After mandatory follows the freestyle. This also applies to professional Career. After the often turbulent start to their careers, many graduates ask themselves what to do next. Instead of relying on the fact that you will find your way, it is better to plan your career well. Without a red thread, there is a risk of getting lost and only climbing half the ladder.

Career inventory promotion

Your personal inventory

Luck and fateful events belong for sure also for professional development, but should only be the salt in the soup. They are not suitable as a master plan. Career is a very personal matter, and you are at the center of it. In practice, it has therefore proven itself to increase your career to plan and start by taking stock of the current situation.

Regardless of whether Employees or manager - the more precisely you define your situation, the easier it will be to plan the next development steps and successfully implement. And while it's not always easy, be Honestly to yourself. Also, don't forget to think outside the box. Your working environment has a significant impact on your career.

A clear picture of your own tasks

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To get started with your personal annual balance sheet, illuminate your own area of ​​responsibility. What is your core task and what activities does it include? Get as complete a picture as possible of what services are available for the Company should be provided and which are actually provided.

It is important not to fall into the trap of taking things for granted. So are some Tasks perhaps only added with time, since no one else has Competencies owns for it. who e.g. B. coordinates a sales team, for which it may be self-evident that evaluations and reports are also created for this purpose draw up. But those who take on other people's tasks have less time for their own careers.

Your development to date

The next step is the question of the development so far.

Are you more likely to benefit from training on the job with experienced colleagues, or do you prefer to develop a new task area entirely alone?

Your framework

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In addition to the professional analysis, the framework conditions of the job also include the inventory.

Caution Subjectivity

A personal assessment is often subjective. Particularly Boy In many cases, talented people rate themselves too well or too badly.

This circumstance can best be countered with a confidential third-party assessment. Talk to colleagues you trust and ask for an honest one Opinions.

An honest one Feedback can positively change one's own perspective and sharpen one's personal point of view.

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