trust is the most valuable link between People. What is certain is that you can only give trust if you self-confidence, i.e. trust in yourself. Doubts about yourself also raise doubts about others: Does he or she even deserve that I trust him?

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Self-confidence and your own strengths

The Reset around our own strengths nourishes ours Self worth and confidence. It gives us security Courage and confidence. Qualities of successful people include mental and emotional strength built on this knowledge. It is all the more important to focus on your own strengths and not on them weaknesses to lay. Exciting what Bodo Janssen, managing partner of Upstalsboom Hotel + Freizeit GmbH & Co. KG, says in an interview:

"When I think of trust, I also think of self-confidence. Because only if I can trust myself, I can trust other people. And the prerequisite for trusting oneself is first and foremost, to perceive oneself, to know oneself, to recognize, what are my qualities, what are my abilities, what are my values, what is really essential for me and what for I would like to work (...). So, for me, the foundation of self-confidence is a successful relationship with oneself. And that, in turn, is a prerequisite for a successful relationship with others. "

Self-confidence and self-confidence as the foundation of the inner life home

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Self-confidence is essential for achieving one's vision and staked Set an important factor. Trust in your own strengths, abilities, talents and skills is the concrete foundation for your own (inner) life. However, people often have difficulty becoming aware of their own strengths. Many people find it very difficult to write down their own strengths.

It is all the more important to become aware of your own strengths and to develop them further. Being aware of our own strengths, potential, talents and skills increases our self-confidence and we gain the security we need to achieve our goals. By the way, this not only helps to build your own self-confidence, but also to become more trustworthy in other people act, so that they give you their trust more quickly.

Self-confidence is the degree of our mental strength.

If we have confidence in our abilities, we also trust others to do something. When we know that we can and do something, because we have experienced it once or even several times before, we are also more trusted towards others.

The positive Awareness of success and belief in it is also transferred to our environment, so to speak. And even if we don't always for sure it may be that it actually happens, the chance is considerably greater than with doubters and procrastinators. And even if we have fallen flat on our faces, we are more willing to give up a certain amount if we have a high level of (self-)confidence Risks enter into.

Error culture: why failure is important

If we fail, we have to take defeats, and our self-confidence often suffers as well. We forget that mistakes are normal because they are human. If we look at them as signposts to success, it gives us a completely different perspective. So we need the courage to deal with our mistakes. Otherwise we will afford that self sabotage feed.

Because mistakes eat away at our self-esteem. They diminish our self-confidence. Discomfort results from the feeling of failure, Anxiety and Stress. This can create a blockage that prevents us from accessing our full potential next time. The result is another poor performance, which further reduces our self-confidence. A less beneficial downward spiral that moves the prospect of success - and a trusting relationship with ourselves and others into the far distance.

Failure also accepts when dealing with mistakes made by employees

The way in which Executives Responding to employee failure is key to theirs Motivation. The US sports psychologist Alan Goldberg advises that failed completion of Tasks to use as an opportunity to employees Feedback to give and to encourage improvements.

The analysis of whether one's own or someone else's failure is more helpful than blaming or threatening consequences. And with the results of this analysis, it goes back to the day-to-day business, perhaps under changed circumstances, but definitely not with continued allegations of failure.

Self-confidence and self-confidence make life easier

Our self-confidence carries us through crises and difficult times, it gives us serenity and courage, especially when it does not mean life with us so well. But not only in personal crises and in overcoming one or the other hurdle - in the course of our lives, this security generally helps us to believe in ourselves and our possibilities and to trust in ourselves.

Those who have self-confidence can also profess their weaknesses. It does not need comparison with others. Man does not care about what others think about him. In the consciousness and the realistic assessment of one's own performance doubts and excuses become superfluous.

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