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  • Addressing future-oriented decision-making processes with motivation

    There are different types of decisions - e.g. the future-oriented type, who make quick and holistic decisions. Anyone who knows these types of people is usually better at dealing with colleagues and employees. The 4 I's So it happens that some people like to develop new ideas and are creative and others prefer to deal with beautiful [...]

  • Innovation Future trends & new thought patterns: 2 X 5 tips for counterintuitive leadership

    Robert I. Sutton, Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, radically spells it out, "Managing creativity ultimately means turning everything we know about good management upside down." Dare more chance! Eddie Obeng, founder of one of the first virtual business schools worldwide, complains that regulated processes with clear subordination and decision-making structures do not [...]

  • 4 Times 10 Tips for appropriate clothing at work: The first impression decides

    We all know the sentence: There is no second chance for a first impression. In fractions of a second, we subconsciously perceive the signals that our counterpart is emitting very precisely. Particularly important: the clothes. Stylish appearance is important Even when looking at the other person's appearance, we take lightning fast - from head to toe - [...]

  • Resilience Factor Causal Analysis: The Art of Accurate Thinking

    An important factor in resilience is thinking right. Then suddenly unexpected surprises happen. If the cellar door doesn't open ... Perhaps it has happened to you, symbolically or in real terms, that you tried to push a door open and it did not work. They got angry about it and started to curse the stupid door and [...]

  • Professional appearance in social media - 11 tips: Show the Internet style too

    Professionally or privately, many are already active in the digital world and communicate via various social media channels. 11 social media etiquette tips help with a professional appearance. Why good behavior in social media pays off Social media is the technical term for certain communication offers on the Internet. If you register as a member with your personal data, [...]

  • Success in Management: 5 golden rules that top managers must break

    Managing is like driving a car. First you do everything as the driving instructor says. It takes a while to develop your own style in the jungle of traffic lights, signs and traffic rules. But that is exactly what matters for a top manager. The aim is to achieve top rather than average, because quickly and safely from A to B at any time [...]

  • Understanding & empathy as leadership skills of the future: How do you become a millionaire?

    Whoever wants to be free must learn to understand life - without judging it. That is the great art. More substance and effect, less action. There are temptations to make hasty judgments every day: criticism from the boss, a promotion or the choice between jumping and not jumping. How do you become a millionaire? In my seminars I provide [...]

  • Growth Mindset for growth & further development: 5 laws for more awareness

    Secular laws must be taken into account. But if you cross them, you can get away with it. In contrast, natural laws have a binding effect. It is all the more important to recognize them and to orientate oneself on them. Secular and natural laws When we enter a church, we automatically lower our voices, because this is how it is lived in the church system. [...]

  • Emotions control: 7 positions from Richard Branson to Matthias Horx

    Can and should feelings be controlled when they get in the way of achieving our goals? The latest research results on emotion control suggest this possibility - and at the same time we ask the question of how sensible emotion control actually is. 7 positions - including Richard Branson and Matthias Horx - at a glance. Perform emotion control and positive [...]

  • Business Ethics as a Success Factor: The Teaching of Meaningful Interaction

    If it is possible to discover, uncover and use the ethical original source, a meaningful and responsible coexistence is possible - also in the economy. Taking responsibility The simplest description of what ethics is is: “the doctrine of meaningful togetherness”. That means: We need a standard for the “meaningful togetherness” so that all people and also all living beings [...]

  • How the workplace promotes innovation: 5 tips for the productive office

    Many companies have already recognized the importance of innovation, but the effects of office design are often overlooked. But inspiring spaces also promote innovation and help create a culture of innovation in the company. Innovation (funding) country Germany? Andrea Nahles, Federal Minister of Labor and Chair of the Working Group “Work 4.0”, visited German companies this year that [...]

  • Value orientation in business: with ethical principles to success

    Value orientation in the sense of the preservation of people and nature, convictions such as decency and morality, honesty and openness - no society can survive long without these foundations. The economic framework must be right If a company wants to operate successfully on the market and with customers, the economic framework must be right. Success always has an economic and financial component. [...]

  • Negotiating Salary: 5 Don'ts & 5 Best Practice Tips

    Salary negotiations ideally bring more money, but many people shy away from dealing with the boss. 10 tips on what not to do - and how to do it better! Salary negotiations - curse and blessing Who does not know the feeling of being underpaid and the thought: “Maybe I just didn't negotiate well back then”. [...]

  • Filmreif Present: An Oscar for Powerpoint?

    Every year in February or March. Los Angeles, California. The 79th Academy Awards are taking place at the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Boulevard ... But what does that have to do with you? The US Vice President receives the Oscar Coming soon: at 4:40 am Central European time, laudator and comedian Jerry Seinfeld calls out - after he has four nominated documentaries [...]

  • Storymaking & storytelling in marketing: 6 tips for building a good story

    Good stories are ones that we can easily decipher because they show a familiar pattern, for example reminding us of a fairy tale. They are an ideal marketing tool. 1. Every hero's journey has an arc of suspense. Well-made stories are told from the hero's perspective. Mostly they follow the course of a hero's journey. Very important: you will [...]

  • Networking like a Nobel Prize winner: 10 contact tips to success

    Networking is important for a career, that is undisputed. But many people are simply afraid of it, or do not know how to properly start making contacts: Just let off steam? First observe and listen? In the end, that's a matter of type. It requires a lot of work But it is also clear: Networking is not just about smiling nice and small talk, it [...]

  • 4 X 4 Tips for VUCA Leaders: Just Listen

    The acronym VUCA describes difficult framework conditions for corporate management. VUCA executives are responsible for these problems themselves. How do you best deal with them? Executives with VUCA characteristics What does VUCA have to do with leadership? The acronym for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity is used to describe or reflect general conditions and situations, not people. Nevertheless [...]

  • Change Management for Winners: The Infinite Game

    A game is in progress when there are at least two players. And there are two types of games: finite and infinite. The infinite game In finite games, the players are known. They follow established rules and there is an agreed goal. If it is achieved, a finite game is over. Football is an example [...]

  • Productivity Hacks: 18 quick tips for more order, structure & efficiency

    If you want to have your job and everyday life under control, you need a good organizational structure. We show the 18 best tips. Why is structure so important in everyday life? Efficiency posed great challenges to modern man. In today's fast-paced and demanding world, maintaining order and productivity in our daily lives can be a challenge. That I […]

  • Motivate teams & employees efficiently: respect, attention & praise as a company philosophy

    Unfortunately, motivation is still too often seen as a top-down measure. But that often turns out to be a dip in the toilet. What should leaders do better? Reality and Madness You, the boss, have an idea, a plan. You know exactly what you want to achieve. Now all you need is your […]