Actually made mistakes pose for that Teamin which the mistake happened is a burden. To avoid this, certain conditions should be met.

team mistakes

gain trust

To a lasting error culture change in the Companys Achieving both top-down and bottom-up actions is required.

A careless relapse into old patterns of blaming and punishing what is not intentional or culpable Behavior solves a serious crisis of confidence in the new among the employees System .

The behavior of the company is characterized by an anchoring of error culture. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points.

What should you pay attention to?

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Debt issues produce fear

A stressful situation arises above all when error processing with Anxiety, shame or questions of guilt of the individual.

Some team members find it difficult to accept that People do not always act perfectly in professional situations, others blame themselves for a long time.

Durable stress in the team

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In fact, as well as near-misses can lead to a permanent strain on a team, if they are not consciously and employee-oriented.

In the following we have some tips for dealing with mistakes in the team from our specific
Coaching practice summarized.

Chechkliste mistake in the team

If an error occurs, the following basic rules apply to all team members:

When the nerves are blank

When it comes to mistakes and failures, the affectedness is often large and the nerves are bright. In such a situation it is difficult to find the right words.

However, a few reckless sentences of the supervisor from a first emotion destroy possible possible burgeoning approaches of a new handling with errors.

Communication is so important

The quality of the Communication in a company is crucial for the Success a positive error culture. We have often witnessed how ambitious projects of a conscious error culture fail in companies because the culture of discussion was not developed.

The best instruments and Strategies are of little use if this area is left out of consideration. How to die Set and conveying the content of a positive error culture - whether externally or internally - is more crucial Significance.

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