If in politics and Economy important events are discussed, people like to talk about a summit. And before elections there are many TV duels. Both contain dissatisfaction and potential for disputes, but also interesting communicative aspects.

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Some time ago, leading representatives from politics and (automotive) industry met in Berlin for the so-called “Diesel Summit”. The word “Diesel Summit” alone is a topic in itself. The official “National Forum Diesel”, or in the soon to be established NFD, doesn't really make it any better.

First we had G20, then with “Diesel-Gipfel” a creative creation of verbal expression, which is definitely a potential Candidate for the “Word of the Year”. Rudolf Diesel would turn in his grave. Result of the summit: 5,3 million vehicles have to be retrofitted with the appropriate software and a decent bounty is paid into the “National Background mobility”.

But in addition to the actual decision, other “Measures" announced. They should promote a new “culture of responsibility” – that would be the third suitable candidate for our ranking.

New “measures”

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For example, subsidies for e-buses in public transport, procurement subsidies for low-emission urban commercial vehicles and taxis, expansion of the public and private charging structure for electromobility, uniform ones were considered Digital-Tickets for public transport providers, expansion of rail transport, promotion of cycling, etc. etc.

Apparently well-thought-out possibilities, which so far not so bad sound and tidy what.

Question of measurability

All of this sounds like well-balanced words, but let's take a closer look at the word "measure": "measure" comes from "measure", which results in a concrete "measurement result" as a reliable statement. So what is sold to us as “measures” is in reality nothing more than a mere “empty phrase”.

We are communicatively moving at a Schramm distance to a fraudulent label. Or is there a reliable statement for the "promotion of e-buses in public transport, purchase support for low-emission urban commercial vehicles and taxis"? And how do you measure “expansion of the public and private charging structure for electromobility, uniform digital tickets for public transport providers, expansion of rail transport, promotion of cycling, etc.”?

The appearance is deceptive

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But we don't want to be so strict! In the best of cases and with indulgent generosity in interpretation, let's just see it as a well-intentioned declaration of intent. And yet it is sold to us as “measures” and the press is happy to accept it.

Let's take another example as a comparison: If we buy a jar of apricot jam, we won't come up with that Ideathat we will find strawberry jam in it. So you read "measure" and think "great, something is being done" or "great, they're finally doing something".

Read between the lines

But once again, for us consumers, it's not just a matter of "looking" but also "reading" - which brings us to the last Candidate around the word list is in the starting blocks. Anyone who reads that "measure" = "promotion of..." comes to the bitter realization:

There is actually strawberry, where apricot draufsteht. Strawberry often tastes better than apricot, but it is simply better to have apricot on the glass, which the guests see, ...

A little clearer picture

The TV duels before elections are also nice: They are popular and can be seen on many channels. The format has long since become obsolete. An example of the uninspiring Communication was the TV duel between Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz before the 2017 federal election. An analysis.

The political analyzes that flicker across the screen immediately afterwards are not long in coming. Opinion polls paint a slightly clearer picture. A copy of the speech duel itself. The newspapers often read "Schulz was better than expected, the distance remains". Hand straight to the heart: one would have had such a verdict beforehand forms can.

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Very democratic

Basically it was a fair affair. There were prepared Ask placed, I aufmerksam listened, admitted to each other's rights or mistakes. the mutual Respect was present - between the candidates but also by the moderators.

The viewer feels that you basically know and appreciate each other. In retrospect, many criticize the lack of sharpness or willingness to conflict. A newspaper even wrote about “cozy atmosphere”.

Quite a “round conversation”

As a communication specialist, however, I like “round conversations”. Even as an original democrat, who attends at least one every year Choice and ten votes, which comes from a country that submits almost every permit for an aerial cableway to a municipal assembly, pleases that Style the political debate.

It's not a show, but part of the decision-making process and living together. Neither of these need gladiators, but responsible citizens and politicians.
In terms of communication, however, I also noticed points in the course of the 1,5 hours that give me something to think about.

Lack of passion

Not only that in around 2 / 3 talk time was talked about in the past tense, also in the remaining third it usually stayed in public places. Well-sounding, beautiful meant, but little concrete, because it was not said, what ultimately the person really does. Far more dramatic was the lack of passion.

What has been observed throughout the election campaign remains: In my perception, two technocrats are talking, describing what was or is and what “one” would have to change. But all very flat. An “up or down” in the voice, a real enthusiastic facial expression? Both could hardly be heard or seen.

Lack of presence

That does not even have anything to do with an open exchange. But the own vision of a modern Germany should really make the heart break out?

Who of one Objective is animated, shows more voice, more modulation, larger gestures that Eyes shine more, he or she is simply more present. No, not rehearsed, but you let the inner fire take part in the window and thus also others. That's contagious!

Always fair and correct

Almost hilarious the form of "discussion". Once introduced in Nixon's campaign, the viewer experiences a pure form of prepared consumption. Four moderators take turns asking questions - the opponents provide timely answers.

That is fair, correct and can be left as it is. But modern media work differently today. Communication is (again) more dialogue-oriented. On Facebook is liked, newspaper articles are commented on online, Twitter statements are further presented, justified and changed.

Too little involvement as a democratic good

All of this shows that People no longer want to “just sit there” and be sprinkled with water.

At least in the second part of such a TV duel would have used somehow, one wants to show that “Communication and participation” in democracy is basically the most important.

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