The Tesla engineers were the first to ever try to connect hundreds of lithium-ion batteries in parallel, so Tesla became the spearhead of technical development.

pioneer innovation-elon-musk

The problem of flammability

Among other things, the engineers thought about how to dissipate the heat
and what the voltage flow looks like if you have 70 batteries with it
Super glue connects to a block.

Ten of these blocks were then interconnected to test different types of cooling with air or water.

A mobile prototype

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When a working battery pack was developed, the engineers extended the Elise body by 12 centimeters and lifted the batteries with a crane to the rear of the car where the engine was. The work on the 18 started seriously. October 2004.

And already on January 25, 2005, so remarkably soon, 18 People
Completed a completely new type of car that can even drive around

On that day there was a meeting of the board of directors at Tesla
and Musk tested the car right away. He was satisfied enough with that
to ... more Money to make available: As Tesla another 13 million
Dollar Capital recorded, he was there with 9 million dollars. The plan was
now, the roadster in early 2006 to the customers to deliver

The great weakness

A few months later, with the second example completed, Tesla engineers decided it was time to move on to a potentially devastating one weakness to employ their vehicle.

On July 4, 2005 they celebrated Independence Day at Eberhard's in Woodside
came to the conclusion that this moment is as good as any other
for trying out what happens if the roadster's batteries catch fire.

The big explosion

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Someone glued 20 of the batteries together, shoved a heating wire into the bundle, and turned on the power. "It went off like New Year's Eve fireworks," reports Lyons. Instead of 20 batteries, the Roadster should have almost 7000 and the thought of an explosion of this magnitude made engineers very concerned.

One of the advantages of electric cars should be that they would put an end to a flammable liquid in the tank and constant explosions in the engine.
That rich people spend a lot of money for an even more dangerous Solution would pay seemed unlikely.

What happened if

An early nightmare for the TeslaTeam was that a rich and famous person might get caught in a fire started by their car. “It was one of those 'oh shit' moments. We were really disillusioned ”,
says Lyons.

Tesla set up a six-person working group to deal with the battery problem. Their members were different from everyone else
Tasks freed and given money for experiments. Soon there was
first explosions at Tesla headquarters, filmed in slow motion by the

They blew up thousands of batteries

When sanity returned, these investigations were moved to a fire brigade-run blasting area behind a substation. With every explosion they learned Employees from Tesla more about the inner workings of the batteries. they developed Methods for arranging them so that fires will not spread from a battery
spread to the next, and devised more Tricks for prevention
of explosions.

Thousands of batteries were blown up, but it was worth the effort. Of course, it was still at an early stage, but Tesla was about to invent a battery technology that would Company stand out from the competition for years to become one of its major competitive advantages.

A unique style

The early one Success with the two prototypes and the technical breakthroughs in the batteries and other components strengthened Tesla's self-confidence. It was time to put your own stamp on the car.

“At first we only wanted to change as much as was absolutely necessary
was to car another Style to give than to the lotus”, reported
Tarpenning. “At some point, however, Elon and the rest of the board said, 'You
only have one chance. The car has to please the customers and the Lotus
is simply not enough for that. ‹”

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