Meetings are considered boring, annoying and a waste of time. "Again wasted hours in senseless meetings and the actual work remains" - that's how many think. But meetings can also be used efficiently for careers.

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Meetings: Organize rather than abolish

Some companies and managers proudly announce that they have reduced the number of their meetings to one a week, a move many managers and coaches strongly recommend. But there is another way: By organizing meetings properly.

A somewhat older study by the consulting firm Proudfoot Consulting shows why this is so. Accordingly, 150 meetings are in 50 Company not even a third (27%) properly prepared.

What is the best preparation?

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Often not even an agenda was drawn up and sent to the participants in advance. Only 12% of meetings ended with a clear definition of what to do next steps. The follow-up also left a lot to be desired: in 73% of all cases, responsibility for Measures not clear set or no deadlines agreed.

But how does the optimal preparation of a meeting look like? At least not according to the motto “The Executive invited to the meeting, no idea what it's about, but you have to go - it will pass!" It is better to prepare specifically for the topic. If the content is not clear, just ask – that usually makes a good impression. Then you should be clear about what you expect from a meeting and what position you represent yourself. Ideally, you should use a small Presentation to prepare.

Even bosses need to prepare themselves

But the boss who arranges the meeting should also prepare. First of all, you should ask yourself whether a meeting is really necessary. Or maybe there are others ways (e.g. by eMailvote) to do that Problem to solve? The question of goodness is always: Justify the pending Ask, themes or Tasks the effort for a meeting?

If this question has been answered with yes, it is a question of setting the date, the group of participants and the agenda. It makes sense to invite only those people who are really important or necessary for the topic. But not only content preparation is important.

The optimal working atmosphere counts

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It also depends on the optimal working atmosphere: reserve a suitable room in good time. Choose a bright, sufficiently large room. One calculates about 3 to 5 square meters per participant plus possibly space for technical equipment as well as drinks and catering Organize and test the technical equipment (beamer, flip chart, microphone).

There are also drinks, snacks during breaks, the right seating arrangement, name tags, writing materials and a structured process - all small things, but for the Success of the meeting are essential.

10 Tips for organizing an optimal meeting

To have a good meeting to organize, you should ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What is the theme? Is the topic of the meeting, what is it about?
  2. Which is the question or the problem? What exactly should be discussed?
  3. What is the agenda? How exactly does the agenda look like? How much time is available to each participant to present their own idea?
  4. The goal of the meeting? What is the goal of the meeting, what should be the result? Are ideas, results or the like only presented or should decisions be made and solutions be sought?
  5. Who moderates the meeting? Is there a moderator? Who is hosting the meeting?
  6. Who are the participants? How many people participate? Who participates? Do the participants know each other? What are the participants' previous knowledge? Is the knowledge heterogeneous or homogeneous?
  7. Why do people participate? Is participation voluntary or obligatory? Is the date suitable for you and other participants?
  8. Beginning and end of the meeting: When exactly does the meeting begin? When does it end? How many breaks should take place? (Important: a fixed time frame.
  9. The meeting room: Where is the meeting taking place? How is the room equipped (light, temperature, tables, seating, catering, etc.)
  10. The technical equipment: What is the technical equipment of the room (flipchart, projector, projector, etc.)?

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