One of the fundamental fallacies of mixed Leadership: Male and female Executives have to "get along somehow" and "please concentrate mainly on the task at hand." Nonsense! Around successfully To work together, they need to understand each other's language – and act on it.

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Venus and Mars

Während Women tend to emphasize your shortcomings unnecessarily and unprompted - "I've read a hundred books on the subject, but I'm still unsure." – men tend to, with what sometimes seems grotesque self-confidence through her everyday management to go.

You have no inhibitions about “my department”, “my shop”, or “mine Team”To talk for the“ I ”hire someone, even if, on closer inspection, hiring decisions are not made by a single person.

The empathy highway

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There are also these differences when it comes to empathy. Women have a highway for this, men a country road, says Louann Brizendine, at least. An emotionally poor man is hardly noticeable among men because he is not unique. The solidarity of the emotionally anorexic colleagues supports him.

Men find that too much compassion prevents them from winning, according to the motto: I don't want to and don't have to understand my opponent, I just flatten them. Women, on the other hand, are often so understanding and empathetic that they are more attached to the needs think of others as your own.

Benefited from the opposites

And men feel absolutely solvable in teams made up of men only: multi-view and multi-task only come into focus when women are involved, only now do some men suspect that they are missing at least 360 degrees of the 180-degree problem view, many of them have tunnel vision.

That helps with the decision-making speed, it dispels doubts, but for the quality of the Solutions it can be disastrous.

What men and women can learn from each other

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Teams and managers are more successful when men and women work together instead of against each other - this has now been shown by numerous studies Teamwork and the percentage of women in leadership teams. An overview of the results of scientists on the topic.

Men, show the girls where their empathy crosses helpful and bearable limits, where they think more of others than of themselves out of sheer empathy, girls, shows the men that not only is both possible but also useful: mind and feeling. Benefit from your contrasts, complement yourself!


A study published in the journal Science confirms the assumption that the collective Intelligence of the group can actually be greater than the sum of the individual intelligences. The analysis of the data showed that women in the team statistically significantly increased the collective thinking performance in the team.

"That was a surprise," says co-author Thomas Malone of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the study didn't aim to identify a gender effect.

Empathy as a recipe for success

The researchers do not believe gender is the key variable. Rather, the study showed that working in a group is the most productive when participants have social empathy. They must be able to recognize the emotions of others.

Conversely, if the discussion is dominated by a person, no matter how intelligent, it will hurt collective intelligence. The authors therefore recommend setting personal qualities in the composition of teams. So if you want to ruin a company, it's best to regularly call male groups of egomaniacal eggheads together.

What does the research say?

Studies by management consultants McKinsey and Accenture show that Companys work better with especially well-mixed teams than those with lonely wolves at the top ..

In the years 2003 to 2005, the companies with the highest proportion of women in management positions had an 48% higher profit (EBIT) than the respective branch average. This has resulted in an analysis by Mckinsey among all major listed companies in Europe.

The largest companies in Europe in the analysis

A study by Accenture comes to the same conclusion. Accenture has analyzed the 358 largest companies from 24 countries in Europe. The higher the proportion of women in management positions with personnel responsibility, the greater the profit.

"More fairness on the labor market, in companies, in teams brings more welfare for everyone." result in the analysis of Francine.D. Blue, which received the IZA Prize (Institute for Future of work) received in Bonn.

Short and sweet

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