It was December 2013 when I first encountered the mindset shift in the Working world was addressed. I was still in the orientation phase after the TV Total Quizboxen and was open to topic suggestions.

mixed leadership

Young, Wild and Insatiable?

Inexperienced as I was, I immediately threw myself into the work and familiarized myself with the topic. In the weeks and months that followed, I read a lot of books about this and interviewed many people of the same age and HR managers. I had a plan to write a book based on what I learned. But it turned out differently than expected.

The topic then took a back seat to my interest, because at the same time I had started to deal more intensively with the topic of boxing for personal and performance development. And ultimately the fascination for this was so great that I wanted to expand it further.

What is the new way of thinking?

The books on the subject (advertising)

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This development made me realize that I would act differently in an orientation phase today. First a break from Everyday life over four months and then take a trip around the world to tell me about it clear to become what I really want to do.

However, since I have been asked about the thinking of the younger generation again and again lately, I would like to use this post to share my knowledge with you. What exactly is going on here?

A provocative attitude

The attitudes of this younger generation are provocative and ignite when they clash with the "old" mindset. The older people usually do not trust the younger ones that they can tackle things and work properly. On the contrary, they are often accused of being lazy and self-centered.

If that were really the case, then it really has to be us Anxiety and fear, because there is already a lot in the news about this “new generational conflict”. Internet to read. However, I am Opinionsthat there have always been differences between generations; and that will turn into Future do not change. So the generational conflict is by no means a special issue for young people! What is the difference to previous generations?

Career yes, but not at any cost

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With regard to the common opinion of older generations that Generation Y is lazy, I would like to take a clear position and say: That is absolute bullshit! There are very well Boy Peoplewho want to make a career - and there were enough slackers in previous generations. The difference is clearly in the Definition of career and Success.

“Career” means something completely different today. It's less about today Status-symbols, but much more about self-realization of one's own Set, dreams and visions. Another key difference is that young people own Health more into focus than ever.

What is success?

In the minds of the “elderly”, but also partly in those of the younger generation, the belief still prevails: “Praise be what makes you hard!” or "I'm not allowed to take a break!" This leads to professional and private goals being hit hard and on Costs of one's own health can be achieved. This often leads to a health knockout in the form of depression or burnout.

It is an indisputable fact that success cannot be defined in general terms. Everyone understands something different by it. In our medial Welt it is literally flooded with a wide range of offers and possibilities - there is far too much of everything. Keeping an overview and filtering out which information is personally important and which is not is one of the greatest challenges of modernity that should not be underestimated.

Brainwashing through TV formats

Added to this is the fact that television formats such as “Germany's Next Top Model” or “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” suggest rapid success to young people. The fact that most Candidates who worked hard for their success for years before their participation in the show is mentioned only in passing or not at all.

Fact is also that it does not matter how you want to define success, the ingredients are always the same: tears, blood and sweat! That was so, it is so and it will always remain so. No one is so successful in the lap!

However, everyone has to answer the question, what price he is willing to pay, whether he wants to sacrifice himself for success and risk his own health.

Performance must be worthwhile again

Only in the Study I noticed that it can be quite fulfilling to get fully involved in something and really get down to it. Those were four exhausting, but at the same time wonderful years.

During this time I experienced for the first time my own body, which contains much more in me than I thought. This realization was accompanied by a nice side effect. I developed a completely new way of working, which is characterized by speed, precision and result orientation. During this time, I worked intensively on working techniques and learned the speed reading.

Why being self-employed is better

Then came the entry into the working world and I am highly motivated with the same zeal Tasks approached. But the shot backfired. It didn't matter if I fast was or not; it showed neither regarding my working hours nor mine salary any Effect. That didn't meet my requirements!

What I could really do was not needed at all! I was totally unhappy! But I didn't want to just accept it - and above all, I didn't want to accept what was given System adjust and subordinate. That was one of the reasons I finally went into business for myself.

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