We dream of a life without Stress and with a lot of relaxation. But is that even desirable? Because concentrating stress that makes us want to do our work is definitely positive. 7 tips how to do it.

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Stress vs. Stress Life without work

Many complain of stress, stress, stress - and dream of a life without work. Emphasis Hand straight to the heart: do you even want that?

Imagine a life without stress quite realistically - wouldn't that be yawning boring? From a psychological point of view, too, it makes more sense to look at the word “stress” in a more differentiated way instead of just seeing it in red.

What is stress actually?

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My core thesis I can pack in a simple statement: Too much stress is unpleasant, too little too. An average stress level is perfect! But what exactly is stress actually?

Let's take a closer look at stress: Stress can be subdivided into 3 levels. Too little stress, stress concentrating and too much stress.

The Boreout Syndrome

We have too little stress when we are either tired or bored with the task. The challenge is classic in routine tasks, because these can be done by our subconscious mind almost in our sleep.

But even if situations are, in the truest sense of the word, unattractive to us, we go into underchallenge mode. In this context, think of endless Meetings, simple routine tasks or boring lectures.

We always recognize a lack of challenge when we aimlessly hang ourselves in clouds of thoughts or when we are simply unfocused. This level of stress does not make anyone Fun, as a recent Harvard study has shown.

Work well can be through stressful stress

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We experience concentrating stress when faced with an easy challenge. Then we still have our action under control, but it requires our full Attention, so that it works. At this stage we are fully engaged and time flies by.

You often have this condition when you Tasks pursue with passion. To recognize this level of stress, simply ask yourself, “Do you want or need to do something?” Objective it should be to be on this level of “wanting” as often and as long as possible.

Loss of control: fear of burnout

And finally, there's the stress we're talking about when we say "this is stressing me out!" From this point, a situation eludes us more and more Control. Withdrawal of control also occurs whenever we “have to” do a task.

For example, you know typical situations of loss of control when you suddenly get stuck in a long traffic jam on the way to an important appointment. Or you realize that you can not meet a deadline, you simply have too many tasks for a time slot, or simply no desire for something.

7 tips for practical work

Let us now turn to the practical side: 7 tips that show you how you can influence these levels at the desk.

  1. Clean up the head: Just as you regularly clean up your desk, you should also arrange the thoughts in your head. Take 5 minutes of time every day and write everything !, which is in your mind, just on a sheet of paper. You will notice how you get a clear head so immediately. That, in turn, is the basis for positive concentration of the stress level.
  2. One after the other: Create a schedule. In order for you to fully devote yourself to something, your brain needs a clear flowchart along the lines of “one thing at a time.” To do this, make a simple cross-off list that is sorted by top-down priorities. Now stubbornly try to cross off point by point and stick to one thing. You can see the whole thing like a game. To do this, you can think of wandering thoughts as a little dog that you have to collect again and again. But also be dynamic with your cross-off list and adjust it when things change at short notice (and they're happy to do that).
  3. Order is half of life: Make sure you keep things tidy more often. It is known that people like simple and clear pictures, objects and situations. An untidy desk is the opposite. This “ambiguity” unconsciously triggers stress because the brain has to use a lot of energy to repeatedly calculate the chaos and the “work hazards” lurking in it.
  4. Siesta: Bring the siesta to Germany! If you consciously pay attention to it, you will find that we are more often tired every day. The concentration of activating level 2 then no longer works. Instead of taking a break from what the body actually arranges in a lack of concentration, we usually go on or deal with banal things. Tip: take a break now! Ask yourself, "Do you get there faster with or without a break?" Only then should you take the break, because otherwise your subconscious may push you further to reach a goal.
  5. Cool drink: Become Aquarius. If you find that stress level 3 accompanies you, you can calm down your nervous system with a simple trick. Just drink 0,5 to 0.7 liters of water. The effect is similar to eating a good portion. The stomach is put on digestion. This is controlled in the nervous system via the parasympathetic nervous system. And he is responsible for digestion as well as for reassurance.
  6. Stress helps against boredom: Are you bored with a task? Ie you are in stress level 1. Good, then try the following. If possible, simply increase the pace until you immerse yourself in the task. Alternatively, a strong coffee or tea is effective to increase the stress level towards the pleasant level 2. What also helps is playing a little “fidget” and activating yourself through the body.
  7. Just stop the air: If you have a lot of thought in your head, just echo the air for a moment. Then try to breathe as slowly as you can. Voila, it's usually quiet in the head! In addition, the 1 technology can be used as a supplement to this. apply.

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