The digital Transformation changes a lot, including our perspective Job and Curriculum vitae. Previously applied more steadily Ascent in a biography as the norm – but this one Career-Understanding will and must change. 4 tips for a new perspective.

Mosaic career_curriculum vitae

The classic CV has had its day

Today's careers are no longer as straightforward as they were twenty years ago. Career paths are becoming increasingly complex, unpredictable and individualized.

In cooperation with our customers we notice again and again that the classic CV - linear and step by step climbing the career ladder - is becoming increasingly rare.

Different job models

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Digitization, demographic change and the change in values ​​shaped by Generation Y are ensuring that job profiles are dying out, completely new ones are being created and the understanding of careers is changing massively. careers of Future will look like a mosaic that spreads out in all directions starting from a first stone.

There will be a coexistence and succession of permanent employment and project work, self-employment, deliberately chosen time-outs and temporary engagements. Five years as a leader in one Companys busy, followed by two years of project work and then a longer break for the Familybefore you return to a managerial position or become self-employed.

New career pictures like this will soon become the norm. If these are planned and promoted accordingly, I am convinced that they will contribute to diversity in the community work life as well as in organizational development and promote competitiveness in an increasingly open work and corporate reality.

Breaks in the CV are evidence of additional skills

Fractions and reorientations in the CV are, in my opinion, nothing negative and companies do well to adjust themselves in time.

Because the breaks testify to additional Competencies. Before I joined our family-owned human resources and careers consultancy, I worked for two years as a lawyer in an international law firm.

I asked myself more and more often whether being a lawyer was the right job for me. In 2003, via a detour to strategy consulting, I finally ventured into the family business and started out as a customer advisor. From today's perspective, it was exactly the right thing to do decision, because I noticed that dealing with the most diverse People and situations brings a lot of joy.

Hire for attitude, train for skills

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Anyone who over the course of his or her career has noticed that he has moved too far from his strengths and values ​​should be able to improve his career plan without affecting the labor market as a whole.

For me as an employer, the following applies: Hire for attitude, train for skills. Because what good is the best Employees, if attitude, personality and potential do not match the corporate philosophy? If, on the other hand, they match, it is much more important to recognize talent and deploy it in the right place in the company.

Strengthen your strengths

Eckart von Hirschhausen said so beautifully and fittingly:

“Strengthen your strengths instead of them weaknesses to tinker around with!”.

In einer Working world, which is characterized by career changes, changes and breaks, employees will see their careers more globally in the future. Companies will focus on strengths and talent-based personnel planning and development focus must.

Dealing with Mosaic Careers: 4 Tips for Business

But how can you prepare for change as a company? An overview of my most important tips.

Tip 1: Develop a new career culture!

Tip 2: Professionalize and build the existing instruments!

Tip 3: Create equal opportunities for career forms

Tip 4: Implement the concept of the life-phase orientation

Generation Y defines career differently

In practice, mosaic careers are still the exception today. The reason: Many employees continue to combine successful careers with advancement in leading position.

But the Boy The generation of 20 to 30-year-olds defines career differently: Career is less and less about pursuing what is given, but rather offers the freedom to start a career several times over the course of our lives and to be able to reinvent ourselves more often.

The understanding of career has to change

The understanding of career must therefore change - in companies and in individuals. The Human Resources departments and Executives do, because they will in this Change play a central role in the process and be a driver of development!

Read also the blog contribution on the topic “5 tips for future careers” from my colleague Caterine Schwierz!

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