lucky ones Employees are good employees. But what does People such as a blind climber happy? An essential leaders always has it in mind, the happiness of his employees. But how do you achieve it?

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The luck of the blind climber

Andy Holzer from East Tyrol has conquered six of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on all continents. He's a mountaineer. And he's blind from birth. But he is also a mountain guide and people confide in him. Not blind, but because he is other people Courage might. Like a good Essential Leader!

How important luck and satisfaction for people, there is no longer the slightest doubt about that – neither in the social sciences nor in business psychology and certainly not in corporate reality. In an interview, the blind mountaineer Andy Holzer was asked why he was doing this, since he couldn't enjoy the wonderful view from the summit.

It depends on satisfaction and joy

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His answer: it doesn't matter. Satisfaction and joy arise from overcoming the great challenge of making the right decisions, the right ones steps to do.

You do not have to see this, it happens in the mind. Andy Holzer is a guide and mountain guide. People trust a blind man to become a climber. Here is the allegory for the Essential Leader. He is also a guide and leads to make the right decisions for the right steps.

Too much control creates uncertainty

This also happens with the right spirit for the whole, through the attitude and inner attitude. The Essential Leader has an unshakable belief in success. Even if the way is difficult. ways are gone differently. Many Executives check the path and intervene if it is not being followed the way you imagine.

They do not trust in the skills and abilities of the employees in their own way Objective get. This lack of trust creates this among the employees. You become insecure. You secure yourself with the manager and they get the impression that they have to “do everything themselves”.

Stimulate and encourage action

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This is merely the cycle of trust. This is similar to a mountain climb. The guide gives impulses on how we get the safest and best to the summit, he does not take the ascent. Its task is to be able to create the self-encouragement.

This is exactly what the Essential Leader does in his role as a guide. Give the right impetus and encourage action. It takes a lot of confidence in yourself and in the others. Just like a blind mountaineer and guide.

The two pillars of happiness

Because: Luck has two very important pillars that you should always keep in mind:

  1. It's a feeling
  2. It is homemade

"Stay on the factual level" does not work

feelings are out of Business Welt been banished. At least on the outside. This is not possible internally, because no feeling is impossible. Even the speech "We want to stay on the factual level" is connected with a feeling.

Rarely, this sentence achieves what is to be achieved with it, namely, the elimination of unwanted emotional human impulses, which managers and executives often can not handle badly.

Unfortunate employees are resisting

Of course, functioning employees immediately move to the factual level, but that doesn't make them happy. She feel misunderstood, helpless or defeated.

The consequence of this is Resistance. Mostly subtle in the form of forgetting the factual date, putting forward the factual importance of others Tasks, factual “impossibilities” and so on. Everything is factually explainable and verifiable.

The two qualities of happiness

In addition to the two pillars, there are two other qualities of happiness: the short-term and the permanently effective. The short-term feeling of happiness always arises when we get something that suits our value system and ours needs Fulfills.

That is why different people are happy with very different and different things. But not very long. Gifts are unfortunately forgotten quickly, their half-life is clear.

Long-term happiness is created by our own efforts

Happiness that is effective in the long term arises from the satisfaction that comes from one's own performance. It arises when we focus on our essence Effect can bring through our own contribution.

For that, we need the encouraging climate that the Essential Leader in Companys to create knows through an empathic perception of the personality and the essence of the people expressed in their feelings.

The Essential Leader as a leader and climate designer

The Essential Leader is a feeling leader and a climatic designer. Emotions are valuable signals for him, which lead him directly to the essential in his leadership task: the understanding of the uniqueness of the person he wants to lead and the recognition of their potential.

With this Background he can encourage you to live this potential and use it in the company. People who feel understood in this way are happy people and happily make their contribution, the basis for holistic profit in the company.

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