Especially in positive phases, in the intoxication of success, the feeling of one's own unlimited possibilities arises. But just then one's own physical, psychological and intellectual limits should be present. Over-the-top self-esteem often bursts suddenly and hard in reality.


Be realistic with yourself

The most important thing is to know yourself and to assess yourself correctly. Reflect on yourself. This requires knowing yourself. himself elementary Ask to be able to answer: Who am I, what can I do, what do I want, how can I achieve that? Which Power, weaknesses, professional skills, social Competencies, character traits, drivers do I have?

Who builds should to organize can. Anyone selling should be positive People act. who in Team works, should team player be. If you see yourself as having stamina, you should be able to listen to a CD. If you misjudge yourself, you will have problems.

The mantra of “anything goes”

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The principle applies: You are no other! Not only children, but also many adults want to be like those “on the cover of the magazines”. Advertising, casting shows and that Money of grandparents suggest “anything goes”! For this we throw one or the other overboard and the circumstances of your own life hidden. Appearance blinds being. But dream worlds don't make us a George Clooney or a Steve Jobs.

Accept yourself as you are. Work on yourself, develop further, we should all do that. Only change is constant, life knows no "finished", it is only stopped by death. Quarreling with oneself, bending oneself, that doesn't get us anywhere. The key to Solutionsthat we cannot offer ourselves often lies with others who help and complement us with their skills.

Maintain ground adhesion

You sit down Set, great too, but be realistic in what you can achieve and when. Your goals should suit you and your personality profile.

Only then will you establish a connection between drive and Implementation have and don't fall into a hole, because the gap between claim and reality has opened up.

Change is enrichment

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Many burnouters perceive what is required of them as a burden that overwhelms them. You see yourself as a victim. they do not come clear with the change at Workplace. change yes, but not with me.

Flexibility to do other things, new requirements, to learn, that does not fit into the lives of those I call the people who have set up their lives, and who wish that things always go on. What does not happen.

To accept setbacks

This is exactly what careerists in the big companies have Problem. If they are overwhelmed and have left their – mostly intellectual – limits behind, then they have not failed, they have burned out.

But don't let it get that far. Don't just look into the wrinkles every day Spiegel. Remember these food for thought. Then stay on track - professionally and privately.
Even if burnout is not a disease:

7 tips against overconfidence

  1. The better you know yourself, the less you appreciate the wrong.
  2. Accept yourself
  3. Who knows its limits, does not surpass.
  4. Set goals, but do not blind the reality
  5. Live healthy
  6. Care for withdrawal and compensation.
  7. You can not give your responsibility for yourself.

Accept change

People who Anxiety face changes, ultimately have difficulty making decisions. Don't develop false fears.

Embrace changes, yes be curious about them, they enrich our lives. Do what you do with enthusiasm that makes you feel Satisfaction and happiness gives. Be a believer.

Live appropriately

Do you live healthy. Proper nutrition, sport without exaggerated performance thoughts, enough sleep in a row, these are truisms that we should stick to in order not to provoke illnesses.

use and Stress,tension and tension can positive Effect unfold, release adrenaline. Only those who overstep the mark have a problem. The old craftsman's saying "after tight comes loose" applies not only to screws, but also to our bodies.

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