These books are about topics such as working effectively, leading, Communication, Psychology, Advice, negotiation - all important topics for both sexes. Nevertheless, one or the other will secretly groan: Because the central theme of this topic is diversity. And that is often only tackled half-heartedly.

Diversity that is not?

Everyone is talking about diversity. It is true that today there is hardly any Executive with "Miss Meier, to the dictation!" - right through it Office . Nevertheless, for feminine behavior and male demeanor, i.e. gender issues on Workplace, still an issue for many professionals.

Lack of equality between the sexes still exists today in reward and recognition. This does not always have a concrete discrimination to the cause. Rather, it has always been used to divide people and actions into prejudices.

Stone age arguments 2018?

In the Stone Age, this thought process saved our lives many times (“These red berries are poisonous and will always be!”), Today they are more of a problem. So the blonde assistant can only be knitted, she prefers to wear pink.

And men are expected to have testosterone dominance. These prejudices stand for a successful cooperation in the Team In the way. The issue of “gender at work” needs to be approached differently.

Sheep in Wolf Fur: Men with feminine behaviors

"Nobody is consistently feminine or masculine," claims business psychologist Kishor Sridhar. Rather, there are feminine and masculine behaviors that shape a person with different weightings.

In his guide "Women talk, men do?" the management consultant shows the importance of gender in the workplace. For example, feminine types should be careful not to always assist others, but to work with them. And even if the latest iPhone and the prestigious car are not important to you, Sridhar advises you to be very conscious of status symbols and to actively use them for yourself.

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

Meetings - Arena or Exchange?

A high-quality wristwatch can also be a sign of caution. Whether man or woman, feminine types also have a harder time in meetings. They use the meeting "more as a platform for exchange, as a source of information," says Sridhar, "that's for masculine colleagues Meeting however, an arena to Presentation of your own Performance and therefore of course also for self-portrayal”.

Anyone who understands masculine behavior can take countermeasures. The same applies to Executives. If there is tension in the team or if the performance does not meet expectations, it can be due to a difficult situation - or to the manager himself.

How women lead man

For example, by evaluating studies, Sridhar has found that men can not cope with female executives who behave like a whole guy, showing strong masculine behaviors.

They prefer a "caring, motherly leadership style" down the line. The business psychologist also has the answer ready: “Who is the first and most important boss in a man’s life? Mostly your own Mother!” Good to know for women who want to make themselves heard by their male subordinates. For example, the following topics are covered:

Tips for feminine types

The guidebook offers numerous tips and recommendations for action, especially for feminine types, as they can assert themselves against masculine types in the job.

It remains a balancing act of recognizing some of the masculine idiosyncrasies and emulating them for one's own ends and not one's own Personality to deny.

What women who lead men should necessarily do

Women are supposed to take responsible positions, which is constantly being demanded everywhere. Why do not they do it? The psychologist Werner Dopfer shows the reasons for this and explains what women can do so that they can better manage their male employees.

For many years Werner Dopfer has been concerned with the question of why there are so few women in top management positions and how this can be changed. And to say it straight away: Dopfer believes that something has to change here, and that it does fast. Because women, he writes, are “the better managers”.

Dopfer raves about the "fantastic qualities of women" and cites a study in which managers from a total of 70.000 colleagues, employees, supervisors and customers were assessed (360-degreeFeedback). Result: In 15 out of 16 Competencies women performed better than men. "Women in management positions are obviously a guarantee for sustainable economic success," writes Dopfer.

Why are not more women in leadership positions?

The question is why no longer women are in leadership positions, if they are so much better than men in many matters. Dopfer mentions two reasons for this:

  1. Because the men don't want it. Men want to stay among themselves, they don't know how to deal with “strong” women and they are afraid of being undercut by the woman as the boss. “Even boys don't like to respond to girls' instructions. They ignore them or even resist the parenting efforts of female adults, while more likely to listen to boys of the same age and the father or teacher. If boys act like this, why shouldn't they do as grown men? ”
  2. Because women don't want it themselves. Because of their nature, many women are not as ambitious and competitive; According to the author, there is even a reason for this in a different “brain physiological equipment”. In addition, many women have too little confidence in their own abilities and do not even apply for the relevant positions. It also plays a role that for many women their own children and family play a greater role than for men and that they set the course accordingly. According to Dopfer, you also have to want to lead.

“More understanding for the fragile men's souls”

According to Dopfer, when women in management positions find it difficult, perhaps unhappy, or even fail, they often do so for two reasons: Firstly, because they try to imitate male behavior and thus become an “alpha mom” who is nowhere to be found meets with acceptance.

And secondly, they fail – and this is the more important reason – because they have not dealt with the psyche and the peculiarities of the male soul, or have done so too little. When women men successfully want to lead, then, according to Dopfer, “an understanding of the oddities of the male soul is essential.”

Pleading for an androgynous leadership style

Now Dopfer does not go so far that, despite all the enthusiasm for women, he has all the male leaders in our country Companys to be replaced by women. But in the last chapter he pleads for a different style of leadership, in which primarily the female Power play a bigger role.

Dopfer calls this the “androgynous leadership style” or “meta-genderStyle”. The best of both worlds comes together here, so to speak. To do this, however, men and women have to deal with the two different sexes: "Only if I know how the sexes tend to act and react is it possible to lead appropriately to the situation."

An important book on a current topic, which gives the reader many insights and impulses to examine his own attitude and to think about it further. Reading tip for women AND men.

