IBM was a pioneer in 1980, for a long time it was common practice: working from home. But then the cut: After more than 25 years, that's rowing Company back, along with many others. The Employees should be back in Office work shoulder to shoulder. Annoying for many workers, but a big plus for our everyday communication.

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Advantages of the home office

Actually, the home office was and is a good one Idea. No more long commutes, congested streets or overcrowded public transport. Instead, work where you feel comfortable. In between picking up the kids from school, cooking lunch or visiting the sick mother-in-law, no problem.

As long as the work is conscientiously done. But guidelines can be set for this and times can be agreed upon when colleagues and superiors can reach you. And yet one thing falls by the wayside: the everyday Communication in the office.

The end of the home office: There is a lack of social contacts for more creativity

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Ideally, an inspiring togetherness, a lively exchange of ideas and a cheerful environment characterize everyday office life - and make a significant contribution creativity at. Of course, that cannot be the case at home on the sofa or in a small home office. Even everyday phone calls or Skype conferences don't make up for that. The motto is: Back to the roots – back to communication.

Because we People need social contacts, a noticeable one recognition and Esteem and a certain connection to the company. Executives lose meanwhile fast an overview of what your own employees actually do at home. This is where trust comes into play. Many companies hold Control however for the better option…

Quality-Time: Communication is not the same as communication

The fact that many companies want to see their employees present in the office again is also due to the inevitable trend towards agility. agile Working is becoming increasingly popular and has become synonymous with a team-based approach. Away from the lone wolves in their individual offices, towards collaboration and teamwork.

Agile teams work together in a cross-functional and interdisciplinary way, which can also function ideally due to their proximity. Decisions are made faster, there is transparency and knowledge sharing. Constant feedbacks constantly improve the work. And the improved communication.

Office communication differs significantly in digital communication

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Because everyday communication in the office differs essentially from e-mail, telephone or Skype calls. In the “classic” personal Conversation we are automatically much more emotional, spontaneous and careless. Our language varies, depending on who we are in dialogue with and what role we are in. And: We always have to be present.

That means we focus on the moment, take the conversation partner seriously and really care about them Problems of the other. This works best face to face. No e-mail and no (Skype) phone call can replace the personal conversation in which we see our counterpart, even without digital helpers Eyes look and based on his body language indicate whether we can trust him.

Remote work or office work: the mix is ​​what matters

But does that mean the end of the home office? Of course, this debate is not all black and white. Not just home office and just office work. Because a few days of home office can be very beneficial for work, and then in turn to spend a few days in the office with colleagues and effectively in the Team to work.

This alternation of office communication and quiet individual work in a feel-good environment could be the perfect compromise for many. Self-responsibility is a key keyword, especially in agile teams. Therefore, the employees should calm down themselves decide can, when Teamwork and when to work from home Sinn do. A win-win situation - for companies and employees.

9 tips for the productive change between home office and office

But what should we pay attention to so that this change between home office and teamWork works smoothly in the office? And what should home office workers in particular pay attention to if they want to work productively. 9 tips.

  1. The noise level must be right: Both in the home office and in the office, everyone should have the background noise level they need. Some work better with a certain level of noise in the background, others need music, others need absolute silence. That depends on the level of concentration, which ideally shouldn't be forced upon you by external circumstances. Therefore: everyone as they like it.
  2. Personal meetings have to be: As already mentioned, it is sometimes essential to talk to colleagues personally - both professionally and personally. This should be possible. Here, for example, coworking spaces can also be a solution
  3. Don't blur borders - office remains office: If possible, the boundaries between work and leisure should also be kept as separate as possible in the home office. Therefore, the home office should look like an office - and not like a bedroom or dressing room with a PC and printer. Psychologically, too, it is better if you don't always have the bed and sofa in your sights.
  4. The right working atmosphere: In addition, minimalism helps, because a crowded office causes unrest and offers too many distractions. So regular mucking and tidying is announced. Everything you do not need every day is stowed - or disposed of immediately. At the same time you should pay attention to the right lighting, back-friendly seating and plants for the right room climate.
  5. Keep an eye on goals: It is important to have a productive basic mood: Perhaps it helps to visualize your own in order to motivate yourself, for example on the next trip, the house, the car - or simply the desire to create something productive. It is important to have an appropriate motivator.
  6. Occupational Clothing: Which also helps to create a working atmosphere in the home office: getting up early in the morning, showering, getting dressed - when you would go to the office.
  7. Follow a fixed daily schedule: There are also many distractions waiting in the home office. To break away from this and put the brain in a productive mood, it helps to follow a fixed daily schedule. E.g. first eMail check and answer immediately. Then move on to the first task and carry it out with concentration. Turn off all tones on your computer and mobile phone so that you are not disturbed by incoming messages. From Facebook log out, set Skype to “do not disturb”. And then do the job.
  8. Benefit phases: Everyone has different phases in which they can work better or worse. Some are already fit at work at 5 a.m., others prefer to work until late in the evening. Metabolism, organ activity and the ability to concentrate change considerably during a day. Those who know their own type can significantly improve their own creativity and productivity. This is also the greatest advantage of the home office: You can organize your work independently and, for example, carry out difficult tasks in the peak phases.
  9. Get out in the fresh air: Another great advantage is the opportunity to go out and get some fresh air and new ideas while at work - even if you only walk for lunch or to the next cafe or have an ice cream in the sun. Or you can take your work with you. After a short or long absence from the office, you also like to go back.

Conclusion: Home office vs. office - everyone has to find the way of working that makes them most productive

Despite all the tips: the most important thing at the end of the day is that everyone at work is as happy and motivated as it gets. And that you never stop making your work environment even better and more beautiful. It also means creating the ideal place for exchange and communication.

Besides, it's all about the fact that every company should trust its employees: that they find and use for themselves the working method and environment in which both their productivity and their well-being are greatest. Only then can all benefit from it.

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