantage of this rhythm through the proper interplay of activity and recovery, you remain mentally and physically fit.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

The right therapy for every guest

Based on the natural biorhythms, guests can expect daily and seasonal wellness themes that are reflected throughout the hotelspiegeln. First you choose one of the 5 subject areas according to your wishes and sensitivities Energy, beauty, relaxation, balance and clarity. For example, the topic BALANCE is chosen due to problems falling asleep, the topic RELAXATION in the case of back pain, etc.

Each wellness program includes an in-depth analysis using heart rate variability and a tsar® body competency analysis. These evaluations form the basis for a tailor-made program.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Interplay of activity and regeneration

The Implementation takes place after the interplay of activity and regeneration. The guest is invited to the Balance Resort - from the reception to the SPA to the room - according to the biorhythm, every 90 minutes the activity between activating and regenerating Measures to change. A free activity program is available to guests throughout the day.

Whether activity program, cycling with the hotel's own eBikes, swimming or massage, sauna or relaxing by the pool - at the optimum time, the right impulses are set, appropriate treatments and activities chosen, tailored to the duration of the stay and the desired intensity.

In order to be able to work faster and more effectively with the treatments, tsar® elements were integrated. Building instructions for the home and the Workplace enable the continuation of the health program in the company.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Healthy nutrition according to Metabolic Balance®

Part of the program is, of course, proper nutrition. The Balance Resort is so far the only hotel that specifically focuses on alkaline nutrition and Metabolic Balance®. The Balance Resort is Austria's only dated Founder Dr. Wolf Funfack recommended hotel that has included Metabolic Balance® in their hotel's nutrition and wellness concept.

Under medical supervision and by a specially trained kitchen and service technicianTeam the guests are introduced to a balanced diet and a long-term vital and healthy lifestyle. I really liked the fact that the resort was the only hotel I have visited so far to include a basic menu in the regular evening menu. An alkaline diet is also possible at breakfast, but you have to ask for special bread.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Local products

Apart from that, the Balance Resort relies on local, fresh products and an activating and regenerating selection of dishes. In the IMAGO restaurant, the guests put their own menu together – on product of the chef or based on health preferences and personal beliefs. In the open show kitchen, seasonal products are used to cook à la minute.

The rustic restaurant “Wia z'Haus” is only 600 meters away at the foot of the hill. Cosiness, local delicacies and southern Burgenland hospitality promise a stay at home.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

3. Stormwatching & Meetings on the Baltic Sea: Grand Hotel Seeschlösschen

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Is there anything more relaxing than listening to and watching a storm by the sea with high waves? In the Grand Hotel Seeschlösschen SPA and Golf Resort on the Baltic Sea, both can be combined with a meeting - provided the weather permits.

Best of HR –®

Relax during stormwatching

Snow and storm at the Timmendorfer beach not far from Lübeck - that was a bit unplanned, because sometimes you can expect mid-March on the Baltic Sea spring temperatures and enjoy. The more I was excited about the weather, which I could observe from the seventh floor of my warm room at the Grand Hotel Seeschlösschen:

Roaring wind, a wild surf, salt air and the light warming rays of the first spring sun. One or the other surfer was drawn to the water, but it was too cold and windy for me even to go for a walk.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Salt air and the sound of the sea

The Combination of salt air and the sound of the sea is just unbeatable for relaxation, if you just want to enjoy the expanse of the sea and the play of the clouds while looking out the window and let your soul dangle and completely switch off.

In this respect, I can really recommend March on the Baltic Sea, even in the freezing cold - and especially for conference guests who are new here in a relaxed atmosphere ideas and want to discuss inspirations.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Room and location

The Grand Hotel Seeschlösschen SPA and Golf Resort in Timmendorfer Strand offers a very good location for this: It is a family-run 5-star hotel. In addition to the 122 rooms and suites in nine categories, a large SPA area and its own 36-hole golf course. The Employees are very friendly and service-oriented, which is noticeable because nowadays in many 5-star hotels it is really no longer a matter of course.

The best though: the hotel is located directly and without intermediate street on the beach promenade and guarantees in 90 percent of the rooms great views over the Bay of Lübeck from the window and also from the balcony.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

meeting rooms

The 500 4 offers a total of 150 meeting rooms with natural light over three floors, the largest meeting room being 400 m². There are also XNUMX m² of space in the restaurant area.