Why the working bee does not become a queen

It belongs to the hardworking Welt” – or something like that is what they like to say. In any case, our Protestant work ethic is based on this myth. A clever analysis now clears that up.

Sum, Sum, Sum - day in, day out, the hardworking worker bee struggles to please her boss while she dreams of a great career. Meanwhile, the boss rubs himself in hands: Could it be better?

The working bees should be said: it is not enough to be hard-working and to make an effort. Women in particular often fall for this permanent "diligence lie". Brigitte Witzer has now written a passionate and clever analysis!

Of diligence and (failed) heroines

Because Witzer knows both perspectives: that of the good employee, who does a top job for years and secretly hopes to be promoted.

And that of the high-flyer, that on the career path too confident elbows one or two male colleagues in the ribs. In her book "Die Diligence Lie" she speaks aptly of diligent bees and heroines.

Where the bees fly in the circle and the heroine turns in the hamster wheel

For the author has transformed herself from bee to heroine. She has brought it up to the group CEO at Bertelsmann. She did not become happy. She threw down and took one Professoron site. That's what her Women's Career Book is about.

From the leadership culture in the executive floors of large companies, from acquired and ascribed women's roles in Business and of the lived emancipation from traditional clichés in Job and partnership.

The postheroic managerial type

Her fine analysis dispenses with black-and-white thinking, and also outed the “heroine” in the hamster wheel, the unloved one Measures (“rationalizations”) and is dependent on the followers of the bees.

Your manager picture the Future means “post-heroic”: “Taking responsibility instead of perpetrator-victim dynamics, exclusively interested in Tasksthat energize.”

Far-sighted, critical and unadorned: Brigitte Witzer's book is a very personal analysis of the old and new ways of leadership for women in medium and large companies.

How to make a career systematically

The discussions about the women's quota and social freezing are currently being conducted intensively. Time to take a look at those women who have already pierced the glass ceiling. 5 success strategies!

Despite isolated quota regulations and some prominent pioneers Economy, politics and culture: women still don't have the same career opportunities in Germany as men to earn fewer Money in identical positions.

It is the glass ceiling that prevents women from making career advances, says Christine Weiner and explains in her book "Ab durch diedecke" ideas and Methods for women who no longer want to remain in the “second row” behind men.

5 success strategies for women

With many tips, advice and background information, Weiner shows 5 success strategies, with which women make it to the top.

Weiner's book is a personal experience report, a collection of typical cases of disadvantage and successful female career paths as well as a Coaching-Course:

Typical Stolpersteine

The author first describes the typical stumbling block on the way to the top and then explains the five levers that woman has to take to recommend herself for more responsibility in the office:

Promotion Step by Step

Weiner accompanies her readers at all important career stages: from self-management and the ability to parry personal attacks to mentoring and Networking (“Look for allies!”) to salary negotiations and dealing with envious people when the hoped-for title is finally on the business card.

In each of the chapters with scenarios close to everyday life and also exercises, “the Training” to speak, the virtual consultant, who briefly and concisely summarizes the most important findings.

Christine Weiner knows many women who have long since pierced the glass ceiling and sketched the success models. A successful blend of guide elements and background information.

Make yourself unloved

Today I'm writing about a special career book for women - which even as a man interests me and read with pleasure! “Me first” is the name of a chapter in this guide that is well worth reading and it could also be the motto of the entire book. Because the author Dietlind Tornieporth shows women a way beyond the usual attributions.

Whether career or mother, single or family person or a mix of all of these, it is important that each woman above all goes her own way. But please don't give up femininity! The author recommends women to be “smart, confident and sexy” in all situations. And shows in “Because of perfect!” on 270 entertaining pages on how this can be done.

A new image of women is needed

Especially the women in Germany find it difficult to escape common stereotypes. Instead, they achieve the expectations of others with a hundred percent perfection. If business woman, then with shoulder pad, when Supermutti, then with changing cloth and health shoes.

And the woman who balances job and career makes it into a super job with perfect Organization. What falls under the table is that Fun, the passion that satisfaction and the joy of life.

Where should the fun come from?

And where is the fun supposed to come from? Dietlind Tornieporth takes a close look at all three essential areas in her book “VonwegenPERFECT”: job and career, career and children as well as children and Family.

For each area, she gives solid and tried-and-tested advice, so as not to become too self-conscious in the undergrowth of the many requirements verlieren. And she offers exercises that ensure that ingrained behavior patterns are slowly but thoroughly discarded.

Courage to diva

So she recommends working women the exercise, to “simply make yourself unpopular” in the office by consciously choosing an unpopular decision push through. That strengthens that self-confidence and at the same time shows that the Respect in the group rises.

Even more provocative are the “DivaStrategies”, the simplest of which is still: “Cultivate the unconventional”. Who at Diva now at Vamps der Brand Mae West thinks he's right. But the author understands more than that, namely a woman who takes what she can Head has set. And presents none other than Angela Merkel as a role model diva.

Get out of the drawer, into life

Dietlind Tornieporth writes with the experience treasure one who knows life. That is why she can give simple and practical advice not to make the bedroom rotten to the storeroom.

And not to turn the living room into a children's playground - because “your own four walls are one Spiegelimage of how we see ourselves ”. A good book against the stereotyped thinking. And a lively plea for a self-confident lifestyle that is “smart, confident and sexy”.

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