Coffee house working in Germany can be very unproductive - and you have to be Anxiety have to be thrown out. In the USA, on the other hand, coffee-house working is quite normal and useful. The work becomes a shared event.


What does your ideal workplace look like?

What is your ideal Workplace? For some it is a spacious one Office with natural light in which you can work undisturbed. For others, it's a lively cafe where the staff knows their name. Some need to work in complete silence, while others do their best work amid the hustle and bustle of a busy office. And then there are those who want to work from anywhere and at any time.

The perfect office is also equipped with the right equipment, e.g. B. with ergonomic chairs and desks, adjustable lighting and plenty of snacks for everyone. And it is precisely these conditions that are met in coffee house working, as long as ergonomic work is possible here.

Coffee-Houseworking in the Silicon Hills

Recently I was in Austin, Texas. Not only is this the fastest growing city in the US, it's also home to many IT-Company, of which Dell is the best known, hence the nickname Silicon Hills. There is even a Dell Computer Science Hall here.

So it's no wonder that the IT scene has a completely different status here than in the self-proclaimed German IT capital. Because in Austin I noticed that in every cafe there are people with a computer Brand fruit and work.


Working where other make vacation?

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And I mean, really in EVERY Cafe, even in such remote places as Lake Austin, where otherwise only weekend-flyers meet (see picture).

The motif of the coffee house worker has already entered the Art found: Lavanna Martin paints (not only) coffee house workers and then exhibits the pictures on your site.

What's different in Austin?

Personally, I have little to gain from working in cafes and am, as in the one linked above Article describe, have also been blown up because I forgot to order something in time.

In addition, it is difficult for us to find a suitable place for coffee-house-working at all: not all cafes have Wi-Fi, in those who have it then it is difficult to find a free place. And also sockets are lackware.


Other mentality, other customs

It's a bit better in establishments designed to work like this. But to find a free seat here, you have to be lucky, sometimes the music is loud on purpose – the customers should eventually be persuaded to rent a coworking desk.

The mentality in Austin is completely different: First of all, there is free Wi-Fi in every cafe, even in rather unusual places - even outside the city at Lake Austin. Workplace with event character, so to speak.

Why coffeehouse working is more popular in the US

And it obviously does not bother anyone, if people simply work for hours without ordering anything. At Yelp, there are even long lists, which are the best places in cafes.

No wonder coffee-house working is so popular there. Of this one could cut ourselves with us a disk. There I would even think again.


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