Even though the hotel construction dates back to the 80 years, the rooms and meeting rooms are modern and functional. The conference package of 158 Euro from 10 persons including overnight stay, 59 Euro without overnight stay includes:

Best of HR –®

Conference package and program

Provision of a conference room with daylight, conference technology: 1 flip chart, 1 pin board, 1 screen, coffee break with fruit and yoghurt, Business Lunch, coffee break with cake and, for overnight stays, breakfast buffet and use of the SPA area.

An interesting program can also be booked on request: For example the Players Lodge Event, a golf animation program for beginners to professionals followed by a barbecue, indoor golf, a wine tasting in the historic wine cellar of Villa Mare in Travemünde, a beach Olympics, a cooking class, a bartender training , a harbor tour in Niendorf, a torchlight hike on the beach or a boat trip.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

SPA and wellness

I also really liked the 2.300 square meter spa, which was especially nice to warm up after several beach walks: The sauna area features a Finnish sauna (95 ° C), a sanarium (55 ° C) and a steam bath and aroma grotto. a relaxation room, as well as various fresh air areas and relaxation rooms directly on the beach with Baltic Sea view available.

The indoor swimming pool (17,5 × 7,0 m, 130 cm depth, 28 ° C) is pleasantly large for swimming, and is open from 07.00:22.00 a.m. to 15,0:6,0 p.m. at practical times for meeting guests. Unfortunately, I couldn't try the outdoor seawater swimming pool (130 × 26 m, XNUMX cm depth, XNUMX ° C) with whirlpool and the pool garden with sunbathing area, as the outdoor area is only open from the end of April to October.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

culinary delights

Only the cuisine, which I was only allowed to enjoy at the breakfast buffet, struck me a little negatively: the breakfast is quite extensive and also includes one selection different types of muesli as well as fresh fruit and juices - however, I missed the rich selection of special foods tailored to different nutritional concepts and a larger selection of fruit. After all, the hotel has its own medical practice and offers joint fasting therapy with it.

All in all a very nice stay, which I would recommend to meeting and business guests due to the relaxed atmosphere and easy travel. Because Timmendorfer beach is easily reached in just over an hour from Hamburg and easily by train.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

4. Meetings in the Alm-Chalet: blog parade at Tegernsee

Do you just sleep or do you live too? This question is rarely asked in meeting rooms, but all the more exciting when it does apply - as with the Relais-Chalet Wilhelmy on Tegernsee in Upper Bavaria, where the meeting room is located in a luxurious Alm-Chalet.

Best of HR –®

Blog parade on the Teggernsee

When my blogger colleague Bettina Blass from invited me to her Blog Parade on hotel rooms Admittedly, I was skeptical at first: Meetings rarely take place in hotel rooms, although suites are also used for meetings in small groups at some events. Where should I find the right hotel room for a meeting?

But then I attended a seminar in the Realais Chalet Wilhelmy in the Bavarian spa town of Bad Wiessee on the Teggernsee and discovered that living and living can go together well and be surprisingly luxurious and stylish.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Luxury in the Alm Chalet

Because in the midst of a park-like garden with mature trees and a view of the mountains, just five minutes' walk from the center, the boutique hotel Relais-Chalet Wilhelmy is located. Not only is the main house built in 1928 with 19 rooms here, but the owners, Stefanie and Johannes Ziegler, built a spacious alpine chalet in 2013.

The upper floor can be reached via creaky wooden steps. Inside there is a 100 square meter luxury suite with two bedrooms and a slightly small children's room for up to four children. The bathroom attracts with a free-standing tub and a view of the sky as well as its own sauna. The highlight for me is the large living room with special features from the open fireplace to the wine refrigerator to XXL sofas - all furnished with natural materials such as stained, Bavarian spruce wood, loden and soft leather.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Meetings with alpine feeling

In this designStyle it continues downstairs in the 80 square meter meeting room, which is reminiscent of a cozy mountain hut in terms of ambience. Although I imagine 60 people, for whom the room should be suitable in rows of chairs, a bit cramped, but for small events on the subject of personal development or Executives he is perfectly suited, as I know from my own experience, and is booked accordingly often.

Because not only does the hotel provide a projector, screen, flipchart, two metaplan boards, moderator's case and conference telephone, high-speed VDSL W-LAN, A4 pads, ballpoint pens and leather writing pads as standard, there is also a very nice, 30 square meter lobby and break area for catering, as well as a wide, surrounding wooden terrace on the east and south side of the chalet with a view of the garden and mountains. This makes the rooms very suitable for group exercises in different rooms or activities in the fresh air. Additional equipment is also available for a rental fee.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Culinary and catering

The in-house restaurant “Schlemmerei” caters for culinary needs with a light sea cuisine. In addition to breakfast with numerous organic and local products, the L-shaped room, in which creaking parquet floors, beautifully curved wooden furniture in the Biedermeier style, large windows and strong red as a color accent dominate, serves a daily changing, multi-course menu.

