Apparently many think so People for executives first to men. This can be determined by simple psychological tests.

Women's quota for role models: Can science change prejudice against women?

What are Gender Trainings?

We wanted to find out if you could get through the Vorlage of images more feminine and, by comparison, more masculine Executives, a so-called incongruent stimulation can counteract this discriminatory implicit association pattern.

In general, it can be assumed that maintaining a stereotype is easier than changing it. Modifying a stereotype, following classic approaches, is therefore always associated with effort, intensive self-reflection and the intention to change one's own attitude. So-called gender trainings try to use two different approaches to achieve equality in Company to promote.

Concrete skills & awareness training

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On the one hand, specific abilities are imparted in skill-building training courses that are later to enable managers Employees assessed independently of their gender.

On the other hand, in so-called awareness training, the economic Significance of equal opportunities and the participants reflect on their own stereotypes Women and how these can affect your judgments.

Subliminal discrimination and subtle methods

Subtle working approaches use the theory of cognitive dissonance. Following this approach, it is argued that implicit stereotypes can also be modified without the need for significant deliberate reflections.

For example, implicit stereotypes can be modified by additional inconsistent information or by dealing with stereotype-consistent mental images.

How does this work?

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As an example, Dasgupta and Greenwald's research shows that the preference for Caucasians (people of European ancestry who are usually fair-skinned) over African Americans by the sole Presentation can be lowered by images of popular prominent African Americans.

Also, Dasgupta and Asgari 2004 have shown that women faced with CVs and female executives can associate female gender with leadership skills more quickly than women in a control group who have studied flowers and their characteristics.

Help pictures, prejudice?

Building on these results, in the present study we investigate the question of whether the mere depiction of well-known female executives (without associated texts about their experience in Guide as in Dasgupta and Asgari) in the sense of inconsistent stimulation is sufficient to influence the perception not only of women but also of men with regard to the association of not only women (as in Dasgupta and Asgari), but also of men and leadership .

As a benchmark, we are interested in the pattern of association shown by people presenting images of well-known male executives (rather than presenting flowers as in Dasgupta and Asgari), as we believe that this condition corresponds to that of the majority of male leaders in organizations and thus also in the media, predominant reception behavior.

The methodology

Derived from previous studies that have shown that implicit stereotypes can be changed by stereotype-inconsistent information, we suspect that a
Group in which images of male managers are presented shows a reaction time pattern in which the concepts of man and leadership can classically be associated with one another more quickly than the concepts of women and leadership.

In contrast, in a group where well-known female executives are presented, we assume that the association pattern converges and therefore differs significantly from the other group.

The hypothesis

Although the portrayal of female leaders should facilitate the association of women and leadership, but the association between man and leadership compared to this classifies the classically anocialized viewpoint, it should be noted that we only proceed from an approximation and not a reversal of the association pattern. Specifically, we therefore assume the following hypothesis:

Individuals presenting images of male executives associate the concepts of man and leadership with one another more misleading than those who present images of well-known female executives;

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