Sustainability booming and the customers We value quality more than quantity. But the offer is overwhelming. What helps? A shopping assistant.


Online shop of the future: Fast and cheap, but the service remains on the line?

Our shopping behavior in particular is affected by this Internet significantly changed: we want it fast and cheap. What often falls by the wayside is personal advice – and an overview. The main savings are made on customer service, which is increasingly being outsourced to the customer: For example, while we used to go to the travel agency to buy our flight tickets, today we click through for hours Online-Forms. That saves Money, but unfortunately takes an incredible amount of time.

The People generally do not simply want to consume more in terms of quantity, but want to consume more finely in terms of quality. Thus a new market of connoisseur consumption of Quality of life. Because most people are increasingly overloaded with work, but also with organizational tasks, they want to burden themselves less and less with unnecessary things.

Relief consumption with a view to the essentials

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In a certain way, the overload leads to a relief consumption in which only the essentials are consciously sought and consumed. Customers want uncomplicated, transparent service packages with a clear price - also because they have less and less time and Lust have to compare quality features and prices.

Recently, people do not just want to consume more in terms of quantity, but more qualitatively. Customers also want uncomplicated, transparent service packages with a clear price - also because they have less and less time and desire to compare quality features and prices.

This one stands for one thing light understandable customer desire, however, in contradiction to the increasingly complicated and confusing range of products and services on the market. This is where many customers no longer understand at all: Why is a similar product from supplier X twice as expensive as from Y? Where are the quality differences? And above all: Is the higher price worth it?

With expertise through the supply jungle

For simple consumers with no previous knowledge, this offer is often not to be overlooked. There must be specialists! Time for the shopping assistant from flesh and blood. This is precisely where the normal consumer loses sight of the overview or just has no time to look for the absolute best offer in the thicket of the possibilities.

In any case, he should save his customers more money through specialist knowledge, experience and contacts than he costs himself, or significantly reduce the time required for the customer, otherwise the Customer see no benefit in this service. Around Objective To achieve this, the shopping assistant must first find out what exactly the customer wants; Then he has to do extensive research into where exactly this product is available and at what price.

What a shopping assistant really does: Personal contact instead of click desert

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But that's not all, because that's actually just the preparatory work: The actual work only begins now: Because even if it's the same Article there can often be significant deviations depending on the provider. Example computer: A laptop with an otherwise almost identical model is a lot cheaper with one provider than with another. At first glance, both models are absolutely identical. Only on closer inspection does it become apparent that the more expensive provider uses a larger hard drive and a higher-quality graphics chip. So there is a reason for the higher price. this is more Performance, than any price search engine on the Internet can afford; because these usually only compare price and product names; the customer then often has to find out the details himself through laborious research.

A good shopping assistant, on the other hand, is able to find out all this information. He neatly lists the various product features in an easy-to-understand overview that he gives to the customer decision submits. Of course, the assistant also makes a purchase recommendation, but the decision for or against a product ultimately lies with the customer. However, the shopping assistant must be careful to act absolutely independently. This means, for example, that he is not allowed to receive any commission from suppliers whose products he recommends or could recommend, otherwise his reputation is seriously at risk. And that is ultimately bad for the company Shop.

Personal shopper on a bargain hunt

Finally, the performance of the shopping assistant can go so far as to provide the goods the customer has chosen for; For example, if they are rare items that you need to travel longer distances to purchase. Or a shopping assistant handles the entire shipment, if the customer does not have time to take care of it.

The task of the shopping assistants is somewhat different if the customer gives them the task of hunting for bargains: This is about comparing the most diverse offers in different shops and, if necessary, striking them straight away. In any case, a good shopping assistant should save his customers more money through specialist knowledge, experience and contacts than he himself costs or significantly reduce the time spent on the customer - otherwise the customer will not see any benefit in this service.

Requirements, formalities, education and training

So far there has been no training or further education and the Job is also not protected by law – in principle, anyone can call themselves that. In practice, specialist knowledge, organizational skills, good contacts and the ability to correctly assess prices are required to be successful as a shopping assistant.

As a shopping assistant you are working freelance. This means you only need a tax number at the tax office. A business registration is not required.

New opportunities for startup founders

Although the job title is not protected, the competition is increasing, but the profession is still relatively new and unknown. The assistant has to highlight the benefits of his service to convince customers that his service is a real added value.

There are now three resourceful start-ups in this area, which also show: Online shopping the Future has a lot with personal Contact to do and little with anonymous clicking around. A personal assistant can help, who does exactly this search work for you - and it doesn't even have to be expensive if you do it right. This is proven by the Berlin start-up Outfittery, which was founded in April and addresses men who are tired (or lazy?) of shopping.

Mix of technology and personal advice: the idea is not new ...

The great thing about that Concept is the interlocking of personal advice and modern Technology. The ladies at Outfittery don't go through every boutique personally with the gentlemen, but use the Internet to collect their customers' data and explore their preferences.

Then they call the customer to clarify what exactly they are looking for - and only then will the order be placed. Customers don't pay more than the retail price that the Companys financed by the difference between the retail and wholesale price. Here is the Idea not new from Outfittery: Modomoto and Modemeister have already successfully demonstrated the idea and have in turn adopted the idea from the USA.

Not always the first mover is the most successful

Of all three startups, however, Outfittery is obviously the one that does PR, onlineMarketing and social media best mastered. The start-up was also reported on in the major business newspapers such as the FAZ, Wirtschaftswoche or Manager-Magazin. With a trendy design, slightly lower prices than the competition and, above all, a very successful, humorous blog and facebook-Strategy, Outfittery has so far managed over 3000 FacebookConvince fans.

In doing so, the company advances to be adept at marketing Team in the foreground, also puts funny photos online and thus creates a personal bond between customer and company. That creates trust. In general, it always depends a lot on the people, and especially in a small company, that stands and falls Success yes, usually with the personality and know-how of founders and employees.

The customer wants to know who is behind it

The Outfittery founders Julia Bösch and Anna Alex, for example, come from the online shopping and fashion industry, have previously worked at Zalando, among others - and emerge on their website only after their style consultants, because those are the ones with whom the customer has first contact.

Modemeister, on the other hand, pursues a more classic strategy, focusing very strongly on the founders, who have a more theoretical-scientific approach to the subject of fashion: Kareen Günther, for example, advertises with her Background in statistics and data mining, and Tanja Bogumil is also more likely to have an academic background. In terms of personnel, the company remains elusive. About the people behind Modomoto only find out who is behind it in the blog.

Who has the nose in the end

It remains to be seen in the end which of the three start ups is going to be successful or whether the market is even large enough for all three. However, I believe that the outfittery website is a new type of online shopping:

Get out of the anonymous click desert into personal contact with the service provider. And that Outfittery has best understood the possibilities that the Internet offers. I am really curious how things will continue! Until then, I'm waiting for someone to have such an idea for practical, yet good-looking women's fashion ;-)

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