This is based on Mediterranean-French reminiscences of seasonal and regional offers - no matter if veal fillet with sauteed porcini mushrooms or Tegernseer char steamed on leek and tomato vegetables. Vegetarian or vegan dishes are also prepared on request by Johannes Ziegelbauer. However, special dietary requirements must be requested separately, because the standard offer for vegetarian cuisine is somewhat one-sided.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Events and relaxation

You can take an aperitif or digestif in the “distillery” in inviting fuchsia armchairs in front of the open fireplace. The “Weinerei” is ideal for small events and tastings for up to eleven people, with its large wooden table and a view of the countryside, where fine wines are stored in high, open shelves. Almost all of them come from German, Austrian, Italian and French winegrowers, some of whom the Ziegelbauer couple know personally as well as appreciate.

Finally, there is also a small spa with an indoor and outdoor sauna in the garden as well as a thermium, aroma steam bath, adventure shower and whirlpool with light therapy. In addition, a wide variety of massage, bath and cosmetic treatments are offered - from classic massages to stimulating lymphatic drainage treatments and wonderfully soothing hot stone massages to therapeutic ones Coaching.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

Activities and excursions

The hotel is also ideally suited as a starting point for excursions and group activities: hiking and walking paths lead directly past the house, leading up to the surrounding mountains or leisurely to one of the five lakeside locations and to the landing stage of the excursion boats Run nearby lake. If you want to experience the whole thing from a bird's-eye view, you can do so aboard a balloon: in good weather, you can take off right on the shore in the morning and float across the Alps over one of the most beautiful landscapes in Bavaria.

A wide variety of activities are also possible, such as hiking on the Tegernseer Höhenweg, to Kaltenbrunn, or to the Schwaigaeralm, a round trip on the Tegernsee ship with white sausage breakfast and music, horse-drawn carriage or sleigh rides with a stop at a hut, visit to the Bad Wiessee casino, “golf taster course” on the Wiesse driving range, chocolate course, Nordic walking with an instructor and rental sticks, ice stock sport, torchlight hike with mulled wine reception, cross-country skiing course or tobogganing on Bavaria's longest toboggan run.

Best of HR –®
Best of HR –®

5. Hurtigruten for meetings & seminars: By ship through Fjord Norway

The Hurtigruten is considered to be one of the most beautiful shipping lines in the world. 13 ships depart from a total of 34 destination ports along the Norwegian coast, from Bergen to Kirkenes - past fjords and picturesque landscapes. Are they also suitable for conferences?


The distance

Since 1893, the combined cargo, passenger and cruise ships depart the coastline of Norway between Bergen and Kirkenes in six and a half days. On the way there are the Polarkreis, the Midnight Sun (if it shines), and in winter the northern light to admire.

In summer, the ships also pass the Trollfjord and the Geirangerfjord. During this time, travelers have unique panoramic views of islands, fjords and coastal areas - certainly the best and best way to discover this great country.


History of the Hurtigruten

The original function as a postal ship, however, became obsolete: 1984 was closed this year on board ships. By the way, I had an opportunity to visit the bridge during the mooring in a harbor.

By the end of the 70 years, however, the Hurtigruten was the only source of supply in the winter months for some places along the route and were therefore subsidized accordingly by the Norwegian state.


Tourists and commuters

Then the road network was expanded, the north in particular became easier to reach by plane and the economic one Significance the Hurtigruten took off.

Even if international tourism is the most important source of income today, the ships still transport freight and commuters from port to port. For the arrival on dei Lofen, for example, the six-hour crossing is from Bodø for sure the most convenient form of arrival, which is also used by locals, at least in the off-season.


The ships

The fleet of the Hurtigroute consists of six ships. I took a closer look at two of them, the MS Nordkapp on the Tromsø - Svolvær route and the MS Polarlys on the Svolvær - Trondheim route.

For international event planners, it is advisable to start shipping in one of the four coastal cities of Ålesund, Trondheim, Tromsø or Kirkenes. The cities have flight connections and are therefore best accessible.

MS Nordkapp

The MS Nordkapp, built in 1996, has 458 beds and space for 622 passengers on seven decks. Very nice is the panoramic salon on deck 7 and the sundeck - if the weather is good.

