Digital change and automation are constantly advancing. For change to succeed without great difficulty Corporate pay attention. 4 X 7 tips in a quick overview.

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Approaches and concepts for digital change

The Term "Digitization" or "digital change" is a much-discussed topic. Especially in industry, where increasing People be replaced by machines, this basic raises change of the Working world sociopolitical Ask .

Sociologists and economists therefore devote themselves to approaches and concepts that could promote social justice and social cohesion. About theories like that unconditional basic income is already agreed and the Six-hour day is no longer just a utopia, but in countries like Denmark is already a reality.

What does it mean to digitize a company?

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If from digitization in a company the Rede this means optimizing work steps and existing processes in a targeted manner through the increased use of digital devices. With digitization, many companies hope to operate faster and more efficiently.

In industry, for example, productivity can be increased through intelligent production processes. Existing working methods are either replaced by digital Methods supplemented or even replaced. Many areas that were previously performed by humans can now be taken over by machines or software programs. Below:

  1. Accounting
  2. payroll
  3. Sales
  4. warehousing
  5. customer management
  6. warehouse logistics
  7. production processes

This is exactly what digitization looks like

Specifically, using the example of the accounting software Lexoffice, it is easy to illustrate how automation gradually replaces entire departments. The software does not only enable the automated creation of invoices, the tracking of cash receipts, the retention of receipts and at the end a quasi-finished tax return:

No, you can also use the accounting software with a Online-Link shop like woocommerce. Thanks to the WordPress plugin German Market, the invoicing, which is quite cumbersome for an online shop, is no longer necessary. With the German Market extension, which also makes the online shop legally secure, PDF invoices as well as return slips and cancellations can be created. With one click, these invoices can then be imported into Lexoffice and posted immediately. It couldn't be easier - and you have time for other things.

Automation involves job loss

Despite all the advantages, this conversion must also be viewed critically. In view of the fact that employees are being replaced by hardware and software programs that are cheaper, faster and less error-prone, entrepreneurs should always ask themselves how they are doing their jobs Employees be able to (re) train in good time.

Since it is also the policy of the heart to get jobs, creates the federal government economic policy framework and is committed to a targeted promotion of companies in order to make the digital transformation as socially responsible as possible.

Businesses need to use digital skills properly

In addition to computers and programs that are intended to relieve people of work or make it easier, it is essential for small and medium-sized companies to train their employees in the field of digital Competencies to train. The correct handling of digital process extensions makes a decisive contribution to the benefit for the company.

Even with the best software, the desired results will not be achieved if used incorrectly. Only those who invest here will be able to remain competitive in the long term. To sign up for the Future To position yourself, new technical and digital methods have to be established, but also applied correctly.

Advantages and disadvantages of digitization for companies

Digitization and automation brings a number of benefits to companies, but there are a number of disadvantages to consider. An overview:

7 Benefits of Digital Transformation for Enterprises:

  1. With a cloud solution, access to information and data is possible from anywhere
  2. Decreasing process costs through automation of business processes
  3. Faster and easier communication with colleagues, business partners and customers
  4. Better overview of data through digital management
  5. Compliance with all legal and operational requirements thanks to regular software updates
  6. Space-saving and thus cost-saving: costs for archive rooms, file folders and paper are eliminated
  7. Environmentally friendly due to lower paper requirements

7 Disadvantages of Digital Transformation for Business:

  1. High conversion costs, especially for long-term employees
  2. Holistic digitization is not possible because certain documents are only valid in paper form
  3. Information on paper is more visually appealing and easier to enter into visual memory than on the screen
  4. Digital solutions must always be updated and adapted to new developments
  5. While cloud solutions are practical, there are security risks from cyberattacks
  6. Dependence on electricity and fast Internet
  7. Risk of a system or network breakdown exists

7 steps: How does a company approach digitization?

What is the best way for a company to go about digitization? The following points and questions should therefore be clarified before a changeover takes place:

  1. Better to advance digitalization step by step rather than all at once
  2. Not all areas of a business can be digitized immediately, so you should work your way up department by department.
  3. First, a comprehensive analysis of existing business lines and processes should be carried out.
  4. Which processes should be digitized and what are the benefits?
  5. What are the requirements of this innovation for the company and employees?
  6. Which employees are affected by these measures?
  7. What are the costs of the conversion?

Conclusion: The most important thing about digitization summarized

In the long term, companies cannot avoid digitization if they want to remain competitive. Since the company's success largely depends on the employees, it is important to inform them about planned changes in good time. If possible, companies should Measures initiate the the Workplace received by the workforce.

In addition, digital businesses must continually adapt to technical advances so as not to be left behind in competition. In order to keep up to date with the latest developments, regular training of company personnel is necessary.

In addition, specialists for IT-Security systems are set up to protect the highly confidential company data from cybercrime. You can find more information on the opportunities and risks of digitization here .

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