Career opportunities through Further education, lifetime Things to Learn, necessary qualification due to digitization: These are all buzzwords that we are currently encountering everywhere on the relevant portals. But how are the modern possibilities with eLearning and Co. structured and how do they work in practice?

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How does eLearning work in practice?

There are plenty of reasons to continue your education these days. The Working world is going through a lot of change and if you want to stay up to date, you have to learn at various points in your personal career.

In the meantime, the decentralized model of distance learning has become more flexible and diverse thanks to the digital possibilities. There are suitable offers for almost every subject area: many of them can also be completed with a certificate.

Various training scenarios

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Basically, there are two different situations in which to undertake a training course: in their own interest or in operational necessity.

Continuing education for your own sake

Those who want to qualify better in their own interest, usually wants to fill completely individual knowledge and skills gaps, to advance his career, facilitate a return or even dare a complete new start.

This can become a challenge alongside work, both in terms of time and money, if the Costs have to be borne entirely by yourself. At least they can Claim expenses for tax purposes, Here eLearning offers are beneficial for two reasons:

Career reorientation

Those who reorient themselves professionally or use the gap between two career stations may benefit from a training voucher from the employment agency and may also take advantage of more extensive further training measures. Here we work with various educational institutions.

  1. A qualification measure is often ordered “from above”. In many companies it is an operational necessity to (regularly) train the staff. Last but not least, digitization is causing many changes and new processes, for example in the area of ​​administration. Here, companies often rely on tailor-made further education offers, either as classic in-house training or e-learning as a more flexible option, The latter are often the better choice
  2. Each employee can learn at their own pace and time. For example, during a training, the entire team does not fail at once.
  3. Many providers adapt the training individually and precisely to the particularities and wishes of the individual companies.

Such further training may be necessary in order to be able to continue to fill your position or to apply for new ones Tasks zu to qualify.

Hands on: eLearning in detail

So what does the whole thing look like in practice? Which didactic refinements does multimedia learning offer and how effective is that?

Both in the case of a further training measure from your own Motivation, as well as in a company training course, I have been able to gain experience with eLearning. The former was a more extensive one qualification over several weeks to create important Basics for a professional Reorientation. The operational measure included compact training on how to use industry-specific software.

The importance of infrastructure

With the memory of some bumpy Skype conferences in the past, I was particularly excited about the technical aspect of the more extensive measure Implementation. Especially with concepts that include video lessons with live conferences as face-to-faceCourses, secure and interference-free transmission must be guaranteed.

Here it was possible to work on computers in the training center of the provider or, if necessary, to learn with a suitably equipped laptop from home. With a few exceptions and the usual "start-up difficulties" that worked smoothly.

In fact, professional providers simply can not afford poor infrastructure and transmission quality. Otherwise, they run the risk that public agencies will no longer be co-operating and state-subsidized education vouchers will be awarded to other institutes.

Technical problems were always answered at short notice IT-Professional available to help. In addition, there are usually a variety of options for individual adjustments or for Communication:

Some participants who worked from home occasionally experienced a somewhat weak bandwidth when transmitting over the Internet Problem. There were noticeably more problems here.

The software training consisted of individual video tutorials from the provider. The usual IT infrastructure was sufficient Companys.

The importance of didactic preparation

During the extensive training over several weeks, the contents were prepared in multimedia format. Responsible for this were in each case the individual lecturers, who could use the most different formats:

Sometimes lively discussions arose, often there were useful questions, sometimes annoying participants. Overall, the mood was similarly dynamic, as in a real classroom.

Due to the diverse media formats, were there the different types of learning addressed, Overall, the pace was moderate and adapted to the broad average. If you wanted to know more, you got suggestions and tips to get more content for yourself. In addition, one could let off steam individually during the project work.

In the tutorials to the software self-learning was announced. Given the manageable complexity of such learning content, however, this format is absolutely sufficient. The videos could each be called and learned independently. In the specific case, there was no way to ask about a chat queries, however, was a forum available, which could provide answers in a timely manner.

Another didactic opportunity for eLearning the gamification principleHowever, this means a greater effort in creating the learning content. Unfortunately, I have not had any experience with it.

The importance of the lecturers

The lecturers play a major role in how one perceives the learning opportunities themselves. Everyone has their own style of teaching, so not everyone comes along equally clear.

At my first instructor in the class, a buddy type, all the participants came along well and overall the mood was good. Many details were explained in detail and we were able to repeat what we had learned.

For organizational reasons we got a new lecturer halfway through the time, who put a much stronger focus on our own development of learning content. This was a problem for some participants due to the abrupt change. After a brief uproar, however, everyone was able to get used to the new didactic Concept friends and was happy to suddenly make greater progress faster.

Everyone has their own personal preferences and an uncomfortable or unsympathetic lecturer can destroy the best didactic preparation and the most exciting topic. mine Opinions after the greatest uncertainty factor in concepts with video lessons.

The meaning of one's own motivation

After all, initiative is important for all types of Further Training an important key to Success. Especially those who want to learn something new out of their own interest Background and wants to acquire new skills Discipline and Endurance bring.

Motivation also plays a special role in all concepts based on self-learning. In a group or with the support of a lecturer, it is easier for many to carry out a measure successfully and for themselves positive take away experiences from it. Who is aware that today at lifelong learning in many areas no longer comes around, it usually appreciates to be able to take further education measures.

In the end everyone has to do it themselves decidewhich form of learning is personally most suitable and promises the best results.

For me, exchanging information with other participants was a valuable experience during the extensive training. They came in part from very different industries and it was exciting to look at and evaluate their own abilities in this context again from a new perspective. Some of my skills and talents have been appreciated and perceived as an advantage.


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Modern eLearning offers unbelievably flexible opportunities for further qualification. One's own motivation determines to a decisive extent how much we can take with us. It is not always easy to get used to the unfamiliar processes, but the digital courses offer numerous variations, so that everyone can choose a suitable learning method for themselves.

A look at other didactic options shows how eLearning is developing in Future can develop further, especially in the area of ​​interactivity and creative learning.

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