On deck 4 there is not only the restaurant in the stern, but two conference rooms with a size of 65 or 83 square meters. Depending on the seating arrangement, they can accommodate 50 or 100 persons.


MS Polarlys

The 1996 built MS Polarlys also offers slightly more capacity: It has room for 473 passengers with 619. Again, the restaurant is located in the stern of Deck 4, while on the same deck in the bow are four conference rooms of different sizes - 22, 26,5, 60 and 61 square meters.

The smallest room has a maximum capacity of 12 people, the largest can hold up to 60 persons. In addition, the two small and large rooms can each be combined into one room - and then offer space for up to 40 or 130 persons.


Meeting rooms: Facilities and prices

The meeting rooms are equipped with professional meetingTechnology fitted. However, the WiFi is not always available or its quality depends heavily on the position of the ship. The WiFi quality is naturally better near the port.

The price per person (for 2014) starts from 155, - Euro indoor cabin in winter. The price includes cabin, 3 meals and the conference room. For the use of the rooms the conference fee has to be booked for all participants. A single meeting room (without lump sum) can not be booked.


culinary delights

It is usually fed in the restaurant, where you have to share the very rich breakfast and lunch buffet with other guests. Here tables can be reserved at the set meal. For small groups can certainly be eaten in the conference room, if desired.

The quality of the food also varies from ship to ship, depending on which one Executive currently working on the ship: In principle, the concept "This is how the coast tastes", in which the dishes from the respective location are served to the guests, clear more interesting than on many other cruises. However, despite the cooperation with Andreas Viestad, Norway's best-known TV chef, I don't find the concept entirely successful. The execution in particular lacks sophistication.


Equipment of ships

Apart from that, the ships are quite different, which should be taken into account at the travel date: on the MS Nordkapp, for example, there are outdoor jacuzzis, on the MS Finmark there is even a swimming pool, on the MS Polarlys only sauna and gymnasium.

In addition to the shipping, the Hurtigruten organizes excursion programs on land. During the winter months, Arctic Adventurers can look forward to dog sledging trips, snowmobile safaris and reindeer sledding trips. From November onwards we go on to the northern lights on the mainland.



I took part in a white-tailed eagle safari off the Lofoten Islands in June: it was almost ready for James Bond Switching the whole group from the moving ship onto a similarly moving excursion boat. Very picturesque was the visit to the Trollfjord, a 2 km long and only 100 m wide tributary of Raftsund at the mouth, and we were able to observe how our Hurtigrouten ship turns on its own axis in the fjord.


Also highly recommended was the excursion to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Vega archipelago in the Nordland region, which includes some 6.000 islands, spars and archipelago and is considered a dream destination for ornithologists. The islands, which are ideal for hiking and cycling, are also very scenic and charming.



The excursions must be booked in addition to the price. In addition, no separate excursions are possible for groups. In general, there is a disadvantage here: That everything is a bit too organized and structured - especially in the high season. At the same time, however, there are no opportunities for groups to take meals individually or book trips individually. An exclusive travel experience is not possible here.

For international event planners, it is advisable to start shipping in one of the four coastal cities of Ålesund, Trondheim, Tromsø or Kirkenes. The cities have flight connections and are therefore best accessible.


6. Meetings & Incentives in Tuscany: Culture & Sport with world champions

The Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco hotel is located between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines. In addition to a large conference area, the hotel also offers a wide range of sports, but its use is not really suited to business travelers. Also with the food there are criticism.



The view that opens up in the morning when you wake up above the misty Serchio Valley is not bad: The Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Hotel is located near the town of Barga (Lucca province), surrounded by numerous medieval villages. One of them is Castelvecchio Pascoli, which was inhabited by the famous Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli as a holiday resort.

The provincial capital of Lucca is only 40 KM, Pisa and the well-known seaside resort of Viareggio, about 60 KM. The drive to the hotel leads past the legendary Devil's Bridge. Because of the narrow streets and traffic it still takes about 90 minutes to Pisa. Therefore there is a helicopter that takes guests in 5 minutes to the beach - for 50 Euro the minute.


History of the hotel

The hotel complex Il Cioccio extends over 2000 hectares over the hill of the same name and over a height of 500 to 1250 meters above the seaspiegel. Hotel and hill formerly belonged to the Italian industrialFamily Marcucci, the hotel was initially a residence for employees and friends of the Marcucci group and was converted into a hotel in 1967.

Later, the American Shaner Corporation invested 10 million euros in the plant, making it the first Renaissance resort in Europe. Since last year, it has also been a Marriott hotel.


