Learning a job and doing it for a lifetime - that's the German standard. But it's like Barbie and Ken make human resource decisions. What do you get?

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Career reorientation is a trend theme

To the most read articles on Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® belongs to the subject professional Reorientation. This and similar terms are also searched for comparatively frequently on Google. The desire to switch, but also the question of which one Job suits me (better), seems many People to get around

This is hardly surprising in our time of increasing flexibility: while in the past it was above all the safe Income that counted for the job, today many are down-shifting financially: professional satisfaction is more important to them than income, which is no longer the case these days for sure appears.

Im the same job from education to pension? Germany vs. Germany Rest of the world!

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Paradoxically, however, many people, especially Germans, continue to think that one must Vocational Training to pension have the same job. In Anglo-Saxon countries in particular, things are different.

This somewhat strange view, given the global trend, is even more relevant for human resource managers in Company: Fractions in Curriculum vitae are still viewed with skepticism, only those who have strictly done their thing are recognized.

The courage to start something new is not rewarded

And the CourageHaving started something new is not rewarded, it is judged as aimless. Therefore, it is then obviously also important such breaks in your resume nice to pack and conceal - even if that borders on fooling around.

The Graduate student and career changer Regine Heidorn noticed in job interviews that HR downright Anxiety be wary of hiring someone out of the ordinary. And since they don't Lust has the ability to sugarcoat the breaks in her CV, she prefers to look for and find her jobs in hers Network and on Twitter directly Conversation with people with whom she personally gets along well.

Companies have disadvantages if they do without innovative lateral thinkers

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How detrimental it can be for companies to forego innovative lateral thinkers, Thomas Sattelberger, a former HR director at Telekom and a member of the Bundestag, himself a two-time college dropout, discussed in an interview with the day some time agospiegel given to consider.

There he warns against the efficiency trimmed Barbies and Kens from the Business Schools that believe the world can be ruled with formulas. The result would always be the same trampled ones ways, which are significantly responsible for wayward Guide be:

“Yes in many Industries... traditional business models are breaking away. For real innovations, companies need lateral thinkers who dare to tread new, off-the-beaten-track paths.”

The selective education system is to blame

Communications strategist Helge Weinberg added one more and sees it Debt for the foreseeable failure of the German business model in our selective education system, which excludes large parts of the population:

"It's enough to get upset that politicians are promoting an education system that is causing massive economic damage to our country... Social background shouldn't be a criterion for admission Education be, because with that we only support the 'Kens and Barbies'. We waive those ideas and impulses from large sections of the population.”

Sterotype selection culture continues to be popular in recruiting

Companies are therefore dependent on the innovative lateral entrants, but so far have afforded an extraordinarily stereotypical selection culture.

The question of when this will change, answered Sattelberger also immediately: He was confident that people could free themselves from their home-built cages.

Is Germany moving on or not?

Unfortunately I have to confess: If I look at how little moves in Germany and also in the mind and has moved in recent years, I'm rather skeptical.

And we are beginning to feel the effects, you just have to look at the daily chaos at Deutsche Bahn.

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