Employer branding was considered a few years ago as the latest trend from the USA. The topic in Germany has long been a modern catchword. What does it have to do with employer evaluations?

Employer Branding

Branding for employee retention

Translated into German, employer branding means employer branding. A branding in that, to one Company overall as an attractive employer and to stand out positively from other competitors in the labor market. In the meantime, entire departments in the human resources departments of large and medium-sized corporations are also dealing with it in Germany Implementation.

Objective This branding is ultimately, on the one hand, to speed up the time for recruiting and the quality of the Candidate to improve and, on the other hand, to strengthen employee loyalty and the corporate culture of the employer. A perfect tool that offers the right solution in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

Employee retention measures

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There are a number of different ways to successfully implement this branding strategy Measures. They range from fairly simple Methods, such as setting up a careers site, a FacebookAppearance or a Twitter account, but can also include structural measures within personnel management and management in addition to extensive internal and external advertising campaigns.

In the following, only one of the principle fast and easy-to-implement measures should be taken, because on the one hand it is very promising and can also be used by smaller companies, and on the other hand it has not yet been used extensively by all groups in Germany, although it has been possible to do so for ten years now.

Employer branding on rating portals

This refers to the employer branding services on valuation portals for employers such as kununu, jobvoting and meinchef. In the meantime, there are a number of other German-language Internet portals that compete for the stag walks from the early years 2006 / 07. The well-known employer portal portal glassdoor from the USA with a German offshoot is also present here recently.

Companies can purchase various service packages on these portals, with which they, as employers, can present themselves to visitors to the website by means of image photos, videos from Workplace, Jobs, company presentation etc. can present. The rating portal provides for sure, that the employer is highlighted from the crowd of other competitors and thus the necessary awareness can be sure to himself and his Brand to be presented in the desired way.

What does a profile cost?

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The prices for these services may vary from portal to portal. In the upper price segment, several hundred euros may be required for the creation of a company profile. In addition to the job profile, job ads and image videos can also be booked, which already entails a small four-digit cost contribution.

In the lower price segment the integration of a job profile and job advertisements within the framework of a basic package for 30, - EUR per month, the premium package is offered with 50 EUR. A comparison of the Internet portals is worthwhile.

How promising are employer portals

One can at least be convinced that the use of such offers is very promising based on the BITKOM study published two years ago on the subject of employer ratings. According to this, every fourth Internet user states that they Internet to have already informed about evaluations of companies as employers.

More than two-thirds of those who did intend to change jobs have benefited from this assessment in their decision be influenced. This result suggests that such portals have a visitor base that seems almost predestined for employer branding measures. The site visitors are looking for a job and want to actively get one Opinions about the respective employer in order to use this decision criterion to select your future job.

Top books on the subject

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