Teamwork means being in Company very many different forces have to work together, all of which increase Harmony and Success lead – like in an orchestra. How can this be achieved?

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Teamwork - carrying strength into the company

There is emotional power, willpower, energy and thinking power. One of these forces is always specially assigned to the 8 different instruments that we have available in total, or the instruments naturally bring with them certain “powers” ​​and abilities.

Let's start with the power of feeling. This power is primarily represented by the horn. In order to properly carry and channel this power of feelings into the company, Horn needs a partner at its side. This partner is called the violin. In the Combination of the two, the emotional power of the horn can really come into play and be used.

Feeling in the team: how are horns made?

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Horns in Team They like to act from the second row, they do it with precision and great accuracy. Errors in presentations or offers are immediately recognized and corrected by Horn employees. You love details. If there are important things to plan, leave that to the horns, they will do the job perfectly, and everything will go like clockwork.

This sounds a bit like horns are very dutiful straber and boring. This is not true at all. Because the horns have a lot of depth. And they have an incredibly good stomach feel. That is why the strength that they bring with them is also the feeling power. Horns always see plans B and C for their projects. Sometimes also D.

Horns need a translator

If they feel they need Plan D, superiors and team members do well not to hold them back. You simply intuitively feel in advance where things could get hot, "smell" potential difficulties.

Some of the very realistic team members will smile and dismiss this. "Oh, that horn with his feeling again... ". So that these message of the gut feeling can be carried into the team in a communicative and understandable way, horns sometimes need a "translator".

Your translator is called a violin

Violins are the typical social, extroverted team players. Harmony is almost everything for them, they are extreme team player. Violins can do this in an almost ingenious way Communication promote in the team and are therefore particularly well suited to take on the role of the "translator" for the horn in matters of emotional power within the team.

The violins make it, the rigorous ones Planning of the horn combined with his gut feeling communicatively to the team sell, so that everyone understands the message and is also ready to act accordingly. Without this social Expertise of violins could have horns easy be dismissed as “nuts” and their often important intuition would be wasted.

What else can violins do?

You can listen, are very flexible and, above all, very good with others People evade. They don't like to "put themselves in the foreground". As a boss, you will always put team success first, never claim glory.

For violins, their team has only really succeeded, even if the last team member has almost crossed the finish line, so much to them is the common ground, the joint achievement of goals important. In sandwich positions, they are particularly well-stocked, as they can communicate with each other and communicate accordingly with sensitivity.

Horn and violin in interplay

So the precise horn and the helpful, social violin complement each other and together bring the important factor of emotional power into your company. However, since emotional power alone is not enough, and the will to succeed must also be very strong, the interaction of the two forces is necessary. And you have to to practice.

In this context, there is nothing that does not exist: yoga and meditation for Executives is old hat for a long time, and you already know the manager in the monastery cell. But this is new: juggling. Because juggling should help to reach a higher level of performance. Supposedly, juggling leads from Reset to action by conveying messages and followed by action.

Juggling for teamwork

500 square meters of conference room, 320 managers, no chairs – but 980 juggling balls. The motto: "How do I playfully reach a higher level of my performance?" The answer: By juggling. Because juggling with balls has a lot in common with management and everyday office life. Economy and juggling deals with success, trust, flexibility, Objective, Perception and change processes.

Therefore, the principle of juggling can supposedly be transferred to companies. Juggling exercises in seminars make the Head free for effective Things to Learn and create an atmosphere of receptivity, Fun and enthusiasm. Juggling is meditation, body training and brain jogging all in one.

The idea behind it

Juggling supports the effectiveness of change measures, allegedly sharpens the holistic perception of processes and provides impetus for consistent Implementation by Measures. The basic concepts of three-ball juggling should be conveyed in just 40-60 minutes and at the same time the experience should be playfully placed in the relevant company context.

I find the approach very interesting because for me juggling has been more of a skill exercise than a mental thing and I wouldn't necessarily make the mental connection. Also find 40-60 minutes a bit tight to the Technology to learn and mentally transfer to the job. But maybe it's worth a try?

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