An important resilience-Facture is to think correctly. Then suddenly unexpected surprises happen.

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If the cellar door doesn't open ...

Perhaps it is you, symbolically or real meant, ever happened that you have tried to push a door always and it has not worked. They have become annoyed about it, and have begun to blame the stupid door, and also cursed the fact that it is stuck. By chance, you pulled at the door and then still forgave her, as she suddenly stood open.

I myself actually did this with the cellar door of my Munich apartment. I have always pressed the wooden door in the cellar for two years, and forced my cartons and other objects into the cellar through the fairly wide gap that resulted.

... And suddenly the door is open

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Somehow this always worked. At the same time, I have cursed the person who has come up with such a weak-minded construction.

You can imagine that I was amazed when I went into the basement with a friend one day, he wanted to deposit something in it, and he intuitively pulled on the door and it was suddenly wide open. What thoughts me in the situation to myself through the Head I'm sure you can imagine how wide open my mouth was.

Causal analysis simply misinterpreted

What happened? I did no or bad causal analysis at all, i.e. did not analyze the reason for the fact that the door did not open very far, or did so incorrectly. The causal analysis is therefore primarily about the question of “why”.

Let's say you've been in an emotionally negative state for a long period of time. For example, you have had a bad, anxious feeling for a few weeks because an important presentation to the board of directors is coming up. Or you've been angry for a long time because you don't really like them recognition get from your new boss.

Emotions positively control

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Your former Executive had you altogether clear more praised. Let's assume you've read my resilience book and learned that controlling emotions a central Significance comes and want to do something to improve themselves feel.

What do you have to do now? Correct: You have to identify the reason for your negative emotional state in order to find the right ones Measures to take to make you feel better.

Take time to analyze things thoroughly

Highly resilient People differ from less resilient people in this area in two ways: first, they take the time to thoroughly analyze a situation and, second, they are very good at identifying the right reasons for their negative emotional state.

What makes this clear is that you take the right action to feel better, and, see the cellar example above, they do not always make the same mistake.

Avoidance strategies do not lead to the goal

The person who feels anxious about the board presentation and who knows about it for years can, of course, precisely attest to this situation.

Maybe that's why she's considering... Future no more presentations. But she could also make it clear to herself that, despite numerous professional successes and many successful presentations, she keeps questioning herself too much and has too little self-confidence.

Who is to blame for dissatisfaction

This leads to very different solutions to feel better before and during presentations. Likewise he could Employees, who does not get enough praise, realize that they are overly dependent on other people's praise and, like the first person, have too little faith in their abilities.

But he can do that too decision meet, the department or that Companys switch. After all, it is his superior's "fault" that he is frustrated and annoyed.

Solutions for more career success

Which solutions do you think will become more professional Success and lead to more lasting well-being? Our American partner Dean M. Becker expresses this fact with a wonderful sentence:

"Resilience is our ability to bounce back, the ability to recover from setbacks. That's right! But there is more: resilience is the intelligent deployment of limited resources. ”

The intelligent use of limited resources

Resilience is therefore the intelligent use of limited (one's own) resources, which is expressed by the fact that we understand the reasons for emotional negative Identify states correctly in order to make the right decisions on this basis.

We don't make the same mistake over and over again, we don't waste our resources on things that we can't change anyway, and we don't give too soon, just before Objective, on.

Intelligence = causal analysis

A resilience factor, which you will find again and again in the scientific literature and which is also expressly meant by causal analysis, is therefore also Intelligence.

But relax: you don't have to be Albert Einstein to do an apt causal analysis. That's why we don't use the Term intelligence, but prefer the term “accurate thinking”.

A thinking that helps us to correctly identify the reasons for setbacks and the associated emotional negative states, and then to let the right actions follow.

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