Team-Decisions are trendy, lonely Executive-Decisions are out in the current management teaching. And yet joint decisions are often difficult and take more time. 10 tips to help you succeed.

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The hardship of team decision

Considering my column on Wirtschaftswoche that will appear tomorrow Online I have dealt with team decisions in more detail. All too often, they don't have a good reputation and are considered - not without reason - to be tedious: First, opinions and arguments have to be exchanged, then a compromise has to be found together. Lengthy discussions can be the result - and they cost one thing above all: time.

That's why many companies don't even try to make joint decisions. According to the motto "Many cooks spoil the broth", usually one person, usually the chef, meets them decision and presents the others with a fait accompli. Although this avoids the tiresome struggle for the best compromise, it often does not lead to the optimal result.

That's what science says

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Because Canadian researchers have found that such decisions are less sustainable. Because a team makes a bigger one Background and more experience in the decision-making process than the individual. The Problem can be viewed from different perspectives.

There are many alternative solutions. In addition, everyone identifies themselves afterwards with those found Solutions and try harder for them Implementation, if they have taken responsibility for the decision. And: The responsibility for a decision rests on everyone's shoulders and not on the individual.

How team decisions should not expire

But team decisions can also be frustrating – namely when they go wrong. Eg one Meeting that to decision making is convened, but in reality it often has a completely different purpose: self-portrayal

The boss often expresses that confident seine Opinions, while the “subordinates” hesitate with their counter-arguments. Result: The boss's opinion has an impact on many team decisions clear more weight. The meeting becomes a pure show event.

Holocracy in the team decision

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Much more exciting is the decision-making process based on holocratic managementMethods, which do not promise any universally perfect solutions: the search is not for the perfect decision with which all satisfied are, but the most suitable alternative course of action at this point in time.

Objective is being able to continue working with a new idea. Any decision can always be replaced by a better one. This enables quick reactions, takes the pressure off and reduces the Anxiety from mistakes. And because all Employees any time ideas can contribute feel she shares responsibility.

Reasonably argue

It is clear that team decisions do not have to be as difficult as many believe. And one can quite contradict the boss and represent their own opinion.

It is true that employees often think that the boss may get angry if he is rejected; but the opposite is usually the case: Employees who express their opinions with sound arguments win the respect of the boss and can influence the decision.

Save time

And time does not have to cost the decision-making unnecessarily - it can be done with simple means: who clearly defines the problem, provides all the members in the team with the necessary information and limits the discussion time from the beginning, shortens the often-feared tough tug-of-war for a compromise considerably.

If several people make a decision together in the team, that can be extremely fruitful. So that this is not a tough tug-of-war, you should pay attention to some points.

10 Tips: What you should consider in team decisions

  1. No new items! Even if it would be faster: None. Look for solutions with all colleagues who are concerned about the team's problems. Otherwise, the decision may not be accepted.
  2. Define the problem exactly: Limit the problem very precisely: What is it all about, what is to come out of the decision? If everyone knows what they are talking about, they are more concerned about the topic.
  3. Take care of the information flow: Make sure that everyone gets all the information needed to make the decision, because only then does an exchange of arguments really go on.
  4. Represent also uncomfortable opinions: Do not be afraid to make arguments that contradict the opinion of the boss or the majority as this may lead to better decisions. But: get well and argue well.
  5. Apply creativity techniques: If you are looking for ideas for solving the problem: Revert to creativity techniques like brainwriting: Here you can brainstorm together and find alternatives.
  6. First collect, then criticize: There are two phases in the process of finding ideas: Only the ideas are collected, but not yet commented and evaluated. Only in phase two the ideas are discussed and everyone can give his mustard.
  7. Limit the discussion time: Limit the discussion time from the outset - at some point must be an end to the exchange of information, comments and arguments. And then the decision is on!
  8. Finding compromises: Whom the fronts threaten to harden in the discussion. Look for compromises together. But: all sides must make compromises.
  9. Everyone must support the decision! Make it clear that the solution is important for everyone. Therefore everyone should contribute the decision, because only in this way is the implementation ensured.
  10. Develop goals: Developed for the implementation of the decision action plans and deadlines, so that you can check the status of the implementation on a regular basis.

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