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  • Statutory non-competition clause for employees: part-time job undesirable?

    The non-compete clause prohibits employees from doing certain part-time jobs. 4 regulations that part-time jobbers should know. Non-compete clause - what workers should pay attention to Many workers are dependent on a part-time job. Yes, be careful! Not every after-work activity can be reconciled with the main occupation. The non-compete clause prohibits employees from exercising their secondary employment in a competing company. The reason: the competitor could be affected by the [...]

  • Job profile! Nursing specialist: Through training against the shortage of skilled workers

    In Germany there is a real shortage of skilled workers in many areas. This is particularly serious in the area of ​​nursing. What solutions are there? Important facts about professional training as a nurse Above all, the fact that we are getting older - and the demand for nurses is increasing as a result - ensures that the job description of nurses […]

  • Resilience factor Realistic optimism

    If, like us, you enter into a business relationship with an American company in whose concepts the term optimism really plays a major role, then caution is advised for people from European cultures like me. Why? Because there is probably no country in the world in which optimism as a personality trait is so important [...]

  • Motivate teams & employees efficiently: respect, attention & praise as a company philosophy

    Unfortunately, motivation is still too often seen as a top-down measure. But that often turns out to be a dip in the toilet. What should leaders do better? Reality and Madness You, the boss, have an idea, a plan. You know exactly what you want to achieve. Now all you need is your […]

  • Hustling - Achieve clever goals {+ add-on as desired}

    In order to achieve goals, certain social rules must be adhered to - and then cleverly broken. How does this book show. In addition, as a customer, you will receive further information according to your wishes. Individual eBook buy according to your wishes Do you want a book on a topic of your choice? We would be happy to put together a book according to your wishes [...]

  • Cover letter: 10 sample tips to get started creatively

    HR managers usually have little time to read an application; the top or the flop is often decided after just a few seconds. The creative start in the application cover letter is therefore of crucial importance. Writing applications successfully is an art. Even when the job market is recovering a bit, good jobs are hard to find. And a successful application on [...]

  • Job profile! Spin Doctor: Change Management & Agenda Setting

    No other term has found such a nice and warm place in business literature as “Change Management”. Management itself has now been reduced to almost change management. Manager of change The manager no longer leads, the manager should accompany the changes and act and act as a “change agent”. Nowadays it is in the [...]

  • 8 Tips for re-entry into the job: How mothers prepare for the profession

    Everything should be planned, even having children, the baby break and the time afterwards. Just let it approach you? Fewer and fewer women want that. 8 tips on how to prepare for your return to work before and during your child break. 8 tips for getting back into work During pregnancy and maternity leave, many women ask themselves: How [...]

  • Communication in the company & the success of the banal: Learning from speed dating

    Communication is always and everywhere. Demanding conversation situations are one thing. But ninety percent of business life is unspectacular normality. Success takes place in the supposedly banal, where there is often little time to make a good impression. Partial information: the milieu as a defining factor In every form of communication, content is conveyed - articulated through the spoken [...]

  • Elevator pitch for your vita: 2 X 4 tips in the elevator to success

    Everyone would like to be… successful! In business as an entrepreneur or manager, as a salesperson or technician, in private relationships as a friend, wife or father. But only a few achieve their goal and are actually successful. Why actually? Thinking positive is good - but only the beginning Positive thinking is a good foundation for success. [...]

  • Planning & moderating meetings successfully {+ add-on as desired}
  • Find flow {+ add-on as desired}
  • Conduct employee appraisals & job interviews {+ add-on as desired}
  • Creative on the job {+ add-on as desired}
  • Efficient work in the home office {+ add-on as desired}
  • Body language - convince with appearance & effect {+ add-on as desired}