Rooms and prices

The hotel has 180 rooms, including 169 guest rooms and 11 suites and junior suites. My room was comparably small, although adequate and with really great view over the valley. A room is available according to season, category and occupancy already from 101 Euro in winter, in the spring and summer are the room rates however with 154 or 189 Euro per night.

The prices are for a double room without breakfast and food in the advance payment rate and are only to be had with appropriate pre-booking (approximately half a year).


Special offers for meeting guests

In addition, there are special offers within the meeting package: One single room from 105 Euro per night, one double room from 120 Euro per night during the winter months, from March to October costs a single room 145 and a double room 155 Euro per night.

In each case, breakfast, for a view over the valley, you can book an additional 20 Euro per night and person. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.


Meetings in large ...

The hotel features 10.000 square feet of meeting space with a large, professionally equipped conference center centered on the 787 square foot Salon Pascoli. It can be seated and partitioned as required and can accommodate up to 900 depending on the layout and seating People.

In the past, trade fairs, exhibitions, fashion events, product presentations, conferences and concerts have already taken place here. The hall is equipped with a control room for audio and video technology.


... and small

In addition to the Salon Pascoli, the conference center has eleven smaller meeting rooms of various sizes suitable for workshops, seminars and business meetings:

The La Cavalla cancellation room for a maximum of 50 persons, the Il Chiù room for up to 36 persons, the La Capinera room for up to 47 persons and the L'Usignolo room for up to 25 persons. The names are inspired by works by the poet Pascoli.


Technology and equipment

All rooms have access to Internet and the latest audio, video and presentation technology. The hotel offers numerous day and half-day packages for conferences and meetings from 66 or 58 euros in winter and 73 or 64 euros from March to October per day and person.

The price includes room rental, the standard technical equipment with screen, flipchart and marker, audioSystem and microphones as well as two coffee breaks at the full day events and one coffee break at the half day events.


Packages, service and slow lifts

The packages can be individually adapted to the requirements of the group upon request. Extensive meeting planning tools with cost calculator are also available on Marriott's website.

On request (and at an additional cost) services for reception, wardrobe and registration, videoconferencing or simultaneous translation are available. The use of foyer, exhibition space, catering area, terraces or garden is also possible.

Attention: The two elevators are unfortunately very slow, who has it eillig, therefore should use the stairs sportily.


Catering and restaurants

Also optional and for a surcharge is a threeCourse business lunch or a dinner offered. There are six restaurants on the premises:

Directly in the hotel are La Veranda for breakfast, lunch and dinner with international cuisine, the Italian restaurant Le Salette for dinner and the Nour Lounge, also for Italian cuisine for lunch or dinner.


Regional cooking

The Sport Village is also home to the Locanda Km0, where guests can sample Tuscan specialties, as well as the rustic Taverna dello Scoiattolo, where the meals are partly prepared by the fire. In fact, regional products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables are given here.

Typical local specialties include some mushrooms, walnuts, game, polenta, fish caught in the mountain streams or homemade honey or jam as well as Tuscan wines.


Breakfast: too American

In the region there are also various specialties, which are recognized as Slow Food: the Bazzone ham of bilocally bred pigs of the region, the Biroldo, a special blood sausage and the potato bread baked in the fire.

A little disappointing, however, is the breakfast, which is based too much on the American taste (good 37 percent of the guests come from the US), but there are also fresh ricotta and goat cheese.


Group cooking classes, spa and short opening hours

The hotel also organizes cooking classes, where up to 100 people are coached at the same time. It also has a wide range of sports and wellness facilities, which can also be used by teams as teambuilding measures:

The hotel also offers a spa with 12 treatment rooms, which include various treatments and treatments such as massages, detox foot baths, a fitness center, a heated, comparatively large indoor pool and an unused outdoor pool.

Shortcoming: The pools do not open before 10 in the morning and close again at 18 clock. Going for a swim before or after the meeting is out of the question.


Excursions and sports

All guests have access to the extensive park area, which extends over the entire hill. Halfway up the hill is the sports village with its extensive sports facilities and a range of chalets, each equipped with two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and parking.

Even professional athletes have already trained here. Activities include horse riding, mountain biking, walking, volleyball or basketball, tennis, hiking or Nordic walking.


Off-road trip with world champions

I found a one-hour off-road trip across the terrain a success. A teacher from the world champion RalliArt Off Road Team Italy shows beginners how best to drive.

The Garfagnana Golf, 20 minutes from the resort, has a six-hole facility. In nearby Parco Levigliese, visitors can also go canyoning, canoeing, rafting, diving, bird watching or climbing.


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