To counter the bad press around Tesla, began
Muskto appear more in public. He reported to the Internet
to speak and gave interviews.

elon musk tesla

You can sleep when we are broke

He held one Rede, in which he said we would be on Saturdays and Sundays
work and sleep under our desks until everything is done.

Someone spoke up and said that everyone had been extremely tough
worked just to get the car ready, and slowly be it
Time to take a break and go back to your own family for a change.
milie to see. "I would say that people will have a lot of time for their families when we are broke," said Elon Musk ".

Around 7 clock to Apell

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Musk let them Employees now compete every Thursday morning at 7am,
to get the latest information on material costs.

You had to know the price of each part and a convincing one
Have plan for future savings. When the engine is running at the end of December
At over $ 6500 apiece, Musk wanted $ 3800 by April

Anyone who makes grammar errors will be released

On the marketing front, Musk searched Google for articles every day
about Tesla. When he found a negative report, he hired someone to "fix it" - even if the Tesla public relations workers
could do little to influence the reporters.

Once, an employee missed a company event to help give birth
to be there of his child. Musk immediately wrote him one eMail, in
he stated, “This is not an excuse. I am extremely disappointed. she
need to clarify where your priorities lay. We change them Welt and the
History and either you are there or you are not. "

Marketing staff, whom in eMails made grammatical errors,
have been fired, as have others who have not been “fantastic” for a longer period of time.
had done more.

Incredibly intimidating

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"He can be incredibly intimidating, but doesn't have a good sense of how imposing he is," says a former Tesla executive. "Before Meetings we sometimes bet who he would attack today. If you told him something on a
would do a certain way, "because it is so customary," one flew entirely
fast out of the room.

›I never want to hear that again. What we're up to is damned difficult and I don't tolerate half-heartedness, 'he said then. He completely kills people, and if they survive he concludes that he can trust them. He must clear
can see that you are just as crazy as him. " That ethos
spread throughout Companys and everyone quickly understood that
Musk was serious.


Tesla was able to cope with the loss of some of the early employees. By
its strong Brand the company continued to attract the best talent,
also employees of major automakers who knew how to do the
final hurdles on the way to delivering the Roadster to the customers let take.

However, Tesla's main concern now was not more labor input, Technology or Marketing: In early 2008, the company started simply that Money to go out The development of the Roadster had cost about $140 million, far more than the initial business plan of 2004 estimated. Still, Tesla was likely
has come far enough to be able to raise further capital under normal circumstances.

Shortly before the nervous breakdown

But there were no normal ones circumstances. The major automakers in the US teetered on the brink of bankruptcy amid the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. In this environment, Musk had to persuade Tesla investors
tens of millions of dollars again, and those investors had to explain to their own financiers why useful was.

Musk puts it this way: “Try to imagine yourself explaining that you're going into an electric carCompany invest, while at the same time you read everywhere that the company is worthless and has no chance, that there is a recession and that nobody is buying cars anymore." All he had to do to save Tesla was his entire life assets sacrifice and let yourself be driven to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

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