Two garbage cans as inspirational hangers for this text? Strange, right? Because the view of a dump is not nice. But we should realize what garbage means in our lives - also in the figurative sense.


What is garbage?

We should first make clear what trash is actually. Under waste or garbage (Swiss also rubbish, Austrian also crap) means no longer needed remains. And no doubt: living in trash and garbage is no fun. We enjoy the beautiful, untouched nature, in good air.

Exciting is this consideration: Especially the civilized man produces waste. The more, the more MANY. In nature, on the other hand, there are no mountains of garbage. Consumed becomes new useful, new building material.

It's about personal waste

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In this chapter we only use the stinking garbage “out there” as a metaphor. It's about "our" garbage. We accumulate a lot over the years.

Not just material in cupboards, basement and attic. We collect garbage in many areas of our lives. Garbage, the cost of living, burdening us and making our lives unnecessarily complicated. Just think of:

It's about YOU

Ultimately it is about YOU. To do all the things you still do, even though you do not (really) satisfy these things.

It's about thoughts that you haven't had to think for a long time. Around emotionsthat have their roots in the past.

Identify your personal garbage

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Maybe you do not care about it - then you can continue browsing. Perhaps, however, you have now become curious to find your garbage.

Because he likes to hide in dark corners. He grows into you and is already a part of Personality become.

Important! Only you know what is rubbish for you. Only they decidewhat you need and what not.


A handbag has changed the owner for 152.000 Euro. These two surprise egg characters Smurfs were worth a collector over 7000 Euro. The Matchboxauto even brought 420 Euro without wheels.

What is the value of a model car, wine, surprise egg smurfs, shoes, handbag and envelope? What would these things be worth to you if you didn't? merchandise could, but only use?

The more emotional, the more we stick to it

Would you perhaps dispose or give away some of these things? What is the difference between garbage and collector's item? And what do you think an old letter can be worth? For you, for others?

Over the years, our Brain Situations processed, analyzed and saved. The more emotional these experiences are, the more permanent they are burned in like on a DVD. This is confirmed by neuroscientists and psychologists.

Experiences as part of our ego

Thus, painful experiences such as failure, loss and Anxiety, but also moments of happiness like Success, Love, satisfaction and joie de vivre a part of who we are. But this “DVD” does a lot more: It talks to us!

Constantly we are confronted with old experiences through inner dialogue - seductive, hurtful, admonishing, encouraging: "Don't be so rude!" "What are you doing here?" "What do you do to while away your time?" “Think of yours Age.” "Be reasonable!" "Give your best!"

The power of the inner voice

And it's not uncommon for us to even say out loud what's inside us voice zuaunt - unreflective and not really appropriate for every situation.

This voice can definitely give us valuable impulses, for example to fast to make good decisions. But it can also prevent us from simply “being”: free for new experiences. Free to cross borders. Free to live our own life.

The dramaturgy of life

Allow your voice to be the definitive director of your actions, largely shaping the dramaturgy of your life?

Or do you realize that some of what is stored on your DVD and is "for the best" (only for your own good, of course) is just rubbish for you in the current situation? garbage that klare thoughts clouded; garbage that complicates your life; garbage that change and satisfaction difficult.

Dispose of the internal garbage

Pay attention to this soon: Whenever something touches you - no matter whether it is great annoyance or great joy - your personal “DVD” becomes particularly active.

Then you know it's time for mental hygiene; Time for the garbage in our thoughts, worries, ideas, moods, emotions, expectations, fears, urges, lies and other things to recognize and, if necessary, to dispose of them. Because too much garbage in the Head burden and makes you ill in the long run.

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