The public service offers a variety of job opportunities and career opportunities - you just have to know them. We show 5 job opportunities, how to look at state or municipal institutions apply can.

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Work in the public sector - a job with many facets

"Friday from 1 everyone does their own" - this phrase is often used when it comes to authorities, offices and ministries. The German bureaucracy is generally seen as obsessed with paragraphs and somewhat sluggish. It falls under the table how strong the public service in the Everyday life actually rooted.

Officials at authorities are just one facet of öD - as the public service is often abbreviated. Example garbage disposal or day-care center: Both areas are sectors of the public service. And neither the garbage collectors nor educators in day-care centers have jobs that everyone would like to do.

Career as official mold? 5 professional groups in public service

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What career opportunities does the public sector offer today? Even if the status of civil servant is very often considered first, it does not necessarily have to be a “desk job”. Finally fall in the broadest Sinn also professional soldiers and temporary soldiers in the field of public service.

1. Officers in public offices - the cliché of the civil service

The public service is primarily about the clerk who works from 8 a.m. to 15:30 p.m Office sits – with coffee and a long lunch break. This image is a cliché that still persists in the population. Does this correspond to the reality of work in the public service? In practice it is Term of the clerk only part of the truth. Background: Loud Definition is a specialist who works on a specific area of ​​responsibility. For example, in public service:

be. The term clerk deliberately leaves open the content of the activity. The latter is outlined via the job description. Here they will Tasks defined, which a clerk has to deal with in the further course. Attention: The term clerk is not an independent one Job, it rather describes the function. In order to be employed as a clerk, special qualifications must be present, for example:

develop as part of the actual vocational training. As a rule, clerks only take on personnel responsibility in exceptional cases - i.e. initiate Team in public service. Latter Features in the public service, it is more likely that heads of departments or departments and speakers will take over.

2. Academic professions: architects, lawyers and engineers

Clerks in the public sector are very often administrative clerks or finance specialists who are specially trained for later work in tax authorities/administrations and ministries. The peculiarity of Vocational Training lies in the strong focus on the area of ​​public law and tax law. But: The public service has to fulfill a wide range of different tasks.

Typical academic professions in the public sector

The fact that lawyers are in good hands in the public sector is due to the Hand. Laws have to be prepared in ministries and fundamental questions - for example in the salary or classification of civil servants - have to be legally evaluated. What do architects or engineers do in public service? Example of real estate management: The federal and state governments own real estate – i.e. buildings and land.

These include, for example:

These properties have to be managed, maintained and possibly - in the case of a fiscal inheritance - used. Tasks that require specialists from the relevant areas. And public administration is increasingly relying on the use of the IT and digitization. At this point, computer scientists are in demand.

Career opportunities for academics

In Company diligence and know-how pave the way up the career ladder. In public service, the clocks tick a little differently. Here decide also aspects such as length of service or degree and areas of work.

For example, positions in higher service can usually only be filled out if an academic qualification is proven. If you are an academic with the idea of ​​entering the public service, you must be aware that in individual cases the degree - whether university or from a university of applied sciences - does not automatically entitle you to the higher service.

3. Education and training

Administration is not the only part of public service - even if it is perceived to fill a significant part of public service. The departments are an area that has repeatedly attracted interest in recent years Education and Education. The latter is primarily aimed at caring for preschool children. Both are areas under the jurisdiction of the federal states. Due to this fact, the framework conditions for educators differ in the country comparison clear.

This concerns not only the fact that some federal states - such as Saxony - have relied heavily on lateral entrants as a means of countering the shortage of teachers for some years now. The care keys and the equipment of the facilities are also very different.

On the basis of these points, this area can only be delimited very vaguely. In kindergartens, for example, educators (who have been trained in special technical schools or academies and vocational schools) and children's educators with academic degrees. Both are public service workers. Public servants are also teachers in public schools (teachers at private institutions are normal workers) and the staff of the universities.

4. Craft trades in the public sector

Frequently first not associated with the public service craft trades. At the same time, these occupational imagery are just in demand outside the public administration. Any property obtained from:

is maintained in its state. The public administration has two options. Either the tenders entrust third parties with these tasks or take over these areas themselves.

A second example would be the road and highway authorities. These are responsible for monitoring and enforcing the traffic safety obligation - which entails a wide range of different tasks. And the building yards of the municipalities should not be forgotten either. In addition to engineers in the building yard administration, trades / building professions are required here in order to be able to carry out the tasks properly.

A special feature in this context are the existing buildings in some cities. They are usually part of the property administration - for example the Zwingerbauhütte of the Saxon capital Dresden. Here, restorers, stonemasons and sculptors are in demand, whose main tasks are usually maintenance and monument preservation.

5. Police and Bundeswehr

In the widest sense, there are also groups of persons such as:

to the public service. The latter often take on very specific tasks during the service period - for example, within the framework of the supply of troops (logistics), IT or the personnel system.

In order to be able to train its own specialists, the Bundeswehr maintains, for example, its own universities. Of course, prospective trainees with completed vocational training can also enter the team service - which has an impact on the level of recruitment and thus also on salary.

Conclusion: The public service does not only consist of clerks

The view from the outside on the public service is focused fast on authorities and offices. This means that clerks or heads of department are usually the focus. From the point of view of job profiles and variety, however, the public service has much more to offer. Academics who can work in the technical field are in demand.

But there is also a demand for teachers and educators who take on an important task in childcare and education – and who have to face new challenges every day. However, the public service also employs doctors and computer scientists or graduates who come from the humanities – for example in the federal and state archives. Last but not least, the public service is also dependent on skilled trades. Without them, many tasks – for example in connection with property management or road construction and landscape maintenance – would simply not be possible. This makes public service an option worth considering Planning your own professional career.

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